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36 thoughts on “What Can Government Do As Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc On The Economy? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”

  1. Yellowstone might as well have erupted crashing the global economy or maybe this is even worse. 🌋

  2. The only reason many Republicans even care about this coronavirus outbreak is because of the economic impact of it.

  3. WAIT… for months y'all been screaming (See: Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd) how Socialism is bad! Government needs to stay out of our lives! Down with Bernie Sanders. Now… "The stock market crashed! Billionaires are suffering. The Government must do something." Ridiculous. This is what Democracy burning looks like. Feckless leaders with zero clue about how to govern.

  4. Covid19 is causing the economic crisis ….The Real devastation has not hit yet ….Unlike other countries with Healthcare for all citizens , the USA death toll Will Be Many Times Higher per capita . Americans just want healthcare for those who can afford it …..Now watch ,86 Million that don't have healthcare , are going to inject a viral pandemic into the privileged …..

  5. If corona virus wreaks havoc on economy . take up gardening .. MSNBCannibals be trippin over dis 5hit!!!

  6. …the administration says to remain ignorant because it will go away and is not that bad. Don't use a mask because it will lower risk of spread. The result will be less people receiving social security and Medicare.

  7. PSA: Hedge your portfolios, morons. You should be jerkin off all over yourself for blue chips @ 5o percent off. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Look at a back ratio spread's p and l, and learn some 8th grade math. Lmao msnbc is for sheep.

  8. Just last week the Dumbocrats and Fake News Media were arguing that this was Obumer's economy..What happened ??

  9. To help jump start things A stimulus package is needed and actual tests in hospitals, like they said, for starters. Not this red tape I gotta ask my doctor who has to ask his dph who have to ask their CDC for lab results BS. Wake up. What people want are honest answers. Not a bunch of WHO officials saying they're failing and can't give straight answers to simple questions. Or Trump muddling his way through a teleprompter speech everyone knows he didn't genuinely write or prepare to read.

  10. Medical for all.would be the answer! If we had that already, should not be in that mess especially this bad!

  11. Vote out the destructive republicans and vote in democrats who have the intellect to run the country , not bury it.

  12. Stephen Miller wrote Trump's statement from the Oval Office. It's obvious Miller's goal is to pursue his racist policies under the cover of crisis management. What a bitter joke!

  13. The financial markets are run on “speculation”… Investors put money into an economy based on certainty and security that they will see a return. Under the Trump administration the future looks unpredictable, unstable, inept, incompetent at being managed well… hence the markets dropping and liquidity (money) … stop being pored in and being taken out away as well as Bonds (promise of money) being sold even at a less loss… then a bigger loss later. What can the banks do ?…. NOTHING… Trumps speech from the White House was evidence of the fact that people who actually know what they are doing do not see this administration as competent to make the correct decisions… hence the markets reaction.

  14. Trump thinks his lies will save him once again!!! He's wrong on soooooo many fronts the world has him under a microscope and his actions are there to expose him for the fraud that he is!!!

  15. German lab company has produced test kits and are currently awaiting FDA APPROVAL for release. If the test kits are working for Germany why not here? Germany has more confirmed cases of COVID-19 than USA but 2 deaths the last I heard. FDA needs to approve the test kits and start logistics planning to get the kits to communities & hospitals NOW!

  16. Trump needs to stop with the disinformation campaign its rattling the markets and causing unnecessary harm to human health. The market and people need data and facts to assist with corrections and being proactive in limiting exposure to the impacts associated with the Coronavirus.

  17. Trumps and his enablers false economy is fast catching up with them. Even after inheriting an expanding economy from Obama who had a Global financial crisis and recession to deal with and inherited wars across several fronts, they've managed to drop the ball.

  18. TDS is a bigger threat and a pandemic than COVID-19. it only spreads amongst the liberals. It's far more dangerous than the coronavirus. Quarantine the liberals/ msm! It's like a plague! The cure 4 more years of Trump!!!

  19. Always money for a wall street bailout, but none for healthcare. Who's asking – how are we gonna pay for this?

  20. Halt trading … it is being driven by panic and short-sellers. Coronavirus is a TEMPORARY problem. Everything that was here before it showed up will be there after it's done. Whether 60 or 90 or 120 days. Allowing people to remove value by profiteering on the fear is wrong.

  21. Just don't let Trump say anything on T.V. and keep him from using Facebook. Every time that orange nimrod we call "Our President" says or does anything he causes the market to tank.

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