Previous videos student we have studied about meaning of systematics and taxonomy now we are going to understand what is taxonomy Hierarchy it’s taxonomy Hierarchy is a position given to the organism in biology before we understand the positions present in Taxonomy Hierarchy we need to know two terms that is Taxon and Category now what is Taxon now Taxon is a group of organism which forms concrete unit in classification again I am repeating Txon is a group of organism which forms concrete unit in classification so what is category now tactically is the rank or the position given to the organism now let’s compare taxonomic hierarchy with the position present in your college which is a topmost position in college that is trustee of the college after trust accounts the director next comes the principal then vice principal followed by EXO DS then teachers then comes a learner stuff learner staff means students now the position which I said that is principal vice principal HUD that position is category and the person who is sitting on that position is called as EXO I hope you understood the difference now what are the such position present a economic hierarchy speaking about economic hierarchy this are the position from top to down present in economic hierarchy the top position is Kingdom next comes final or division final word is used for animals and division wood is used for plants followed by class then order then family genus and species now student we have to understand meaning of each category now there’s two options left with you one by heart all tactical is individually the another thing you can do is by heart the sequence and the first six repetition becomes easy for you how I will explain you speaking about genus a genus is defined as group of closely related species family is defined as group of closely related genus alter is defined as group of closely related family and so on so this are the categories intense anomic hierarchy and they are defined on the basis of closeness shown by the lower category to form the apathetically now we are going to study each category in DT now what is a basic unit of college basic unit of college is students or you can say any educational system the basic unit is student without student no Institute is possible similarly over here index anomic hierarchy species is a basic unit it means without species the upper categories cannot be formed so let’s understand one by one from below that is our basic unit and other category in detail first species speaking about species what is called as spatial who is called as species species are group of organisms which fulfill two conditions one they have similar external features for example in case of human being to I one knows let’s two years these are the similar external features shown by every human being and second condition is they should be able to interbreed among them search it means they should have the ability to reproduce so what a spacious group of organisms have external features similar external features and able to interpret among themselves nothin there are few examples of organism which are presently among us but they are not called as species why they are not called species because out of this to condition anyone they must have not able to fulfill if they are able to fulfill both the condition then they are called as spacious so let’s see examples of who are not spacious there are many examples children one Zinke next mule speaking about next example Saigon plot in case of planters formato etc so these are the few examples of not species there are many more next we are going to study what is meaning of genus genus is group of closely related species there are two types of genus monotypic and poly typical monotypic genus means the genus will have only one species and political means the genus will have many species now what are the examples of monotypic and Paulo tipic jeans speaking about monotypic genus there is one example – or tikka dye oka Ortega is a genus under which there is only one specialist artist died oka now what is the common name of Utica die oka it is called as stinging blunt singing means the plant which stays white next speaking about examples of poly tipic genius the example is Pantera under Pantera there are various species first agrees that is tiger secondly you that is lion then comes the hardest battles leopard unka Jaguar next we are going to study the category called family what is family family is group of closely related teenis the example of family is salad a family salad a family means cat family it includes genus felis and Penta fellas is a genus for cat and Penta is a genus for tiger lion leopard Jaguar etc as well next category is order what is order group of closely related families forms order the example of order is Carnivora under connie aura comes two families one is led that is cat family and second is Kennedy that is dogs family the next category above order is class the next category student above order is class what is class class is a group of closely related orders the example of class is mammals under menace comes Rodentia that is rats marsupials that is kangaroos Cairo Terra that is bad etc the next category which we are going to study student is find them it is about clucks holes phylum final is group of closely related claps what is an example of phylum the example of phylum is core data core data includes class mammals is Reptilia prices etc the topmost category is Kingdom Kingdom is a group of closely related phylum in case of animals and it is a group of closely related divisions in case of plants the example of Kingdom is kingdom Animalia kingdom Animalia consists of two phylum Chordata and non-core delta you are we completed with Exxon ohmic hierarchy thank you very much tonight we continue with the next topic in the next video

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