We are goning to set up the fire. We need of course wood and a straw. We are going to use a magnifying glass. We have to crush this straw at first to release small particles which
are going to flare up faster. And also to get inside some oxygen
which is good for fire. You have to stand upright to the sun
so we will turn the glass to that position where we can see the sun
through the glass but do not try it or you will lose your eyes. Important thing is that you have to turn the glass
to make the circle of light from the glass as small as possible. And to concentrate most of the rays to one point
to make the biggest heat there. Also the smoke is good against mosquitos and bugs. Remember that the circle has to be really small. We can use the firesteel for setting up the fire in nature. Maybe it is unbelievable but this small thing has
more gloving sparks than matches. Temperature of matches is about 1000 °C.
This firesteel has about 3000 °C.Patience is really important…

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