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100 thoughts on “William Barr Improvises Role On Mueller Report Despite Clear Regulations | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Rachel maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks racheal maddow sucks

  2. There's not one Democrat on the planet that thinks Barr is hiding something in the report. The ONLY reason they have any desire to see the report is because they're hoping there's some kind of dirt (non-Russian related) that they can exploit for the next few years. Any Democrat that says they're wanting to see it for any other reason is just plain lying.

  3. I just feel bad for Maddow at this point. What do you do for someone who has created a psychosis around a narrative? She's stuck with it now, because she has created an army of sycophants who believe her over facts.

  4. 15:10 is one of the funniest things on the internet. It actually says "(Mueller) is assisting with redactions" and Maddow is saying Barr is doing it alone. And that he's 68. Wait Hillary was 71, if a 68 year old cant review a report on his own then why did Maddow want to elect a 71 year old president. This is too funny and basically guarantees four more years.

  5. I'm a big fan of Rachel, but object to the innuendo concerning Barr's age. What has the fact that he's 68 got to do with anything? "Old" William Barr, she says. Ageism does not sit well with your arguments, Rachel.

  6. I don't think Mr. Barr is used to covering up for someone like Mr. Trump and he does it very badly. Now he's been called out and is backtracking to cover his own backside the best he can. Sold his soul to the Devil so to speak. Likely has ruined his legacy. For what? Only he can answer that. Let us see the Report.

  7. "Mueller's team would have done that as part of producing anything that they handed over outside their own offices…They've done that with every other document they have produced in the course of this investigation. You'd assume they'd be able to do that for this document too. But William Barr says, it's taking him a really long time because he's having to do all that himself."

    Ticker tape on bottom:
    "Barr: Special Counsel Is Assisting with Redactions"

    Such a ridiculous, lying cow.

  8. Will she lose all her credibility when they release the whole report and it shows nothing happened? Its bad enough that she cried over the letter by AG. Will she cry when the report is released in full?


  10. Everybody knows that the third parties implied in his letter are to protect the Trump Administration and Trump as a brand. I think it's disgusting that anyone should get this much preferential treatment after breaking the law no matter what Barr / Mueller report says the fact is that Trump admitted on national TV to breaking the law by firing Comey because he was investigating him because of Russia that alone, along with the three million other things that Trump has done to break the law! Everybody knows that barr is doing this because Trump put him in office in the first place… got to pay your way I guess

  11. Who cares? You've spent two years on a personal crusade to get Trump and your network foolishly allowed it. Now your ratings are in the toilet! Fox numbers are up over a million yours down 500000
    the right wing is growing because of your stupidity

  12. You are no journalist, Rach. Your opinions are off. I'm sorry your side lost this one but you need to let it go.

  13. This guy Maddow missed the boat entirely with Russiagate and has been left floundering in both ratings and reputation. Solution? Make a bigger tin-foil hat!
    Keep it up, you're handing Trump another term on a platter.

  14. Maddow, your f**ing wrong again! 2 years of your conspiracies and you still cant get a clue! Barr did notify congress and added the brief information of the conclusions….Stop trying to twist it around and make another conspiracy to feed the public…Mueller did not find any evidence of Russia Collusion! Deal with it!

  15. Rachael Maddow: “The problem with America is White men.”
    Me: “Then why do you keep trying to look like one?”

  16. Rachel Rachel Rachel, what on Earth are you going to do in 5 years when Trump leaves office? You are sooooooooooo boring.

  17. Don't you just love the smell of Corruption in the Attorney General's office. Nothing like a good flunky controlling the DOJ blocking information from Congress. This is another point of the KGB playbook for Dummies being executed by Vladimir Putin through his puppet Trump

  18. Oh Rachel, you're like the homeless person on the street corner, talking to themselves non-sensibly, shouting obscenities, swatting at things in the air that aren't there.

  19. 14:51 – Chyron reads: "Barr: Special Counsel is assisting with redactions" (which is true btw)
    While Meadow is lying about Barr doing it alone.
    And you people drinking the kool-aid… sad.

  20. Happy Friday and welcome to the Rachel Maddow fake news show. We push fake Russian conspiracy theories and will never stop even after Trump is proven 100% innocent but you are fake news so let’s just keep it going and we don’t give a crap that Hillary Clinton bought a fake dossier from the Russians to steal the election.

  21. Democrats are lucky their voters are America's dumb masses.
    Your party pursued this coup attempt. They will sacrifice a few to protect the top criminals.

  22. You lying B. For two years every night that is all you did, lie to the American public. Lie to your viewers and lie to anybody who channel surfed past your segments. You lying a## B. So now that every word out of your mouth for the last two years pertaining to the Russia collusion bs has been proven false will you apologize to your audience? Will you apologize to the American public,,, will you apologize to OUR PRESIDENT??? Will you? Or will you stand by your lies by saying i'm so insane that I still believe my lies over the report itself?

  23. You know the best part of things right now are that Barr can't do anything about whistleblowers in justice. I bet his buthole is a tight as a gnats right now….lol


  25. I don't understand how ANYONE could find this woman entertaining. I hate Trump and everything Republican but this crazy dude just puts on his own comedy performances every night and looks at the camera laughing like "Cmon was my joke about drumpft and his friends funny?"

  26. I have to say, I LOVE Rachel’s recaps. SHE IS F’ING HILARIOUS. -> Barr putting on his reading glasses, “Hold my calls!”, squinty eyed, “I need to go through and do some redacting!”
    She is CRACKING ME UP.
    My question – HOW LONG DOES THE WHITE HOUSE NEED TO READ THE REPORT before Barr releases it to Congress? It’s not like Trump is reading it, himself. How long does his lawyers need to come up with an exit plan, some kind of defense?
    Mark my words – “The longer it takes for Congress to get the Mueller report from Trump, the further he’s going to fall. In the end, Trump is relocating and Putin gets a new state of the art Airplane with all the bells and whistles, ON THE USA’s dime.”
    Maddow is great, most days but SHE’S OFF THE HOOK on this recording.

  27. Oh Rachel, how are you gonna maintain ratings now??? It will only be a matter of time that your audience realizes you've been playing them😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. My God isn't she tired of lying to her viewers? Barr And Mueller are working together to release as much as the can. Does she realize Mueller is not an independent counsel? He works for the DOJ, the DOJ boss is Barr. The report is technically only for Barr's eyes. People need to send these liars in the media a message and hit them where it hurts..viewership

  29. For all of you idiots who cannot read.
    14:55 look at the bottom part of the screen.
    SHE claims Barr is making the redactions himself while the words say the special counsel is helping him. She is spewing so many lies even MSNBC is correcting her

  30. Dear Mrs. Maddow. I have the documentation of Trump colluding with Russia. It comprises of a mixture of videos by The Young Turks, Don Lemon, and copy-pasted fragments of the Muller Report. Muller must have encoded the evidence of Trump's collusion in his report in a manner like the late, great Nostradamas. All we need is a hot-shot reporter like you Mrs. Maddow to feed this evidence to the idiots, ooops – I mean the people.

  31. Barr and Mueller are almost best friends.. Barr is not a Trump puppet, he has 97% more ties with Mueller

  32. Facts are her thing, do some checking and challenge what she is saying! Just abusing her is not meaningful, do your research and prove her wrong.

  33. At the end of a special counsel’s investigation, section 600.8(c) of the regulation provides that a special counsel “shall provide the Attorney General not Congress with a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions reached by the Special Counsel.” The special counsel’s obligation to file “a summary final report” is “limited.” The counsel’s report is to be “handled as a confidential document as are internal documents relating to any federal criminal investigation.” 64 Fed. Reg. 37041.

  34. 咦,海基海協基长佬璽族宫餐殿聚餐,不是谈妥了喔??,哪又跳到宫内咩众集標贴榜期了??,怎还没出囹圄圈呢??。

  35. Thank god for Donald trump.more useless news here,your better off watching fox.the woman are much more beautiful and the news is at least real,,,,…….,,,,, and Entertaining

  36. Keep. Eating those bowl's of stupid…. Democrats! It is just what the Republicans ordered! Grand jury's indictments are headed to the doorstep of Democrats! Justice will prevail! Shalom✡️🕎

  37. Go back and play some of the clips about what she said about this case from the beginning. You will see that she is a liar, and an absolute moron who does not know what she's talking about.

  38. Hello Rachel, it's been a while since I've been in contact but I still watch you non stop.
    My reason for contacting you now is: how do I get a copy of the report? Thanks in advance for your help.

  39. Maddow! You are such an Hypocrite baby! You are in the wrong side of the line …period! Get your facts straight! Is the inteligentes community wrong! Are we to believe you?

  40. Richard Madcow you are going to Jail just keep on lying and making your show popular because when this is all over your show is going to be canceled. then where are you gonna go spend your tales probably with the President Trumps TAX return. lol

  41. The report is and has been released all you democrats have to do is READ it!. As far as the 2% that has Not been released has been held because the law says it can NOT be released. The idiots in congress may even read all but 1% of the total report if the just got to the SKIF and read it. That 1% they may not read is the contents Grand Jury material that can NOT be released to anyone is against the law. This is nothing but liberal spin and attempt to smear Bill Barr before they start the indictments of the traitors that were behind the "Insurance policy" i.e. Russian Dellusin nice try though!


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