– Lots of talk about a
recession these days. like we’re already in one or
one’s coming no matter what. My opinion on that is I don’t care. Now, why would I say that? I’m not ignorant, I don’t
have my head in the sand, but there’s a reason
I’m talking about this. First and foremost, I am not an economist. I’m far from it. I’m a realtor so I pay
attention to the housing market, mortgage rates, and my personal economy. I talk about this because
there’s a lot of similarities with what I’m seeing people talk about the perception of the recession, and what I see in real estate. In real estate, there are
companies and technologies that pop up and they’re called disruptors. They’re going to come in
and just disrupt everything. Every time someone pops up,
you see realtors making posts. It’s the end, oh my gosh, we’re never gonna get through this. Just tear up your license, give it up. There are actually Facebook groups I left because there were two
or three posts a day about how this company’s ruining this and this company’s ruining that. My question, every time
one of these come up, was always the same. It was like, “Oh, does this mean “I don’t have to go to work today?” And, of course, I do, which
is why I’m here today. For example, one company
called Opendoor, for example. They launched into Phoenix five years ago and it was over. You would’ve thought, once again, you have to tear up your license. Here we go, five years
later, they’re doing well, they’re buying and selling
about 400 homes a month, that’s no joke. Now, you combine them
with Zillow and Offerpad and it’s about 600 homes a month that they’re buying and
selling on their own. However, Phoenix is big. Now, we sell about 100,000 homes a year. That’s a lot. So, even with all the sales they do, it’s about a 6% or 7% market share. Which is no joke, I wish I
would have that, but I don’t. But here’s the thing. As a realtor, you can panic. But if the 100,000 sales a
year weren’t going to help you, then I’m sorry, 94,000 sales a year isn’t going to help you either. And there’s a lot of similarities. People talk about this recession and oh my gosh, it’s coming. Bottom line is who cares? See, at the end of the day,
you have to take care of you. You still have to go to work,
you still have to do your job, you still have to feed
yourself or feed your family. And no matter what happens, the White House isn’t gonna help you, Congress isn’t gonna help you, CNN, Fox News, Bloomberg, none of them are going
to do anything for you. Because in this big world
that is the economy, you’re this little speck
and it’s your microeconomy and you are in charge of it. So, even if there is a recession, which friends who know
what they’re talking about that I’ve talked to say it’s
the gross domestic product being negative for two quarters in a row, we’re not even at one quarter in a row. So, if there is a recession, it’s about five or six months away, so you can plan for it now
and be absolutely fine. Live on your budget. What are you making right now? Start saving some money,
save anything you can. Get a reserve, get an emergency fund. You’ll be fine. But mainly, if you just
mind your own business and stick to your economy, take care of you so nobody else has to, you’ll be fine. Please ignore the noise. Basically, I just want to see people stop posting about the recession. It’s just getting old. That’s it, that’s all I got today. Like I said, I’m not an economist, but you are free to
tell me how wrong I am. Comment below, text me, blow
me up, whatever you gotta do. That’s all I got. I’ll see you next time.

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