My name is Patrick Bellon and I am the president of CBM, which is a subsidiary of the INOVIE group since May 2018. CBM owns 23 sites and 22 sampling laboratories. We are located in the new technical platform which is in Muret near Toulouse. After having worked for 20 years with HORIBA Medical we have decided to pursue our adventure. Their equipment has evolved a great deal thanks to new technologies. We have been strongly attracted by their proposal both from an economic point of view and from a technological point of view, and so we have renewed this contract to be able to work in good conditions knowing that we have always been very well accompanied by the sales department, the after-sales service as well all IT related topics. We chose HORIBA Medical’s HELO solution for several reasons, first of all for its simplicity of use, and in particular, a guarantee of the turnaround time and of the number of test results to be returned, which is of utmost importance to us as we currently work with clinics with high requirements. With HORIBA Medical, we were sure that we would be able to return our results on time and within the contractual deadlines set by our service provider. I would also like to add that our choice for HORIBA Medical’s HELO solution was based on the great ease with which we will be able to accredit this equipment to the very demanding standards of the French COFRAC. Furthermore I would like to add two more personal arguments: firstly I am proud to have bought an analyzer which is made in France, which is not very common nowadays and secondly it is the aesthetic side as we find that this analyzer is perfectly integrated in the laboratory and that aesthetically it really is very attractive.

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