greetings and salutations everyone we
are here today with more recession watch 2019 or is it 2020 I’ll say you 2020
2020 that’s what I’m saying and I will tell you why I’m saying this what she
just said it Christmas spending from August to to the
journey January 15th we have a max influx of monetary sales going into the
economy it’s the highest volume of truck
activity in America you know a year in the year and and then it takes two
quarters before the government worker éclairs anything but today we have a
list of store closings that we thought is pertinent to this girl would you’d
like to read the list this came from International Business
Times this is just 20 19 that they’re counting so I call the dollar journals
and stuff it’s dirty clothes isn’t even in here the Dollar Tree they that dog
Theresa Dollar Tree horse Rita Walmart has closed 15 stores this year
last year they closed some distribution centers to distribution centers and the
little markets the little neighborhood microwave markets yeah Macy’s has closed
13 stores Avenue closed all 222 of their stores
Sears closed 21 stores Kmart clothes five stores Dress Barn closed 53 stores
fred’s which is kind of a southern thing where we say most the time or used to
close 282 stores Charming Charlie closed all 261 stores pr1 closed 102 Bed Bath &
Beyond closed 40 stores Office Depot closed ficky stores JC Penney who’s been
closing for a while now for years they’ve kind of been restructuring stuff
has closed 27 stores Shopko closed all their stores and filed bankruptcy
Abercrombie & Fitch closed 69 stores Victoria’s Secret
fifty-three stores Charlotte roots closed 94 Gymboree close to all their
stores which was almost 900 stores and one greetings has closed 200 stores this
year and a lot of these had smaller numbers that they were going to close
initially like at the beginning of 2019 and their increase in the number stores
that they’re closing now the only thing that will close the store is lack of
participation by the community that those stores are in lack of sales that’s
exactly where I’m going don’t visit they don’t buy all right now you can just go
over and say they’re shopping at Amazon now you know a lot of all this stuff
what Kmart may not be Walmart but a lot of those clothing stores Bed Bath and
Beyond stuff yeah you can go on Amazon and get
it delivered to your house and the last 10 years have as people even looked at
the state of city malls you know I mean they used to be the big thing right gets
where kids hung out we didn’t have models but but yeah you know kids of a
younger age they hung out at malls now no one goes to the mall the mall we’re
no longer allowed to park at ironically there was a city ordinance passed and no
trucks are allowed to park in city limits they should actually let us park
there because we had money to spend there but there’s a top-floor that you
no longer even access because I don’t think there’s anything left on the top
floor maybe like on the end in pennies or Sears or something that’s there but
other than that the top floors aren’t open at all and then the bottom floors I
think there’s certain ways you don’t have anything you know my minutes at
least half empty I think a lot of this reflecting it’s a big mall online sales
now because people don’t have to have a brick-and-mortar store to be successful
in the retail business but as as this deepens as the mystery into the
recession deepens okay what is it online stores I don’t want is it people are
spending less cuz no I don’t think that’s what I’m saying I don’t think
it’s people spending less yet but that will perpetuate this problem in an
amazing way when it comes because when people start putting their toys out
for sale on the side of the road right now they’re selling told you
that’s sporadic compared to what it will become again right now mama don’t know
daddy’s just selling the Harley because he knows she don’t know I always say if
you depending on where you live what you’ve seen people’s Frank when you
start seeing this stuff go up in people’s front yards for sale you know
something that men even if they have money in your house it’s happening in
your neighborhood and we’re not even ik waiting this to the forty four thousand
units a year ago that GE did not sell that last quarter before I started
thinking recession that was that’s when they started talking about causing some
plants here in America again right so you know when when large commodities
like trucks are not selling and cars the future is written generally so some
things can happen to alleviate that print pressure but they’re not good
things either but even small stuff like Walmart as truck drivers I’m pretty sure
almost all of us have homes something to a Walmart we may have complain because
we sit there for six hours but almost all of us have homes something to
Walmart a distribution center or whatever right it does affect us all
down room yeah and we’re actually not gonna notice it
the first people that notice it in general are maybe not totally car
haulers because they’re still backlog but boat haulers people with all the
ski-doos high-paying Toys Toys yeah they they see it first and and and
then it tumbles down then it trickles yeah when you’re on the soup lines you
know it’s a recession anyway guys yall stay tuned for more recession recession
news but it’s not gonna be 2019 it’s gonna be 2020 researching news by

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