100 thoughts on “Watch live: Stock market trading on the big board”

  1. According to Trump, he is solely responsible for the stock market going up. He needs to stop the decline immediately since he is solely responsible.

  2. So when do I buy my disney and apple stocks? I'm new to this but I sure this is a poor man's dream right here. I can finally afford to play

  3. You can't print production of real things. You can't print a supply chain. You can't print goods on store shelves. You can't print consumers with momey of real value. You can't print a vaccine.

  4. REMINDER: Market was up 265% since 2009! Largely on corps spending $ 4.5 TRILLION on stock BUYBACKS! Now, Cramer calling for "helicopter money for corporations! " They spent virtually ALL OPERATING EARNINGS ON BUYBACKS, issuing RECORD JUNK BOND DEBT ! They want MOAR "TRICKEL-DOWN" now!

  5. When Trump inaugurated in early 2017, Dow was 20000 and that has already been double the amount in 2010 when it was hovering 10000 points only. So I suppose the end would be as low as 20000 points if the epidemic still intensifies.

  6. Don't sell. You're likely already too late anyway. If you sell now and you know you're going to realize a big loss, then don't do it! Don't get caught up in the hysteria.
    The very good news is if you hadn't intended to sell your positions for two or more years down the road (the farther down the road, the better) then you should view this a blessing because you have a chance to buy stocks again at a greatly reduced price! 😃
    The greater the downturn, the greater the buying opportunity!
    It's equivalent to a Black Friday retail sale!
    Purchase stocks on the way down and sell them on the way up, best you can.
    For goodness sake and again, do not sell your positions now if it will cause you to realize a big loss.
    The only exceptions to the above might be the known higher risk, historically low value positions and unproven startup companies.

  7. This is just beginning of burst on one of the bubble asset , there are more assets from property , debt , luxury items and etc.

  8. Lmfao, for the last 11 yrs???? Omg more like the last 3 yrs the market has been doing great! Obama brought this Country to her knees!! The worst president in American History!!!!

  9. So…

    Flue will do same damage even after the virus ends? Seems margin calls and stop losses going down badly.

    Next…. Recovery.

    Stay tuned.

  10. It was all fluff…cotton candy…perceived value created from thin air. That’s the reality of a fiat currency with scam called the Federal Reserve. The debt bombs from 2008 were simply absorbed by corporate America and the market. Nothing was fixed in 2008. It was a can kicked down the road. Now that the swamp water has been lowered, watch the implosion of funds and corporations.

  11. Trump: "The stock market is the highest it's ever been. We are all winning bigly…."
    Corona Virus: "Hold my bacteria…"

  12. Ding dongs regardless what trump said it was going down regardless its fake news people dont want to pay for…work yourselfs out of your jobs…dumb

  13. Screw the working class, they voted for Trump. Let them starve to death. Also, let the investment class lose their money. America deserves this lesson, it earned it! The only real thing it actually earned.

  14. The mass media, politicians, medical community and so called “financial experts” are creating panic in the public and financial markets regarding coronavirus. Information concerning preventative measures should be given regularly without instilling panic repetitively 24/7.

  15. butterfly effect in action man.
    Someone in china ate bats and 4 months later someone in the US loss all money and commit suicide.

  16. Just write this down : This is the end of US economy, why ?
    because there are alot of things that is can not be explained like Gold prices. Threre is something fishy about what is happening now. Gold prices must be in the sky, but someone is putting speed pumps on it.

  17. travel ban not from Europe…only from 26 coutries of Europe……he want to punish Germany, France, Italy,,,,,.and what is with other coutries? Bolgaria, England, Croatia……they aslo have virus !!!!!

  18. Im glad its going down. It was way too high. The rich get richer….its about time they loose this time. BTW report…. Walmart before Stocks went down Walton Family pulled a huge amount of money OUT of stocks…out it in a family safe trust fund. Walmart owners should be arrested for pulling that much money out before it crashed!!! Shame on you Walmart!!!! How dare you!!!!!

  19. The Liberals tried and tried to get President out and FAILED. SO, Big Money is driving down the Market in an election year, WHAT a coincidence? Democrats are running for the Presidency at your expense.

  20. We can’t afford to hold stocks , we need to use money . 84% of stocks are owned by
    10% of wealthy Americans. Rich people have the fuel to keep it running average people don’t . When the market recovers I guess they gain the most. I would keep cash and stay on the sidelines for now. Take few steps back so you can leap forward later!

  21. DO NOT BLAME CORONA _____________ STOCKES were just tOO over priced — WHY GOLD is not CRASHED ???? are realestates dropped 30%? no .

  22. Those who are short selling/betting against the market are making a huge profit and many don’t realize. Warren buffet is one of them. Even said it himself in an old interview.

  23. Inversion of the yield curve. This was mentioned months ago how it precedes a recession. The coronavirus is only adding to it.

  24. I find it funny how people only see America and its one president compared to the other 175 countries and their leaders who play with the market, also. Ignorant people

  25. Disease is worse than money or no money or beauty. Have a good Friday good weekendhead out for the lake get some Sunshine's vitamin d and take vitamin C and get that baby cough syrup has got to be baby pressure better remember we're going into a big disease epidemic here in the United States it's just begun

  26. I was just listening to some Brewer's Blackbirds singing in my tree this evening. They didn't seem concerned, so neither am I.

  27. This is the beginning of their well orchestrated chaos. Their "secret" motto is ordo ab chao, order out of chaos. They are creating chaos to take control and make it look as if they're just trying to keep order. I heard a brother on another channel say that they are going to try to blame Israel or so-called black people for this virus. Whatever happens, please stay strong Brethren and Daughters of Zion! Keep the faith because Yahawah is in control of the left and right hand sides and it is His Good Pleasure to give us the Kingdom! Luke 12: 32 KJV, out of the mouth of Yahawah bahashem Yahawashi!!!! APTTMH!!!!!!!

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