It’s Time to Change And We Have a Plan Resource Based Economy – The Venus Project recognizes that the Earth is, indeed, abundant with resources. And that our outdated methods of rationing resources through monetary control are no longer relevant and, in fact, very counterproductive to the efficiency of society and hence our survival. The monetary system was created thousands of years ago during periods of great scarcity and has no legitimate relationship to our true capacity to produce goods and services on this planet in this day and age. We know now that with a unified systems approach to global management, the human species will be able to express its full potential. That is the only way you can ever maximize the efficiency of the planet, and hence our usage of it, is a global systems approach. – The Venus Project advocates that with today’s ingenuity we could easily overcome scarcity, which is the cause of most of our problems, such as war, corruption and aberrant behavior, we could accomplish this by implementing a Resource Based Economy. You can create all your spiritual aspirations, but make it a reality. People say: “Is there life after death?” But we think for so many people, there isn’t life during life. That they take on old values that have been handed down to them and they take on old aspirations of their parents and their parents parents and live a life that has been lived hundreds of years ago. Within a Resource Based Economy what we wanna do is to eliminate the causes of the problems, eliminate the processes that produce greed and bigotry, and prejudice, and people taking advantaged of one another, and elitism. Eliminating the need for prisons, welfare. When you make things available to people, you don’t have the problems that you have today. We have always had this problems, ’cause we have always lived within scarcity and barter, monetary systems that produce scarcity. So, we’re talking about a Resource Based Economy which makes things available to everyone. – The future will launch the best product we know how to turn out at this time, designed not to wear out not to break down, not with planned obsolesce. See, in a monetary based society, you plan to sell things. You can go to a hardware store and buy a chain socket. That was designed sixty years ago, the same damn thing. Why change it? If you design things not to wear out and break down, that saves a hell of lot of energy to the whole world. We have the technical potential to wipe out poverty, treat all human illnesses, give research labs whatever they need, without ever digging up nickles and dimes and pennies to research. We have all the necessary resources. – In a Resource Based Economy children will be taught to be problem solvers instead of the parasitic professions used within the monetary system that don’t contribute to the well being of people. This would be fields such as advertising, insurance, real estate, law, politics and sales. All those professions wouldn’t be needed if we didn’t use money. When all the Earth’s resources are shared there would be no need for the military. This savage profession could easily be surpassed within a Resource Based Economy. This people are merely trained to be killing machines. How wonderful it would be if they were sent back to school and trained how to be problem solvers instead, to learn how to bridge the differences between nations without violence. – You ask “What will people do?” We haven’t began to do what has do be done. – There always be new challenges… We’ll never be satisfied and solve everything, but the challenges will be different in the future. There will be all sorts of different things that they’ll be working on. They won’t just be sitting back and being comfortable. – The scientific method if applied socially will work. It does not attain perfection, it’s just a far better system than any other system that we know of today. I’m not talking about utopian societies where everybody is happy. There’s no such condition. All social systems are in a state of evolution. Peter Joseph ( Roxanne Meadows ( Jacque Fresco (

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54 thoughts on “We Have a Plan: Resource Based Economy”

  1. ye, but it will take probably max 10 years to archieve full potential, without current technology. maybe even less – if all the patents are freed and the free and shareable though is available. what is 10 years even in human life? it's like a blink of an eye, especially the older you are. don't you agree?

  2. There is no rule of law if more then 50% of the democratic electorate gets to feed off a small but productive minority via STATE force!

    this is Marxism with robots! and you will repair and do upkeep on the robots? Thats right….slaves!

  3. Yeah? What are you going to offer as pay or reward for my work? How about the guy that does not work or contribute? How will you handle crime? Why don't I just live in your utopia and get high all day and get the free handouts of others peoples efforts? I know, you will have re-education camps for he likes of that kind right?

  4. The corporations that control the current political system would love to gain control of all resources.The only way to be able to share all resources is for a mass depopulation.Im not saying our current system works though.This concept of the new age is coming from the elitist that want to have control of all resources,"A NEW WORLD Order a.k.a. The AngloAmerican society.

  5. This is evil… how do you expect to give everyone a fair share without an over controlling governing force. Give me a society without government; that's something I can align with.

  6. robots build and repair robots,.., i have seen cylons and battlestar galactica too, but that doesnt mean I actually think this is todays reality of possibilties? Are you all high on crack cocaine or what? LOL

  7. Yeah,…, I am a Dutch citizen,.., never saw a star-wars droid picking tomotatoes though. so didnt we agree to law of the cocaine and face reality, when did you decide to break that promise?

  8. Your talking in circles, hence being intellectually dishonest, so if there are no droids that means that humans create and mainted the mechinazed/automated infrastructure to grow food and hence your previous statement of humans not needing to do any work is a lie!

  9. Your Quote:"…the technology for industrial robots/automation already exists…"

    So where you lying then or lying now? And again,..who is going to maintain the army of robots? oh yeah, people who work for free. yup…ranting in circles and contradicting yourslef,…, are you a liberal?

  10. This is just a play with words , no real logic was applied,.., the transition stage is what we have now, resource re-distribution,..,aka socialism!

  11. Ah FDR.,.,, the president who implemented general income tax,,, and wanted to implement a fascist style lead economy, but was( luckily that part) overturned by the supreme court. Good show! (sarcasm)

  12. Income tax was supposed to be a temportay measure and when implemented in 1913 only affected a few,.., general income tax (to be payed by all Americans) was implemented during WOII in 1944 "The general tax Bill" by your quoted example FDR so you are caught lying (again) about history and the typical use of marxist shaming language

  13. Google "Individual Income Tax Act of 1944"
    me Ignorant about history???,…, I dont know that,.., but lying about history, that would be surely you!

  14. you stated the fascist FDR policies (aka specificly the new deal, wich extended the crises and worsened it) as an example to follow,.., stop lying

  15. general income tax (to be payed by all Americans) = payed by Americans who have income,….,handing out free gifts to sell a scam (venus project/RBE) or buy votes is an age old trick, noting new about RBE!

  16. FDR had farmers destroy crops and food to keep prices up while Americans were starving in the streets,…, you finally show your true face as the filthy marxist central control planner you claim not to be. The crises ended only AFTER the war when FDR;s socialist policies were dismantled after his death which immediately resulting in a ballistic growth of the economy. Having people dig ditches and filling them up again is not adding value to anything. Only a delusional parasite would think this

  17. Executive Order 6102 is an Executive Order signed on April 5, 1933, by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt "forbidding the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates within the continental United States". The order criminalized the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation.

    The FDR by executive order stealing property (gold) from the civilians so not to go outside the fiat monitary system. What a filthy fucking communist you are

  18. People don't make movies or any kind of art, just for profit. We do it, because we like to, it's fulfilling, it's meaningful, it's how we expresse ourselves. Robots can cook, make gadgets, build houses and do it better than any human, but if we want to do it, why wouldn't we? It's the experience of doing it that counts.

  19. YOUR QUOTE ("The New Deal was an amazing success.").. Yu just atted on record that the core essential part of the rape of American wealth and massive re-distribution of socialist new deal policy you totally are happy with. You are a filthy marxist sicko,.., please try again!

  20. Movie making is an art. Art exist ever since the time man lived in caves. Of course moving making would still exist. But instead of budgets you would make your movie the way you want to. People would be motivated to be able to see themselves on the "big screen" if you put it that way.

  21. Working not because you HAVE TO, but because you WANT TO, in any field you CHOOSE. With no monetary restrictions, mankind can finally evolve spiritually and mentally through being able to express itself without boundaries of race, religion and territory.

  22. People make movies for no money all the time, they just don't end up on the big screen. Thousands of people play music, draw art, do comedy, and many more things for no money. Im a music teacher, so why would continue to do so without money………easy because I enjoy it and love to help someone else learn an instrument. I bet in a resourced based economy you would see even more movies and probably of better quality too

  23. The title of this video is inaccurate. You don't have a plan. You have an idea. There is no plan to turn this idea into reality. I have asked to be presented with such a plan and nobody has delivered one.

  24. So everyone shares all the world's resources, who then harvest the resources? I have a feeling you tell people they get an equal share of the world's resources no matter what, they then don't want to do the work to get the resources harvested. Why work when you get your share, just let others do the work for you. Communism/Socialism does not work because people have to be forced to do the grunt work for a protion of the people that don't work. You end up with a slave based system.

  25. TVP has plans but no plans for making those plans a reality.

    A resource based economy, that idea was put forward by the Technocracy Movement before anyone even knew Jacque Fresco's name. We have the capacity to move beyond scarcity, to eliminate hunger want, but to do that we have to control the resources and machines to make that vision a reality. To do that we have to have a way to operate from within this system to move beyond this system.

    This system won't just shut down on it's own.

  26. The answer is the same as the question "who produces all the products out of the resources". In the later stages, when all the infrastructure is already in place, it would all be automatised. This is really basic, you shold visit the TVP homesite and visit the FAQ section, that would help.

  27. Well there are plans and ideas for a transition. People should work toward educating themselves about TVP and its proposals, and letting others know about it. And of course, people have to accept those ideas. That people should be equal, that all should have equal oppurtunities, that healthcare should be free, food free, transportation free… it is a lot to digest for some, so the first step is definitely just to let as many people know as possible, and lead them to sources of information.

  28. There are plans for transition but TVP doesn't have them, TVP has toy cities and no practicable ideas to build them.

  29. You explained nothing.

    For TVP to make it's vision a reality it must have the means to do so, it lacks not only the means, it lacks a strategy to do so.

  30. It lacks the means only.
    You refuse to listen to me, go visit their FAQ page then. Take your time to learn about it before criticising.

  31. The FAQ has 109 entries, which entry addresses this problem?

    Because Tech Syndicalism has been working with communists socialists anarchists and cooperatives to establish the means for an economic transition off of capitalism and I haven't seen much beyond visions of a utopian future from TVP.

  32. You should try looking for information on your own, i can't hold your hand through the whole process 😉 It will also show an honest and serious interest on your part.
    You can always message me privately though, if you have any questions, i have already been talking to countless people like that and i'm sure i could help you… if you are willing to listen of course. I can "lead you to the water, but i can't make you drink", it is against our principles after all.

  33. In other words you haven't read the FAQ and it doesn't address the issue I raise you're just being a typical TVP tard and trying to send people chasing their own tails when they criticize or question TVP.

    It's unreasonable to expect anyone to sift through hundreds of pages of text to find an answer btw, if you can't answer challenges like this without telling someone to go read a novel of circle running bullshit you fail as a movement.

  34. No, in other words i don't have time and i have to filter through a lot of trolls on the internet, believe me 🙂
    You're always welcome to message me. Just remember that.

  35. FAQ, questions 12, 14, 15, 101, 102, start with those if you want… i just have the feeling you don't really want to 😉 Remember, you can always ask me anything. Good day now 🙂

  36. 12: Build an experimental theme part city, how?

    14: This system sucks, buy our shit books and DvD's while we just sit around and wait for the current system to fail.

    15: After everyone just agrees with us we'll get there, promise.

    101: The movie that changed the world, coming to a theater near you!

    102: If enough people know what it is and want it, it will just happen.

  37. So while you sit around expecting everyone to just get on the same page collecting donations for a theme park city and a movie, we're organizing with Socialists Communists Worker Cooperatives and Anarchists to achieve our common goals getting WSDE's in control of resources and on the same page of building a sustainable eco-friendly economy that can transition off of the price system in stages.

  38. It's amazing how hard it is to spread an ideology whose foundation is absolute equality achieved with the latest in technological innovation. It blows my mind that the very people our monetary system benefits the least….fights for it the most. I admit i thought mind control was stuff of legend before Mk Ultra but i think they have really gotten to the masses. RBE is a system that is designed FOR you BY science. I find it amazing that nobody argues science if they or a loved on falls ill

  39. but as soon as it says that this monetary system is bending you over NO VASELINE…your all like ''oh no we don't have enough proof it works" …..yet we have more than enough proof that what were doing has failed miserably. But that's ok, right?.

  40. Yeah except TVP has no clue how to make a RBE a reality, they didn't come up with the idea they made a feel good cult out of it, dumbing it down and turning it into unachievable utopianism irrationally fixated on toy cities with no mechanism by which to achieve them.

  41. the tv reception interruption is annoying to watch. for a second there i thought i was watching on an old tv with nasty reception. please take it off, it is painful to the eyes.

  42. This so called "Resource Based Economies" are against human nature, exactly like their precursors the old communist centralized planned economies. People are very different so you can't plan people needs and wants.

  43. Before any of this can be realized it would have to start small.  A small community first, followed by a larger community, until you reached something the size of a major city.  This would have to be completely voluntary for the participants and completely transparent.  No hidden agendas.  The community would still have to operate on some monetary basis.  Within the community could be moneyless, but the community as a whole would have to interact with the rest of the world using a recognized currency.  As more and more cities become resource based, they could trade with each other without money.  This would have to be a slow evolution.  It would not happen overnight.

     I would love to have a farm where the robots do all the work.  Emotionless..non-sentient robots of course.

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