You know, when we talk about, you know, growth hacking, everybody thinks it’s like a, you know, magical thing. There’s that one growth hack or tactic, you know, you explode the business. It doesn’t work that way. So we like new tactics. Yes we like new channels, whenever there’s a new channel, that you can promote your business from, that’s great. Yes, you have to test that channel too. Whenever there are new tactics in the market, Yes, you should use them too, you should try them too. But growth hacking is not about, you know, those tactics or hacks. It’s about building a process, of rapid experimentation A lot of people think growth hacking is about marketing. It’s not. It’s not only about marketing. Yes, it covers marketing. But it covers all parts of the business. So it covers sales. It covers product. It covers operations. It can touch to any function of the business. All the digital marketers, have become growth marketers, OK? Well, yes, since growth covers marketing, Yes, marketing people should adjust to that. They should have that mentality, that growth mentality. But that’s only one part of it. So salespeople should be “growth salespeople”. Also product people should be “growth product people” So, everybody has to behave this way. But this is a cross-functional thing. That’s what I’m trying to say. And another misconception about growth is, everybody thinks growth is about acquiring new customers. Well, yes, in the end! I mean, yes, that’s the result of growth hacking. I mean, we do all those growth experiments on different parts of the business, on, for example, on activation, on retention, or on the viral part. So we can run a lot of experiments. Yes, in the end we’re gonna get more customers, but growth is not only about the acquisition part of the business, OK?

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