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100 thoughts on “Why Couldn’t United Auto Workers Union Come To Deal With GM? | MSNBC”

  1. We bailed out GM plants in Australia… twice… when we wouldn't bail them out a third time they shut it all down and move their manufacturing to China and Mexico… start looking for work at Tesla guys, GM's gonna run…

  2. Trump could have made his corporate tax cut come with requirements to spend the savings on worker benefits and creating jobs but instead he just let them choose to use it for stock buybacks and executive compensation. Did not see that coming? Oh that's right, that's what they've done before.
    Don the Con "trickled down" the workers leg and told them it was raining.

  3. America at it's finest! America the leader of the free world is the biggest joke on the planet!!! Which country does not believe in climate change? America. Which country has mass shootings every two to three weeks? America. Which member of the G7 does not have health care for all? America. Which country in the G7 rigs their elections by gerrymander? America. Which country of the G7 is ranked between 15th and 17th in education? America. Which country in the G& does not believe in climate change? America. Which country just eliminated protections for their streams, rivers and waterways? America. Do you know it of the G& countries America has the highest debt per student educated? The European UNion should be the leader of the free world with a population of 513 million well educated citizens and no mass shootings every two to three weeks. Do you know it takes five American Republicans to change a light bulb? One to hold it and four to turn the person. People are saying, like many people, and I hear that Republicans go to family reunions to find their spouse. These many people are saying that is why they are against abortions. Republican women believe the solution to their lack of money is to "get me a man with money". Yep, America at it's finest!!! What a joke!!!!

  4. President Trump,
    My friend, Juan Pierre Griffin, parents were forced by Department of the Air Force officials too name him by that slave name…why?

  5. Republicans have degraded the American worker's wage to the point of poverty.
    Twenty dollars an hour is hardly a liveable wage.

  6. They only make about $120 an hour including health care. Gee, why not ask for $200? This company should have been allowed to go bankrupt. I guarantee you they will be back again with their hand out. And the politicians who want the votes will screw all of us again and give them whatever they want. GM has become the giant black hole of tax money, you throw in money and get NOTHING in return except in 5 more years you throw in more money. And it goes on, again, and again and again.



  9. This is the same way most US companies have been treating their workers for the better part of 30 years. Pay your workers fairly!

  10. Why Couldn't Fake News speak the truth to Americans? This is the bigger issue. As far as the ill advised woman now running GM and sending many of the jobs to China, what else can we say. As a GM owner over the years I find this woman out of touch with Americans.

  11. Get ready to BAIL OUT Government MOTORS (GM)again AMERICA. This company should have been dissolved through bankruptcy in 2009. "We the People" have lost $11.2 billion to their Bail OUT. Plus the Government plans to cover an additional $80 billion short fall in the GM workers PENSIONS.

  12. A class of North Americans (US and Canada) have grown lazy and entitled during the Golden years, from 1945 to 1975. Now that Borders are open for Global markets, competing with other countries, is impossible.

  13. greed and avarice on both sides , keep it up , you will price american consumers out with your overpriced disposable vehicles . I buy Japanese , much better product , reliability , durability , longevity are worth my hard earned dollar .

  14. These strikes speed automation. less and less people will be needed on the assembly line in only a matter of 8 to 10 years. The electric cars need very few workers to make.The only people left will be a desperate few. The UAW is in its last gasps of life. The BIG 3 will file for bankruptcy in 10 years to free itself from the debt liability promised to its retired workers and reopen under a large mutual fund 3 years later using 90% robots and 10% non union workers.

  15. My feeling is that the general public should boycott GM products until such time as they reach an agreement with the UAW (in support of them). I'm really tired of seeing my fellow Americans put out of work so that some executives can have more money.

  16. close the doors to UAW workers permanently GM. They don't deserve jobs or anything else. They want the UAW Democratic poverty and joblessness. Hire NONE UNION WORKERS who want work and security. UAW is DEMOCRAT POVERTY. GM CEO can give back the 21.6 MILLION BONUS and support non union workers. GM NEEDS TO GET ITS HEAD OUT OF ITS BUTT. UAW CAN DO THE SAME.

  17. Why don't you show the wages that UAW receive before you start feeling sorry for them. Hundreds of people would take their job for the hourly rate they have been able to weasel out of auto manufacturers. Tell the real story

  18. Mexico is going to pay for the wall.
    No Mexico is going to build Chevy Blazers,
    We are going to pay for the wall.
    And the Tariffs

  19. American Factory | Official Trailer | Netflix


    China stole many jobs from USA. Bring manufacturing jobs back and MAGA. What a joke!

  20. Fire them all. Move all plants out of the US. End result: better product, better workforce, cheaper cars, problem solved…tariffs irrelevant when the car can be built for 1/4 of the price with more qualified workers at a lower pay scale…and, side note, US made cars are total garbage.

  21. Pasty white out incorrect incorrect MSNBC day after day, the devil's whiter and whiter typewriter, the devil's dance, heel to toe clickety click lickety fork tongue split, filling out the devil's formless meaningless corporate office space programming agenda.

  22. GM, this is your chance to make yourself great again. Leave the US, you already sell more cars in China, keep building elsewhere with better workers that earn significantly less. Let the spoiled, inept US brats go on unemployment, regret their decision to bite the hand that feeds. They aren't worth $20 an hour let alone $63 + fantastic benefits, pension etc, move on, they are holding you back.

  23. This is mighty lame reporting on a supposed progressive news network. Why not let autoworkers and union spokespersons tell people their version of what's going on? Most of the media is full of the GM management view.

  24. IT'S time to outsource and import more Filipino labor into the US to replace these overpaid GM workers. Contracted Filipinos are teaching in public schools in Texas, Chicago, Montana & Louisiana and they're coming to a school near you! Outsource and survive!

  25. GM killed their own customers by refusing to admit to and covering up defects in their vehicles. I would never do business with them again.

  26. Wait a minute!! The auto workers GAVE UP BENEFITS & $$ to get the GM Corporation back on its feet last time around. Now that GM is making record profits, the auto workers are simply stating that it's time to return the helping hand [the benefits, etc.] to those who saved the corporation's butt, it's workers. Oh, but of course, Trump & the GOP has promised our auto workers that Trump has their back[side]. Are we tired of winning yet? Let them know in 2020. I will!

  27. I'm sure Fox News propaganda hour will make this look like the union workers are evil, just like they did with the Parkland students. Donald Trump will probably follow up with a tweet closing the propaganda loop.

  28. Thousands of Mexicans are coming to the U.S. daily who can push buttons, use an air wrench, and tac weld sheet metal.


    Even Wayne Gretzky got traded.

  29. Soooo they move the plants to Mexico to lower the cost to build cars then raise the price substantially once they get back to the states. Hummmm someone’s getting the bad end of this deal.

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