this is a response to a whole series of
questions about the basic economics of immigration, given that it’s an enormous
issue as created by the Trump administration, given that it’s now the
excuse for shutting down the government and playing all kinds of political games,
once again at the expense of most of people who have no responsibility for
this issue altogether. For all these and still other reasons it’s long overdue to
explain the basic economics of immigration; and the key basic point with
which to begin is this: immigration, particularly of poorer desperate people
fleeing either poverty, or war, or political, or criminal violence is an
enormous subsidy to employers. Without understanding that most of the rest of
it is murky or simply wrong in how people try to make sense of it. So let’s
explore the subsidy to employer, and by the way maybe people have tried to get
into the United States on many occasions but whether or not they were allowed in,
has almost always been dependent on the political attitude of employers. If
employers were against it, it didn’t happen; and if employers were for it it
did whether or not employees supported it; and the reason for that is simple:
immigration is a subsidy to employers. Here’s the very simple way this works:
immigrants especially if they are undocumented, or even if they are
documented but have to wait for citizenship, which
they all have to do at least for many years, then they are vulnerable. Employers
can under pay them, and often do; employers can take advantage of them by
treating them in an inappropriate way, by abusing, exploiting and otherwise
skirting the law, or simple decency; and the reason they can do all those things,
which are profitable to them to do, is because the immigrant, precisely because
he or she is undocumented, or in a limbo state before getting citizenship, is
afraid to go to local authorities to demand restitution, to demand minimum pay,
as the law allows for fear that their undocumented status will get them in
trouble with the police, or immigration authorities, get them deported. In other
words, the employer has something on them way beyond what the employer has on the
typical native-born American worker and you can be very sure employers
understand that, and take full advantage of it. But let’s go beyond the direct
subsidy to employers that immigration has always provided to capitalist
employers in the United States. Let’s ask the next question: do immigrants pay
taxes? And the answer is of course they do. It’s not that they pay income taxes,
if they are undocumented, if an employer is paying them, as we say “under the table,”
they may not be required to pay income taxes; but by the same token the employer
does not pay the normal employer share of social security,
which means these workers have nothing to retire on, or at least not for the
period of time that the employer is not making the normal legally required
contribution. So in the case of income taxes maybe the immigrant gets out of
paying them but he or she pays the price that they are foregoing the Social
Security support they would otherwise have gotten from the employer. But let’s
go on to all the other taxes that people pay: sales taxes. The immigrant pays
exactly what everybody else pays when he or she buys anything subject to a sales
tax; and the sales tax is a very important tax in the United States. If an
immigrant owns a home, he or she pays a property tax; if an immigrant rents an
apartment, part of that rent goes to the landlord to cover the landlord’s
property tax; so the immigrant is the indirect payer of the property tax; and
then there are excise taxes in this country. For example, on tobacco products,
on gasoline that you buy at the gas station, whenever an immigrant buys a
pack of cigarettes, or put fuel in his or her car, they are paying excise taxes, so
guess what immigrants pay lots and lots of taxes. Then there’s the question
immigrants rely on public services. Well here’s something to understand. They rely
less on public services that native-born people do, and it’s again that fear
question. If you’re an undocumented immigrant, or if you’re in a limbo state,
you haven’t yet got citizenship, you’re here legally but you have to keep very
clear in your mind not to be a burden, not to create problems for becoming a
citizenship, you don’t go and look at all your rights you don’t go
and apply for everything that’s available in the way of public service,
for sure not if you’re an undocumented immigrant because the rule for those
people, as millions of them will tell you, is precisely you do not want to come to
the attention of any government office because you don’t know which what other
government offices your information will be shared with, and so it turns out that
the immigrant relies less on public services than the native-born people do.
They pay taxes pretty much like everybody else, but they rely on public
services less than the native-born; and finally there’s that statistic which Mr.
Trump conveniently forgets: crime rates among immigrants are lower,
systematically across the country then crime rates among native-born American
citizens, and again the reason is the same, immigrants are afraid of any kind
of illegality because if they come to the attention of the police authorities,
the next step is deportation or a black mark on their hope to become a citizen.
They are very careful, all immigrants have had that problem, and the latest
ones are no different. So when you put it all together, the economic argument about
immigration, the basic economics of immigration are: it’s a subsidy to
employers and it is not a burden on the population as a whole. But let’s suppose
Mr. Trump were to get his way, and the people who have decided that all of
their economic and political troubles are somehow the fault of immigrants, and
by the way, scapegoating immigrants is as old as America. Every incoming group, the
Irish, the Germans, the Polish, you name them, have been subjected to
scapegoating by whoever was here before them, and if
they didn’t have decency, they joined in the scapegoating of whoever came after
them. Not a pretty picture, and nothing to be proud of, that we will be doing that
again in this generation of American history. But let’s be very clear about
the history of immigration. If we were able to stop the immigration, here’s the
kind of history we would have, because the past teaches us that, and it’s part
of the basic economics. If we excluded immigrants, here’s how employers would
react, because remember immigration is a subsidy to employers. Number one, those
employers who could, if they can’t get vulnerable cheap immigrants, will have the
option, and many of them have already taken it, to go to where the immigrants
came from. If you can’t bring the low-wage worker here, go to where the
low-wage worker is. So many employers will leave the United States, damaging
the American economy, depriving American-born people of jobs to get the
cheaper laborer over there. Ironically, one of the reasons immigration was
allowed, was opposition by politicians to the departure of American companies to
go over there and pay the low wages over there, rather than bringing the
low-wage workers here. But let’s suppose, in some magical way that could be
stopped, what else would employers do? Well, if
they didn’t have cheap laborers here, and if they couldn’t go to cheap laborers over
there, here’s what they would face: having to pay higher wages to American workers
born here, and employers who don’t want to do that, have another option: it’s
called automation, replace the worker with a machine; and we
know employers have been doing that since forever. But now let’s imagine even
more mystically that there aren’t any immigrants, and you can’t move abroad, and
you can’t automate. We’ve never had that situation in the
United States, but let’s imagine it. What then would happen? What would employers
do if they actually had to pay higher wages to American-born workers because
there were none of the other options available? We all know the answer, and so
do you. Employers who had to do that would
immediately raise their prices as far as they could to recoup from the consumer
whatever extra they had to pay to the worker. The basic immigration economics is
therefore clear: it’s a subsidy to employers, and if they don’t get that
subsidy, they will take it out on the rest of us in some other way. The proof
of the pudding, the conclusion is this: the economics of immigration teaches
that the problem is a capitalist system. It’s what those employers can and will
do, either to get immigrants, or to go abroad, or to automate, or to pass on
their costs to the rest of us. As long as we leave that system in place,
we will always be left to choose among the ways they rip us off.
Immigration is just one part of that basic story. Thanks for your attention,
and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

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100 thoughts on “Wolff on “The Basic Economics of Immigration””

  1. Literally shilling for capitalists to use cheap labor thus removing job demand thus giving employers no reason to raise wages. Communists are just useful idiots for the capitalist elite currently in control.

  2. Once again the false narrative by mr.wolf immigration is not a problem we allow in 3 million immigrants yearly. The problem is illegal immigration. Mr. Wolf sees no distinction between the two, blames trump for existing immigration laws that he never approved. Under 8 years of obama he did jothing to change the immigration laws. He illegally created doca …and we now see the effects of a president doing things improperly. But everyone want trump to fix everything while the great obama in 8 years could not

  3. Why is it when a marxist liberal progressives like obama and pelosi and chummer cant get stuff done liber progressive marxist like mr. Wolf wants conservative loke trump to find a solution

  4. In the last part, don't employers already raise prices to whatever the consumer will pay regardless of the actual production costs? how will they be able to magically rise princes more now, when they already have done this simply to maximize profits. This dose not seem like a real option to them as a consequence, they will have to take a cut in sales at this point if they would try it, and if they dont, a cut in profit margins. Either way an overall cut in profits, rather then simply passing (all) costs further at this point.

  5. Hey what do you think of Venezuela? It's a socialist or communist country right, isn't that what you want a country like Venezuela?

  6. you're not going to find many objective analyses of immigration much of anywhere nowadays, with the right and left in most countries throwing demagoguery back and forth for their own reasons. even what passes as the "left" nowadays is mostly brainwashed with this kind of corporatist liberalism that upholds diversity as a virtue, or this kind of fear that any kind of honest discussion is just going to lead to a promotion of fascism, and is afraid to really look at the kinds of questions that they're supposed to. to an extent, the failure is more on the left than the right, as we can't come up with the right answers if we're not asking the right questions; we need more people presenting an honest analysis about the reasons that big corporations are so in favour of low skill immigration and so hostile to anybody that questions it, and without that analysis we won't find solutions that both protect the immigrants that are being exploited and the native workers that are being displaced.

    but, i just want to temper the public services thing, because it relies on a few assumptions that are specific to the united states. there has historically been a line drawn between economic migrants and refugees that is increasingly being blurred, which is allowing a lot of the people that would have previously come in as undocumented workers to come in as refugees, instead. these people are not as fearful of being deported – they have largely been invited in by capital – and are in fact recipients of various types of social services, as they should be if they are to come in. we can't bring people in and then deny them services, but it would be equally delusional to pretend it 's not a large public expense. for example, in canada, the influx of "refugees" afraid of being deported by trump (in fact, mostly economic migrants from haiti or just plain out african americans) has led to an expensive crisis in overwhelmed shelter capacity.

    the key point is for native-born workers to understand that their anger should be directed at the system, at capitalism, rather than the immigrants, which can be a challenge as the immigrants are themselves often bringing in difficult attitudes and prejudices that need attention and adjustment. capitalism is designed to maximize profit at the perpetual expense of the working class; if you're a member of the working class, you're going to find yourself at war with capital, whether you like it or not. if you find yourself being displaced, or losing access to housing, or whatever other thing, the proper analysis is paramount – because the system, the media, the political class wants to sow these divisions, to get people fighting with each other instead of with them.

    but, honesty works in totality. if we agree that proper policy relies on a fact-based analysis, then we have to look at the actual facts, and not get upset or offended by them, or their corollaries.

  7. One thing that he forgets to mention is that, in the case of the Latin American nations, there would not be any immigrants arriving to the United States if the US government would stop supporting criminal governments that allow multinationals US corporations to exploit those countries. Murderous governments that will kill their own people so the elite can live like monarchs and the US multinational corporations can get richer and richer. The most recent example of this is how the US government under the Obama administration supported a coup d'é·tat ,as it has always done in Latin America, in the Central American country of Honduras. Then when the Honduran people started the now famous "Caravan" to reach the US the Trump administration and its idiotic and moronic supporters started to attack this people as if they were garbage. Trump called countries like this "shit holes countries" but it is the United States foreign policies that have turned into that and they have all the right to get to the US, the country whose government has destroyed their country. The level of hypocrisy of many people in the US is just disgusting. I wonder if the attitude of these hypocrites would be different if this people instead of being dark skin Spanish speaking Indians and mestizos where all white or if the immigrants, legal or not, where from Sweden, Denmark or any other northern European country.

  8. Poor old Richard Wolf…a leader in nutty Marxist nonsense….What he will never admit is that the 19th cent. nut Karl Marx was a “maid raping racist”…a sad but well documented fact… all covered up by the “social activists” set like Richard here.

    Marx’s racist anti-Semitism was cleverly veiled by his nonsense “economic” drivel.

    Karl's fraudulent “research” modeled a rhetorically closed self-justifying system, subjective definitions, an absence of natural economic or independent price signals, lack of internal consistency, the nuttiness of his “ labour theory of value”, the pagan wackiness of “historical materialism”, sectarian intolerance, racism, structural and explicit anti-Semitism a series of rather glaring epistemological problems and so on. It was just so much egocentric nuttiness- still appeals to nutty people today.

    Most informed people are aware Poor old Karl was emotionally a very unwell person who led a crappy self-indulgent life, as an unemployable drunk, an abusive husband, a social bully, a fraudulent “researcher”, a rapist (ask the maid), a never bath "smelly" guy, and out right racist who’s life’s work was dreaming up new ways of updating ancient anti-Semitic prejudice with veiled 19c economic, social class mumbo jumbo. His nutty economic "theories" always impacted Jewish people more than anyone else … funny that …all delivered with a big dose of delusional utopianism as the eschatological desert.

    It was just so much narcissistic nuttiness – still appeals to “political” narcissists today.

    (see Nathaniel Weyl’s book, “Karl Marx: Racist”).

    Poor old Richard (Marxist Nut) Wolf … keeps spreading the Marxist brand of anti-Semitism…

  9. I would think that no borders, the opposite of borders, would be the paradigm in a socialist world.
    The free movement of people across the globe. No legal fetters. This would be the ideal in a non-capitalist world. 
    But as I described that lifestyle above, it is the lifestyle of the few. 
    They enjoy an ideal communism and humanity 'enjoys' and consumes a self-degrading capitalism.

  10. So you agree that we should stifle the flow if illegal immigrants? Considering they're being used and abused by employers. Wouldn't it be better that they get in the legal way, and force these companies that use migrant labor to pay much more? I don't see how illegal immigration is good for anyone.

  11. Nobody including Trump is faulting legal immigrants. We want those. It's illegal immigrants that we don't want. You seem to be constructing a Straw Man. You claim this is about immigration. This is about Illegal immigration. Which isn't good for anyone, except big business.

  12. Hi professor Wolff a big fan. I was just watching your video on the food industry. And wanted to tell you something that you might already know. Most of if not all of the studies that show that meat and dairy is healthy for you are funded by the dairy/egg/ meat industry . Plus animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of global warming. It has also been proven now that meat is a type 1 carcinogen(WHO ) . Taking everything into account I turned vegan ( animal cruelty was also a big part of this decision) . I have been 1 for 6 months got my blood test reports they're better than they've ever been . I also feel better than ever. Also most American diets lack fibre and contain excessive proteins / cholesterol (high ldl-cholestrol ratio)/ saturated fats. I would suggest you to try veganism as it is the future and the only ethical way . If you're too used to consuming meat and dairy take the step very slowly and try reducing it if you can't stop it completely . Also please add fruits and veggies to your diet along with a little walnuts. Have soya milk instead of milk. It has also been proven that a well planned vegan diet (which is obviously cheaper than a well planned meat diet.i.e. if you want to meet all your body micro and macro nutrients requirements) is adequate for all stages of life. And it can add 8-10 years of age and reverse diabetes and heart attack also . I'm telling you this sir , because I want you to have the best health . We need a comrade like you in this fight ✊✊

  13. Meat processing plants advertise wages in Central and South America to encourage undocumented migration. Furthermore, undocumented migrants typically live together in communities that are well-know to ICE; and, by and large, they only make token arrests to appear to be doing their job and to keep the large corporate concerns happy.

  14. If you work for a living or have customers, to a degree, you're a slave… the question is how much of the profits do you share from your effort and the overall concern, how much respect is shown for your well-being and how much time (life), body and mind you have to give up.

  15. Professor Wolff's reasoning assumes that immigrants are low-wage workers. Half of them are. But the other half is highly-educated professionals. Employers rely on the foreign supply of the latter to avoid allowing the government to invest in education.

  16. Immigration to America is fighting generations of inbred fear by uneducated and just plain nasty culture of Brits, Germans and Irish hatred for competition. Imagine being jealous of immigrants working at jobs the envious wouldn't do. FUCK the ignorant inbred American culture echoed in schools and government.

  17. The solution would be a non-deductible 20% extra payroll tax paid by employers on all of their non-citizen employees (whether here legally or not) combined with a $15 an hour minimum wage and enforcement of the "prevailing wage" laws for the higher paying jobs often filled by H1B visa workers..

    This would cause employers to first look very hard to find citizens to fill positions (including raising pay offers) but not preclude them from hiring non-citizens if not enough citizens could be found.

    If, as some claim, non-citizens are not taking any jobs that citizens would take at decent pay, then non-citizen employment would remain about the same and the new 20% payroll tax would raise about $240 billion in new tax revenue from the approx. $1.2 trillion earned by non-citizens.

    If non-citizen employment fell by, say, 25% (replaced by citizen employees) then about $180 billion would be raised. If spent on jobs and projects that require jobs (preferably green) and not enough citizens could be found to fill the higher amount of total jobs required, then more non-citizens would be employed and the tax revenue from the 20% payroll tax would be even higher.

  18. In Trudeau Canada..They get everything they want..As soon as they Enter Canada..Funny thing about how fast that Chinese extradition order mite take place..And it can take sometimes 7 or 8 Yrs.just to kick one out that is in a gang..With multiple violent criminal convictions..

  19. Trump is trying to stop illegal immigration not legal immigration.

    Which you know, but are just trying to get attention

  20. No question it is scapegoating. But what about that issues the immigration creates. Doesn't it cause less jobs or lower incomes for the "native-born" citizen when immigration rise? And isn't bad for the country immigrants came from, creating a vacuum?

    At the same time, if we really cared about immigrants we would have helped their home country and work with the country to make a better living there.

    We would help incorporate immigrants to the daily life and not make them feel isolated from society.

    But instead we scapegoating them, balming them on all of our problems, meanwhile booming their countries and helping corruption in others countries.

  21. I worked at a hotel for 5 years. I always slacked off and broke more rules than my Mexican coworkers. They would almost never break rules if there was any chance of someone telling someone about it. Breaking a rule, as you said, has consequences beyond work. Furthermore, an illegal working at the same position as me noticed I was not pulling my weight. When I didn't improve after we chatted about it, he informed our boss. He couldn't risk management seeing tasks not be completed by us. It makes me cringe to know how much money the Marriott earned from our productivity and obedience, which was led by illegal immigrants. When the recession of '08 hit and more Americans were hired to clean hotel rooms, the productivity slowed noticeably.

    What will a wall do? Will it block jobs from emigrating too? That would be nice. I live in a developing country now, where I know more middle class people working for so called 'American companies' here than I do back home in America. Everyone notices a Latin American immigrant who 'took an American job,' but fewer notice corporations sending jobs abroad.

  22. So they will just cheat either way if we don’t give them the subsidy so therefore let’s not tax the rich, let’s not have better trade policies, better regulations, hell let’s just give them tons of free cash like were given to Amazon in New York or Foxconn in Wisconsin. What’s the point of any laws with that logic? I know you are saying therefore what we need is full blown communism instead of capitalism to fix the issue but let’s be realistic. Just because the ideal system you want is 100% communism doesn’t mean everyone else does. So therefore let’s focus on ways to fix these issues in the structure of a social democracy.

  23. Dr. Wolff misses three important points concerning the economics of immigration. First, Trump argues that immigrants take "American" jobs. But immigrants eat, buy clothes, rent houses, etc. – in other words, they create an economy that generates jobs proportionate to the number of immigrants. Second, and contrary to part of Dr. Wolff's argument, immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants, are only capable of entering limited sectors of the workforce – farm labor, meat processing, the most unsafe elements of construction including clean-up and roofing, hotel and restaurant work, and a few other sectors. On the whole, immigrants do not compete for jobs requiring high levels of education, and hence have no impact on wage levels in most job categories. And finally, most immigrants, including almost every undocumented immigrant I know, pay income taxes and social security, yet undocumented workers will never be able to collect on their social security payments. It ends up being a subsidy to citizens who can collect social security.

  24. Thank you so much for the video. My study for Denmark reveals that restricting immigration can have the unintended consequence of increasing the incentives for domestic companies to offshore production abroad. The working paper version is available here:

  25. Obviously most of the illegal immigrants are working on massive agribusiness farms which are owned and run by Democrats, oh no wait a minute they're Republicans.

  26. Total hog wash. I am leaving at 7:26 – you have some analytical thinking to do, because your thesis is lacking. Your conclusions are for a 2 dimensional world and do not apply to the word we live in.

  27. You opened a whole can of worms with this one. This is why Trump spoke to poor blue collared who realize this. It's one of the reasons Trump got the classic Liberal vote.

    I would love to see what wealthy Doctors would say if we let in a million Doctors from Cuba and allowed them to charge whatever they want for their services.

  28. How many channels and websites does this guy have? And I assume that they are all democratic co-ops, right? And that all of his employees have equal say and equal pay, right?

  29. Prof. Wolff,well put as always,but I have one small suggestion. Consider using the word 'the corporation' instead of 'the employer' in your examples.You might unwillingly discourage many people of understanding the profanity of your points. I unsterstand that yours is the accurate term, but it may sound bad to some people who run a small business and struggle or work at a family run business as employees and think well of their employers. Yes, the system is the problem and many employers have the same life difficulties. On the other hand noone would sympathise with big corporations,billionaires and ceo's.Target them. It's a small thing,i know, but it may help (and i'm not an employer:) )

  30. "immigrants subsidizing employers' does this not lead to debasing the labour market?
    making it harder (much more competitive) 4 citizens to obtain decent working conditions?

  31. I generally agree with you, but migration, both legal/licit/lawful migration and illegal/illicit/unlawful migration (including both immigration, both legal/licit/lawful immigration and illegal/illicit/unlawful immigration and emigration, both legal/licit/lawful emigration and illegal/illicit/unlawful emigration) is critical to both social-economic/socio-economic mobility (both "rags-to-riches" and "riches-to-rags") and social-cultural/socio-cultural stability

  32. What you say is right about business but lets talk about the Maras bringing crime and drugs, I waited 5 years to become a legal USA citizen conditional to get an sponsor in case I can not support myself, illegals enter just by jumping the wall, bringing ignorants, childrens, pregnant women, people that need medical asistance, old people, that is a burden to the system, there is quality emigration that benefit the country and poor emigration that is a burden to the country.

  33. Great man 👍🏻. May your descendants become great and prosperous in this land. May shalom of our Lord Jesus be with you!

  34. I await yoru analysis of migration funded and forced by drug cartels in Cerntal and South America to purge the local populations for more dope and drug production. Drug cartels are buying their countries and paying for their people to travel to America. Tell me how that is not happening.

  35. I'm sorry Pro. Wolff, I agree with a lot with what you have said except when you framed the ALL employers have the ability to move their business to cheaper labor markets. That is simply not true as I ( and hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of my peers did too) made a living for 10 years employed by companies that could not hire undocumented workers ( due to fellow workers calling authorities to have them removed ) and could NOT move to the cheaper labor markets. It was a rather comfortable living too, but thanks to NAFTA those employers went under because of the companies they provided service to went to cheaper labor markets. Maybe if there was some magic trick to make ALL PRODUCTS crossing the border into the US including "US PRODUCTS" unprofitable maybe those jobs would have never disappeared (or until viable and cheap automation made it profitable).

  36. FDR…" Somozo may be a son of a bitch, but he his our son of a bitch". Same all over Latin America. Creating the need to escape these countries.

  37. This Economist is clueless about Borderland crime rates. Along the Border the level of crime by illegals is horrendous. And fear of deportation is none existent because illegals just turn around and sneak back into the US. But the real villain is Goddamn rapacious American Capitalism. And, of course, this Economist is blind to the other issue of overpopulation and extreme resource depletion as a result of burgeoning immigration.

  38. Thought he was going to tackel the economics of immagration, but passed over a lot. High rent areas beach resorts golf resorts, all run on immagrants, high end houses resterants areas all rely on immagrants. We can't make it without them. What a joke then don't make it.So if we want to go out to dinner we go to Asia or Mexico? The jobs are going to go anyhow, let's have a decent wage now, no! prices! Are based on what market will bare. If they raise prices too high no customers. Someone always takes less who's it gonna be? Didn't finish your point unless your piont was tough luck have some cake.

  39. Clearly its true some sheeple need this sniveling angry hate monger playing the blame game without any factual info to do their thinking for them. Wake the fuk up!

  40. Good video. Thanks for sharing it.
    I would like to add that there are many legal and educated immigrants too.
    In terms of economics they are a transfer of resources to the developed nations since they save in education and health costs paid by the developing nations until the moment those educated persons leave their origin country.

  41. I feel like the first 4 minutes (subsidy to employers) part of the video should be called “the basic economics of ICE” as the only reason immigrants are scared of going to local authorities is because of immigration law, and the people who enforce that law….

  42. Get to complacent. Forget skills. Truck Driving Good Example. Ever notice. Emergency Help. Mexicans. Thank God.

  43. Trump is winning on this issue because Democrats as well as Republicans don't like paying the social costs of the new slave labor. Democrats will lose the election if they continue to stonewall enforcement of our law.

  44. Thanks for bringing out the obvious for those that don't think these things out or ask the immigrants for themselves, or don't have enough info to know, or hate immigrants as the latest fad.

    I think it's short sighted to come up with ideas and do the work for a employer and get simple pay for it. When, had a person done this for themselves, would have gotten a patent. My dad designed machines for big corporations. He finally got the idea to do it for himself.
    People complain about immigrants who are willing to do the dirty work, that I have heard many americans say, they are above cleaning toilets. Get rid of immigrants and watch grocery stores go into a panic because hardly anyone is picking the produce from the fields. Shit rolls downhill. But people don't look ahead to see the possible effects on all of us.

  45. Once again, Wolf is full of shit.

    Immigration early 20th century happened at a time when we did not have a welfare state and hence there was no reason to worry about immigration. Immigration is not sustainable if you have a welfare state. If you do not have a welfare state, then immigrants who do not hold their own will just leave.

  46. I would like to add the “tarriff” that the poor have to pay to get the same job the immigrant “takes”.
    The poor are paying for the educational costs of the job, and many times the poor can not compete if their are a member of a stigmatized group. What stigma? Gender, class, race.
    So the immigrant allows the society to “fail” its citizens, offer them less, avoid the cost of education and discriminate against them in favor of the immigrant who is so eager for a job, has been educated in their own country,, is at an advantage socially.
    He is correct but the forum does not allow give and take of ideas spontaneously.

  47. Remember, in the beginning immigration was used to “select” who in the population was employable.
    After slavery, immigration was welcomed to avoid using the slave population.

  48. "If workers are more insecure, that’s very 'healthy' for the society, because if workers are insecure they won’t ask for wages, they won’t go on strike, they won’t call for benefits; they’ll serve the masters gladly and passively. And that’s optimal for corporations’ economic health"

  49. The moron ought know flooding labor markets with greater supply of workers depresses wages
    What a fraud.

  50. Thank you ! Pro Wolff
    If one Country, County, City, Township offers a Better Life Experience Would that not bring in mass immigration?? If my starving family and I live in the Slums of Mexico or Detroit for that matter and Every day we awaken to view the beautiful city across the border!!! What would you do?? What is right ?? After you and your family move to this shiny city on the hill ((some)) will be offended by your taste in clothing, foods, even your BELIEFS!! Now you are told of the many benefits available in this Beautiful city . Housing, Food Stamps, Health Care, Education?? (((DO YOU TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS)))) ??? Now your new neighbor is just like your old NEIGHBORS and Soon Your City is Like Your Old City!!
    CHANGE is inevitable !! All WEALTH WOULD LEAVE THE U.S. if we

  51. In the restaurant business I never saw undocumented immigrants being underpaid. Nor in construction…

  52. And when one plows into you with their car and doesn't have insurance? Then what? They just keep going because they don't want the cops coming down and deporting them? Sounds good, bring in another 30 million. I will just learn to stay home.

  53. O.K. u don't have to be a professor to understand a simple concept. We have not had enough jobs in this country for a long time. At all. So how does flooding the labor market with extra people a good thing? That equals wages never going up. If u don't want the job , someone more desperate than u will take it. In order for wages to go up. Labor must be in demand. Or other words, less employees and more employers

  54. OK, I really want you to clear this up for me, I'm not looking for an argument. What is your position on undocumented workers?

  55. I've often wondered if the "doc in box" medical centers that are springing up everywhere are in reality there to provide health services primarily to the illegal immigrant community. Even in the front lobby they have signs that read "Se habla espanol". I've been to one of them before and they didn't ask me to supply my social security number or anything else that might identify me. They didn't even accept insurance and it was strictly cash only. I had to fork over $250 of lettuce right there on the spot even before I could see the doctor. Simply put, if you had the cash, you could receive on-the-spot medical care, no questioned asked. And , in all fairness , the medical care was fast and high-quality but pricey as hell.

    The other reality that was patently obvious was the fact that medical insurance is reverting back to catastrophic care only. The expense of everyday health maintenance and medical care must be borne by the consumer henceforth. I knew this would be the case years ago, and I'm OK with it. Nothing worthwhile is free and you get what you pay for.

    Bernie Sanders exhorts that medical care is not a privilege but a right. Not in this country pal. My annual cost for health insurance premiums alone is $15,180 just for one person. But I'm not complaining, I'll gladly pay for this "privilege" because the alternative is to do without altogether or pay even more using the "doc in the box" services. The bottom line – everything comes at a cost.

    And, let me throw this in the gumbo while I'm at it. If the masses detest the cost of medical care, then why aren't they out in the streets pitching a bitch and making demands upon the government? They aren't storming the gates of the White House and Donald Trump isn't peering through curtains asking himself "Gee, look at that massive gathering of angry folks, what shall I do now ?"

  56. You've brought up something in this video that most folks don't even understand and this is the fact that the immigrant and ethnic communities are far safer than those of the typical mainstream Anglo communities.

    When immigration occurs, the Anglo communities become hostile and unwelcoming not just to the immigrants but even to their own. When folks feel threatened they will attack anyone.

    Thus, paradoxically, as an Anglo, I found safety and refuge in the immigrant and ethnic communities and they took me in. Some of the blacks were perplexed and would quizzically ask me what I was up in their hood. Why was I on their turf ? Why are you here ? And my reply was "Because, I'm safe, there are no White people up in here."

  57. Professor? This boy is clueless! Our kids are better "educated" and working longer and harder for less thanks to idiots like this. Good job "Professor".

  58. At 11:45 Dr. Wolff says that immigration is a subsidy to the employer. Then he goes on to say that if immigration could be stopped absolutely, the employer (i.e. the owner of the means of production) will raise prices to recoup his expenses. This much is true.
    Looks to me like the employer is just one point in the supply chain to the consumer, he takes some raw materials, processes them, passes on the products and gets paid for them for the same amount of money whether with or without immigration. In this scenario, immigration seems to be a subsidy to the consumer, i.e the general public, by way of lower prices. But then the public loses out on jobs with immigration. This circular argument is all very confusing to me.
    It would be nice to have Dr. Wolff go further in his analysis.

  59. Everything is right and true absolutely. And of corse emigration is only benefiting economically. This was the reason of bringing people from Caribbean islands to Britain, the cheap labor. But later they did regret it. Emigration isn’t the problem itself , problem some have is with too many uncultured and visually unattractive people entering the country.I think trump thinks this way , he even said he wants people from Norway, meaning educated tall blondes , but not Muslims for example or people from poor African countries or Latin or Caribbean. It’s already plenty of them with 5 children per woman as minimum. This kind of problem is everywhere, because uneducated and uncultured people are multiplying in geometric progression. Plus the sphere of their interests and level of intelligence is unacceptably low as well as the manners. I am just saying what I see. When we design garden, do we want beautiful plants and flowers there or … 😀

  60. Dr. Wolff, may be emigration is a burden on the job market, the employer will always prefer cheap vulnerable labors over the citizens. this is the clearly the case the GCC Countries were the cheap expat labors represents more than 70% of the private sector workforce, citizens can not accept the low salaries and wages that is perfectly acceptable to the expat labors (predominantly South Asians).

  61. And America can have millions of laws about “minimum wages” they must pay, but those laws don’t insure all the employers will pay that minimum wage. They could pay $1 an hour and no one will complain if they’re undocumented. Also if America has a minimum wage, that doesn’t help employees (Slaves) worldwide who won’t be protected by US laws and employers can get away with paying children no wage or almost no wage, 10 cents a day, which “isn’t slavery” by most people’s reckoning since everyone thinks that if someone is getting paid they’re not slaves, so a person could get paid ONE CENT for their entire lifetime and everyone thinks (apparently) they’re “not really a slave because they’re getting paid.” The whole wage system has to be abolished, eliminated, destroyed 100% worldwide in order to really end slavery.

  62. Immigration was planned long ago. Mr, Wolff most illegals pay the income taxes but never get the tax return at least until the 90' where all that money went?

  63. Wolf, we are old and howling to the moon, alone, and time will determine our destiny when reality
    We ,reborn, Hmmm, you serve me well, survival of a specie is our job.

  64. Solution: Reduce or eliminate immigration, penalize companies that seek labourers abroad, and do away with the minimum wage.

  65. Disagree with your statement that crime rates are lower among illegal immigrants than American citizens. Every illegal immigrant is a criminal, they immigrated here illegally, so the crime rate is 100%.

  66. But what about immigrants from highly educated backgrounds or developed countries? What is the economic incentive to hire them over domestic applicants?

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