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100 thoughts on “What’s The Danger Behind President Donald Trump’s Twitter Account? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. It is very important for Americans to understand how the use of social media and yelling impact keeping people under your control.  Interesting article that validates what I studied in college:  https://microphone238.weebly.com/political.html "Adolf Hitler used the microphone similarly to [Martin Luther] King, [Jr.] to voice his opinions and political views. Differently from King, however, the microphone worked for Hitler because of his ability to further oppress the voices that were not being amplified. In 1943, Hitler ordered a three-stage plan in relation to the “European Anti-Bolshevik Propaganda Action”. The first stage of this plan was for anti-Bolshevik campaigners to “take the microphone” and use the radio to launch Hitler’s plan. Hitler used the microphone to suppress the views of the Bolsheviks and further his own plan (30). Therefore, Hitler used the microphone not only to amplify his voice, but to also do so in a way that silenced the voices of others. Hitler's strategic use of the microphone proves the idea that humans crave power and also desire to be at the top of the social hierarchy (31)."

    Hence– why Trump prefers Chopper Talks so he can yell as loudly as he wants to keep his cult brainwashed by and drown out all other voices. He is a master at manipulating the public as was Hitler. He absolutely should be banned by Twitter, but then we would not see that we have a crazed maniac who is a Russian asset as the supposed leader of our country.

  2. Trump should be completely banned from Twitter or censored for what he can post. Twitter is just supporting his views by letting him continue his tirades.

  3. That which you see first.
    That which you see the most.
    That which comes from a trusted source, and
    That which comes with no rebuttal.
    Modus Operandi of the Mockingbird Mainstream Media to its brainwashed audience.
    Took you lot this long to figure out that his Twitter is killing your monopoly.
    You are Owned Idiots.



  6. I am glad trump is active on twitter. I am not sure that could realize how utterly stupid/low IQ he is without him sending tweets everyday…..

  7. The military has every right to Target Democrats first. After all they are the ones trying to overthrow the president

  8. He wants credit for donating his salary to charity. He deserves no credit because he does absolutely nothing all day.
    I wouldn't expect to be paid for tweeting and golf… and also maybe reading the first few bullet points of a daily briefing.

  9. This guy never grew up, narcissistic sociopaths like him have an emotional level of a 6 years old…when was the last time he did some governing, he has spend the last month defending himself in Twitter like a teenage girl.or playing golf..I've never seen anybody like him, his presidency is really embarrassing, people should feel embarrassed about themselves for defending that sluggard…

  10. This is 1932 Germany and every word that hitler said his opponents were doing, he did. And every words this traitorous criminal drumpf says of others, he is doing. You worship your Reality TV IDOL god, and they are stealing everything from you and your children. Right in front of your faces, your Democracy is being dismantled. You are all nothing more than hamburger, now get in your masters grinder, piggies need more money! youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.


  12. The only danger is to Fake News Networks like PMSNBC that spew communist propaganda.
    Free Speech is not allowed in communist nations.

  13. only losers and crooks appeal to conspiracy theories to defend their wrongdoing or losses. when you’re right argue the facts, when the facts are against you argue the process, when both fail claim a conspiracy.

  14. twitter will SUSPEND or DELETE your account if you say the wrong thing to another poster.. yet they allow this KLAN BABBOON to racially attack people he doesn't like .. which is whjy TWITTER SUCKS

  15. I feel so threatened by Donald Trump’s tweets! Racism! Russia! The sky is falling!

    Bring back the nice speeches of his lordship Obama. Power to the state! Socialism now!

    Line those wayward citizens up and make them join the commune!

  16. Trump is pumping out Putin's 'Active Measures'
    "Not intelligence collection, but subversion: active measures to weaken the West, to drive wedges in the Western community alliances of all sorts, particularly NATO, to sow discord among allies, to weaken the United States in the eyes of the people of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and thus to prepare ground in case the war really occurs."
    Interview of Maj. Gen. Oleg Kalugin June 27, 2007
    (former Director of Foreign Intelligence for the KGB)

  17. It's been disturbing from the beginning. Why has he been allowed to use Twitter like this? Why does Twitter allow him to post all that stuff that is clearly against their terms of service?

  18. Devil the Lord rebukes u, yes you ounce had 400 false prophets with jezebell but they are all dead along with her that the dogs drank her blood just as foretold by a true prophet. And again your fake news channels that have deceived the people of this land are going down, and you and them will be espoused to those seeking the truth. President Trump will not be impeached he will serve two terms as President of the United States of America, and many corrupt politicians will be exposed.

  19. It Would have been Nice if the American People were Informed that Russia was our enemy again. Now we know, it’s all you guys talk about Russia this and Russia that and oh my God so and so Might be working for Russia. Sounds like she is America’s Biggest enemy. Why weren’t we informed?

  20. Asking Trump to show his taxes is like asking Jeffrey Dahmer to show his neighbors what is inside his bowling ball bag. Trumps Taxes show not only that he is a Russian agent but a tax cheat, a Liar, a welsher, and a money launder.

  21. I guess when the truth is not on your side, the GOP need to look for conspiracies everywhere.

    Meanwhile Trump is committing criminal acts in private and full public view and Republicans try to turn the truth into the conspiracy theory, and their made up conspiracy theories into the truth.

    That's the world we live in.

  22. We're feked, folks!
    Here's the piece:

  23. Conspiracy theories? R u trying to say that Liberals do not conspire to remove Trump from the office?? So, who are the Liberal "whistleblowers"?

  24. That why America needs to going on democratic side and vote against trump.
    This is why Donald trump is ruined everything not for America but people who live in America.

    Like❤️🇺🇸 comments 💔

  25. Trump is not danger at all comparing to kids nowadays! They killed their own parents, family members, classmates. Should I keep going?!!!

  26. I’m Australian and to us trumps only value is his comedic value cos he’s so obviously moronic..Never seen a orange wear a wig 🤣💯

  27. Trump must be draining the swamp,
    The corporatist news channels are so focused on hurting him that I think I’ll change my vote from tulsi to trump

  28. The REAL DANGER isn't Trumps twitter craziness ..what we'll see is the Senate under Mitch's iron-fisted control…will never allow his republican colleagues to vote yes on impeachment..they'll pretend they looked at all the evidence with a open mind ,but in the end they'll never get the 60 super majority votes needed to remove a president …so this means even if Trump does'nt get reelected …he will leave the whitehouse as an ex American President …who will have secret service protection for the rest of his life..which will ensure that any pesky reporter looking into his latest crooked and shady business dealings will never get close enough to Trump to ask him "uncomfortable questions " ….
    Also …Trump as an ex President will get the daily CIA and NSA briefing ..and just like Bush JR. did , will take that covert data to enrich himself ….

  29. STFU with your lies… The only danger President Trump pose is to Fake News because his twitter feed is his voice and his voice shut down all the lies that you Fake News agents spew… MAGA!

  30. The danger is not being able to control the narrative. Which you do with your implicational bias. Censoring free speech nice MSNBC.

  31. Trump is a criminal get over it and enjoy the Wins, Win win we all win.
    Thanks to the Bible bashers, Russia, Ukraine, The Trump Administration, The MEGA Cult, Fox and Friends, Fox Political Grafters comment,

  32. What is disturbing is the idiotic stories the Government puts out to describe epic events that have no foundation in reality. The two prime examples are the JFK assassination and 9/11. JFK by saying the President was shot from behind from the school book depository and that planes flew into the Twin Towers that brought the buildings down. These are conspiracy theories that can be disproved by science and what people can see. In the JFK theory the Government have turned the floor of the School Book depository into a museum when it is clear that Oswald would not have had a good shot because a tree is in the line of sight as a basic fact and for another the Zapruder film shows JFK was shot from the front from the Grassy Knoll and all evidence proves that. The science of 9/11 shows that planes made from aluminum cannot slice through concrete and steel framed buildings without breaking up and leave no trace. Then the Twin Towers and Building 7 were demolished using a controlled demolition. The same thing with the Pentagon. One would have to be stupid to believe the Governments story of these events because they are denying reality. Both these events were responsible for changing the course of history.

  33. Why are democrats paying the salaries of the very people including potus who are attacking them in their country. How far down the rabbit hole are we going?

  34. Dumb so Trump gets those bogus site. Trump supporters and Trump are the same level of intelligence. No intelligence to be accurate.

  35. I done told y’all that trump is a monster!! It’s who he is and he won’t change!!! He is immoral and immature he need his ego stroked to feel like a human being!!!!

  36. Enough of this commie Traitor, DTrump putin's puppet, Just Lock the f–k up! It's time for the republican scum traitors to see a few of their buddy's hang from a rope for treason! Then this stupidity will stop the Commie republicans traitors from playing games with our Constitution!

  37. Sorry but the president makes us policies so far he is still the president and maybe we stop TV because you and your colleagues always sell fake news.
    And what do you considered conspiracies is sometimes the truth remember when Trump said that there was spying on him now we know is truth and you guys was screaming is a conspiracy.
    I'm not going in reverse Allowed by law but facts is facts

  38. You should legalize weed just for the votes and then you can scrap it after you get reelected. That's what got Justin Trudeau in. That might bring Bernie Sanders in

  39. djt – gaslighting narcissist and pathological liar. Oh, and did I forget – bully. I think his role models are Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. A truly dangerous child. So sad the Senate republican are his enablers.

  40. Trumps interview with Alex Jones the conspiracy theorist nut job who was kicked off YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify. SAD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LeChPL0sLE

  41. trump is a narcissist and doesn't have the mental capacity to understand one step beyond his pea brain. Words matter, but lies, propaganda and conspiracy theories harm too many. We expect truth and dignity in our potus.

  42. There are people on the White House staff who maintain Trump's destructive momentum and they should be prosecuted when Trump is taken down. It has been established that his current campaign manager (successor to Kellyanne) actually writes more than a few tweets for him. This makes sense considering how unfocused and discursive Trump's mind normally is.

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