Chinese leaders announce new solutions… to fix the crisis in Hong Kong. There’s just one problem: They’ve already tried them before. And guess how that turned out? Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Another weekend of pro-democracy protests
in Hong Kong left dozens of people injured, and one man in critical condition. In one shocking incident, a man shouting pro-Beijing slogans slashed four people with a knife. And then he bit off part of the ear of a pro-democracy
politician. Somebody’s been picking up tips from watching
old Mike Tyson fights. It’s gotten so bad, journalists even wore hardhats to a police press conference in protest of
police violence. Stop. Police. Lies. Get it? The police did. But the only thing they stopped was the press
conference. Anyway, the Hong Kong crisis is clearly in
need of a solution. Fortunately, someone’s finally going to
step in and solve everything: These guys. I’m sure it’s going to be the perfect
solution. Last week was the Fourth Plenum. It sounds like some weird astrological thing. But it’s actually the annual super secret
meeting of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central
Committee. During that meeting, top leaders put their noggins together, and came up with three brilliant proposals
for Hong Kong. The first of the three proposals is that Beijing will support Hong Kong’s efforts to quote
unquote “strengthen law-enforcement capabilities.” That’s not exactly a new idea. It’s actually a lot like the anti-subversion
law they proposed back in 2003. It was called Article 23. Article 23 was designed to prohibit “any act of treason, secession, sedition, and subversion” by the people of Hong Kong. Basically, it would mean that a bunch of things that were illegal in China but allowed in
Hong Kong, would now also be illegal in Hong Kong— things like criticizing the government. The only problem was, the people of Hong Kong didn’t like Article
23. They were afraid it would be used to crack
down on pro-democracy marches and undermine the
rule of law. I wonder where they got that idea. So they protested. Actually, half a million people protested. And the Hong Kong government backed down, and withdrew Article 23. That’s why, as one expert puts it, with last week’s proposal, the Chinese leadership “is just re-doubling
its efforts to implement more strenuously a policy that caused the problems in Hong Kong in the
first place.” Ok, so the first idea might not work. But don’t worry. Chines leaders have a second proposal, too. See, as any good Maoist will tell you, the best way to get people on your side is
to brainwash them. That’s why the new proposal calls for patriotic
education in schools, to help kids understand from an early age… that they should love the Chinese Communist
Party. The only problem is, they tried a similar scheme back in 2012. And it didn’t go well. People protested. School students led the protests. That included weeks of sit-ins, and massive street demonstrations. Finally the Hong Kong government got the message that the kids don’t need no thought control. Though a bit of education in spelling wouldn’t
hurt. So that patriotic education proposal that fell through seven years ago? It might not work so well this time, either. So the first and second ideas might be a bust. But don’t worry! Because the brilliant Party leadership has a third great proposal. They plan to change how Hong Kong’s Chief
Executive is appointed and removed. What does that mean? “There was no elaboration.” Oh. So they could mean that Hong Kong’s leader would be removed in the middle of the night to an undisclosed location. Ok, probably not. But it does smell a lot like the proposal they had back in 2014. See, in 2013, the Hong Kongers had been promised universal suffrage. That is, they would get to directly elect
their Chief Executive. But then in 2014, Beijing modified that promise, saying, “Yes, you can elect your Chief Executive… but first we get to pick the candidates.” Which is like saying, “As I promised, you can have anything you
want for dinner. Choose between broccoli, cauliflower, or brussels
sprouts.” By the way, for anyone watching who finds those options delicious, you’re wrong. The joke is that they’re all terrible. Anyway, Beijing’s proposal about getting
to pick Hong Kong’s candidates was massively unpopular. Hongkongers didn’t like it, and protested. The police met the protesters with some light tear gas and pepper spray. And so protesters pulled out umbrellas to
use as shields. This was the start of the Umbrella Movement. People were so upset that the CCP tried to rig the election that they continued
to protest. They set up tents, and occupied three main
Hong Kong thoroughfares. It lasted 79 days. Eventually, police came in and cleared them
out. And arrested a bunch of people. Oh, and Hongkongers never got the right to elect their Chief Executive. Just a guess here, but Beijing’s new plans last week to “change how Hong Kong’s leader is appointed
and removed” …probably don’t include giving the people
universal suffrage. All this is to say, that the Chinese Communist
Party’s newest solution to end the current Hong Kong
protests involves three proposals— that are just like proposals that all *caused* massive protests in the past. So is this one of those things where, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try
again”? Or is it like, “The definition of insanity is doing the
same thing over and over again and expecting different results”? My guess is it’ll be more like, “Putting out a fire by pouring gasoline
on it.” Which is either stupid…or evil genius. If their proposals push the protests to spiral
out of control, Beijing will have no choice but to send in the People’s Armed Police to “restore harmony.” After all, according this video purposefully released by state-run media, they’ve been training. So what do you think? Leave your comments below. And now it’s time for me to answer a question from a fan who supports episodes like this by contributing through the crowdfunding website
Patreon. Anders Andersson asks: “How comes the Hongkong Police [are] so loyal to CCP to quell the protestors
(and violent)? Are they mainlanders? Good question, Anders. I’ve had the distinct…pleasure, let’s
call it… of being in Hong Kong during the 2014 Umbrella
Movement… and then later during the recent, um, 2019 Tear Gas Movement. The police changed in five years. In 2014, the police officers were mostly polite. There were a few clashes, and there were a few police groups that were
more troublesome. But the main body of police just tried to
protect everyone. When I was in Hong Kong last month, it was completely different. The police are out of control, and violent. Yes, there are rumors that some of them have been brought in from mainland China. That might explain why they’re acting like
mainland thugs. But so far, those are just rumors. But either way, Hong Kong police commanders have pretty much given the officers carte
blanche to do whatever they want. Plus, they’re wearing masks but no ID badges, and there’s a law against doxxing them. So they have the protection of being anonymous. On top of that, they’re overworked and stressed from five months of continuous protests. This is a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t even require loyalty to the CCP. Thanks for your question, Anders. And thank you to everyone who’s watching. Go to to learn how you can be like Anders and support
the show. If you pledge a dollar or more per episode, you’ll even have a chance to get your own
question in the hat. Plus your support helps us pay our staff, travel to Hong Kong, and keep making episodes like this. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.

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100 thoughts on “Will China’s New “Solutions” Fix Hong Kong Crisis?”

  1. I sincerely hope these "pro-democracy parade" can happens more in US&UK,especially US.
    As a leader in worldwide "democracy moves",US need to demonstrate more.

  2. Make sure to enlist to your nearest recruitment office when the Victoria square massacre and the Hong Kong purge becomes a real thing. 🇭🇰 #freehongkong

  3. Why Chris is likely mad? Because he feels the same with his own words, he and his team have done so well to inform so many people, yet most want to ignore Chris' and his team's real loyal efforts to provide real facts. (my opinion, nothing more) 🦉

    keep rockin' out UC. you got this!

  4. He didn't slash enough people.

    And I'm guessing any solid evidence of the man working for mainland government has been censored?

  5. China thinks one day they will become the biggest super power in the world and then nobody will be able to question their evils, but that will take World War 3 so hold on to your bunkers.

  6. Definition of China: A failure for over 1000s of years that can not solve any civil disputes with murdering half the population.

  7. Democracy is a step by step process. You can’t criticize a whole country for not having democracy. China has gone 3000 years without democracy and it has survived despite many wars.

  8. Question at the end is dumb. Police need to enact force because there are homemade bombs and acid thrown at them. They are anti-terrorist units almost. Protestors are terrorists now.

  9. Stop ur propaganda fake news retarded anti China propaganda fake news retarded video 👎👎👎👎none stop ridiculous everyday 😁😁😁

    Taiwan Hong Kong Republic China forever no two China in the planet earth 🌏retarded fuck !!!

  10. Beijing will fix Hong Kong with hammers, clubs, canes, mace, knives, rubber bullets, and tear gas. If Hong Kong still doesn't understand it is "fixed", Beijing will use tanks, guns with real bullets, and explosives to "fix" Hong Kong.

    A Beijing fix = Destroy everything and everyone.

  11. Thank you for your great work Chris and exposing what is, by all means, today’s nazi regime….with chinese characteristics….of course.

  12. Who cares about Hong Kong! America doesn’t! Hong Kong has its own skeletons in the closet know one feels bad for them. Move on

  13. Chris Chapel, are you a Christian ?
    God our Father bless the staff and supporters of China Uncensored. Through Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world send your Holy Spirit . Amen
    . . . . . Amen?

  14. Go Hongkongers. Everyone has equal right to fight for their freedom and rights. Game was set by British long ago but China acted stupiditly with that being said time has changed its new generation and they will not tolerate against freedom. Long live Hong Kong ✌🏼️

  15. The Continence of My Soul???

    What an [oddtv statement] for Psalms 43 when we The Society of nonmason know G.O.D. stands for {{{Government OVER Democracy}}} rather then what we seek with OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION……., and that is Government OF Democracy where our Elected Officials [are not all and only] / * FREE MASON Democrats the Blue Lodge Masons……, or the FREE MASON Republicans known as the Red Lodge Masons…. Moreover….., this age old {trick or treat} +=+ for Red Party or Blue Party extends into every Agenda 21 + 30 United Nations of SATAN [them U.N. Troops] known as Paramilitary INTERNATIONAL FREE MASON C.O.P.S. from G4S to Academi to their old school Katrina {KKK Killing Clan} [{**}] known as Black Water that goes all the way back to the Demolays Friday the 13th [Knights Templar] Vatican Jesuit Zionist…

    Once you know what big words they say…., then when {you watch} [{*}] the U.S. MSM talk about Joe Biden.., and Donald Trump as if they [ain't Knights of Malta] FREE MASON Lodge members from our home towns., then you see, the NEWS be it Local – National – International is for those {with the Jobs} teaching FAKE SPACE – Fake History – Fake Religions – Fake DNA to arrest and throw us [U.S. citizens] whom do not have FREE MASON Blood Lines in our communities, and in this, we nonmason Citizens be we From Africa or Native {to these Americas} seem to be at a disadvantage cause there is a FREE MASON Lodge in every Town – Province – County – City – Metropolis [where all countries] must buy Made In China that Mark of the Beast from the {Book of Revelation} from the Holy Bible where inside this Celestial Sphere PURGATORY Prison, we are to do what the FREE MASON [say to do] cause they are The Judges, The Law Makers, The Congress, and The Senate, and we {nonmason U.S. Citizens} are to give them all our Labor and Money called TAXES – Tithes – Tribute, and in this, we have no more paid vacations or even [40 hour work weeks] let alone Health Care, but those FREE MASON on TV have 10 Homes and 10 Cars {and $10,000.00 Suites} and Ties while [we pay them] to work just 100 days a year as OUR Employees???

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    Johnny Exodice

  16. Chris – I know you have a smile while you deliver this news, but I can FEEL the tears you are hiding inside.

  17. When china is able to wipe out the hong kong citizens like there doing the weigars and did to the buddhist.without the world caring there problem is solved the whole world knew they were genociding the buddhist and weigars but everyone turned a blind eye and let them. They build islands kill mass ocean life invade other countries fisheries regularly and everyone just looks the other way they will genocide hong kong and everyone will look the other way. Because it china. If australia peru beazil poland tried to do any of this they would be invaded. Such a pussy drivin yellow backed world we live in

  18. The chinese do whatever they want and the rest of the world is to yellow .to do anything.china has been bullying the whole world for over 15 years now.since they claimed the china sea atleast to bad all our govts. Are so scarred of china and will never do anything no matter what china does.

  19. The "solution" for evil tyrants has always been, mass murder and terrorism to gain control… It has been this way for thousands of years. It worked for Genghis Khan, it worked for the Islamic Caliphates, it worked for the Roman Empire, it worked for the Iranian Mullahs, it worked for ISIS, it worked for Imperial China… and it worked for the Communists when they took over in the 1930's.. and it worked for the Communists in Tienanmen Square and against Falun Gong… We find it "stupid" , but what we really mean, is that we find it morally reprehensible… because we are not evil… But evil people find mass murder and terrorism to work very effectively. And objectively speaking, it does… Let us not make the mistake of thinking that evil is "stupid" or "ignorant"… evil is cunning and we underestimate it at our own peril.

  20. China: well they're already protesting, so if we pass this thing that caused protesting, it won't make any difference, since its already happening

  21. To be fair, they are not a country. They belong to China as a region. If they were independent then they would be entitled to pick their own leader.

  22. 400 years of Western Industrialization models: China, you can fix this by literally just copying what we did
    China: Nah bro, we are going to do it with "Chinese Characteristics" and create a dystopian hellscape

  23. I like the definition of insanity option (Doing the same thing over and over again that doesn't work). Indeed, the particular insanity would be narcissism among the elite (with the delusion that they (i.e. the elite) are gifted and deserve to lead, or for that mater, the delusion that the populous even needs a leader (to re-educate them — to work for the benefit of the elite, of course).

  24. Britain gave Hong Kong to the Communists. The Communists presume they will eventually get their way in Hong Kong. These proposals are their way. May the people of Hong Kong resist them successfully!

  25. B ring in thousands of PLA & let them each confront a protestor with hand to hand combat & then the protestors will eventually get the message & if the protestors fire bombs at the PLA then they can expect to be shot with live ammo….maybe this is all that is left in the way of options eh.

  26. What is your point? You think the “PRO DEMOCRACY” is right? There are foreign interference and you are representing the USA to slander China you have no right to slander. Because you are not even going to the point. You need to review some of the news from different sources and see what’s wrong!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF!! ALSO GET 200 thousand in front of the USA government buildings and start smashing their buildings! See how many people would die. You would be begging for only 1 person to be killed in the peaceful protest. STUPID PEOPLE SLANDERING A COUNTRY THAT IS NOT EVEN THEIRS!!! WHAT A BIG BRAIN.

  27. the HK police only have courage when they are in a big group ….they are corrupt and lazy and don't do the job they are paid to do

    worst police force in the so called developed world.

  28. "Changing how Hong Kong's Chief Executive is appointed and removed"

    Wanna bet that the Chicoms will make that position into one of an appointed Governor that can only be appointed or revoked by the Chicom Politboro?

  29. Yes. China's people liberation army is already in Hong Kong, disguising as HK police to violently crackdown protests. Here's the evidence caught on camera:

  30. I recently left China after living and working there for three years. I was randomly checked two separate times. Once when I checked in my suitcases and again before I boarded the plane. On a table where they scanned my hands for any trace of chemicals was a paper with a list of names. I saw my own name there on the list. There was nothing random about it at all. My crime? Being an American I suppose. I didn't know English teachers were so dangerous. Man am I glad to be out of that fucking place!

  31. World needs to stop chasing China money. I'm sure the world will be just fine without there corrupt money. Are we that desperate to buy something made in China I think not.

  32. as if you dont have patriotic education in the usa. as if your police doesnt shoot. as if your usa is the best country on this planet. sure.

  33. I don't care whether hong kong is independent or not.
    HK provides no tax to China.
    so what is it to do with me?

    LOL,they are turning HK into poor Ukraine.

  34. The good people of China need to overthrow Beijing's government yesterday! Then invite Taiwan to take over. Free Hong Kong, Tibet, and the Uyghurs!

  35. they are very poorly trained officers. this could even result in injuring or killing their own teammates. tanks ran over their own soldiers in Tiananmen Square.

  36. please be careful. if there is one particular group I would be concerned of, some agent psycho is still out there targeting protesters at night. not new. its just like how Beijing kidnapped Hong Kong book owners in the past but much more obvious. reports of dead bodies found and some went missing.

  37. 3:48 This is an ironic lyric from "Every Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd. Ironic that reporter man said it was ironic for the wrong reasons.

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