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100 thoughts on “Watch full South Carolina Democratic debate | CBS News”

  1. They seem to spend more time telling slander and lies about each other. And yammering on and on beyond their turn. If they do that with themselves. Just imagine how much more they do that to someone else, just because they are in a different party. I would admit there are some things they talk about that I could get behind. If I had to pick out a candidate from this. I would have to say that young guy that I don't know the name of.

  2. A debate where no one follows the rules.Pure chaos.Who wins: Trump and Putin.Come on Democrats, you're better than this.

  3. They talk about what if Marijuana does brain damage. Funny how Tobacco slows development of your brains nervous system and does permanent irreversible brain damage, but no one wants to illegalize that.

  4. what about if said "Christmas gift" was the coronavirus. It won't affect North Korea because it cannot get to them because of their closed borders and such limitations. They easily wipe out western type societies and their companions.

  5. I liked how at the end, people stop cheering for Bloomberg and started to cheer to an extent; for Bernie Sanders. P.S. I'm supporting and voting for Elizabeth Warren because her legislation only needs 51 votes to pass, but unfortunately Bernie's legislation requires 60 votes to pass. Plus Bernie's legislation will increase our deficit and taxes on the middle-class, while Elizabeth Warren's legislation will Not.

    Also, Bloomberg lost the upper-class vote in South Carolina with this debate.

  6. i noticed when Mr. Steyer bought up reparations for blacks @2:00:58 the whole energy of the place shifted real fast the place got quite like it like he had said something real foul and they tried to shut him down quickly that right there really let me know how everyone feels about the black african americans ADOS ,

  7. these moderators are completely and totally incompetent. but at least they are women and theres a black woman so this shitshow is okay.

  8. OMG…this was as childish…even more so than Canadian Parliment….although if we added canned laughter to the sound track…our government officials would be in a neck to neck race for who's more childish…sad to see this..don't think i could watch another debate…unless it's Biden 1v1 Trump….it's gonna be a hoot!

  9. Why is this so entertaining I would can’t wait to see President Trump debate any of these idiots hahaha

  10. They are talking about the coronavirus and warren openly coughs all over her podium doesn’t even to try to cover her mouth Hahahahahahaha

  11. I only watch the Democratic debates for my dose of laughter. Its like watching an unorganized circus that went badly out of control. Let any of them in as president and the entire tent will fall. Incompetent clowns!

  12. Wow ! Didn't get the opportunity to watch this "live"…. Real sad situation , debate was a complete cluster f#ck ! Smh , that's a chunk of time I'll never get back lol

  13. Honestly the worst debate I’ve ever seen. Definitely don’t listen with headphones if you don’t want sensory overload with how much these people like to talk and yell over one another

  14. Did he just say that almost half of the population of the US has been killed by guns since 2007? How did I not notice this? I should get out more..

  15. We may be sad,. No more clowns in the King's court.
    Oh no,
    I miss the dances of the
    " demonc rats party's " clowns.

    No more choices between the communist- purgist, crazy Sanders
    the sleepy, creepy & crooked Biden?

  16. I watched about 30 minutes and I had to stop. This is one of the worst debates with the lack of control from the moderators, the talking over each other, bashing/trash talking to the point where it's ridiculous.

  17. Could you please raise are taxes so all of you can keep getting richer , public servants are real expensive. Trump 2020!

  18. Pass the taxes to the 1%? ( I think that's everyone up there.) And what happens when you tax the 1% they put it on the rest of the 99%

  19. Ok I'm not a economist but when the wages go up too 15.00 dollars an hour everything goes up dos that mean your back at square one and can we all just stop about race o wait we can't because some people are making money off of it black and white think about it

  20. its funny because i honestly cant see ANY of these candidates having a chance against trump. putting any of them 1 on 1 is gonna be a train wreck for the democrats.

  21. Maybe he wasn't all there in this debate. But you have to praise Joe for leading the troops in Normandy and giving that great speech in gettysburg.

  22. Why are these ppl talking bout prison justice when they're not even near it?? Have you seen prisons in Norway? That's justice! XDDD

  23. I don’t think they realize if you gang up on one person it just makes that person come out looking better

  24. None of these other stupid tinkering-the-edges policies are going to fix America's broken healthcare system. Medicare for all is the only solution.

  25. If I was there I would ask every single one of them running for president one question and one question only… I'd ask them( why do you have to run for president to make change in America for the good of The American people ?)if you care about the American people why not just help them and get their approval rather than begging for it and arguing like three-year-olds…when anyone could answer that properly they will get my vote because only then will any vote matter…

  26. Amy Klobuchar really really reallyyyyyyyyyy annoys me. I hate her voice, her face, and her entire aura. It really bugs me. I barely even know who she is.

  27. Here is how its gonna play out , 1 Biden will win the nomination, 2 Sanders followers will be so emotionally upset, 3 . Trump supporters and Sanders supporters will vote for Trump . 4 Trump will be president for another 4 years.

  28. Love how they praise Biden for stopping when his time ended for the first time ever, while Bloomberg is literally never jumping in, arguing, and stops mid word if they tell him time up, not a protest out of his mouth. He was the most respectful candidate up there.

  29. Let me guess this through so they cannot spend money on health care insurance but they can spend on as much as they want when it comes “wage war”🤦🏾‍♂️this is crazy and mind blowing.

  30. i thumbs downed this because of the childish shitshow but i thumbs up when they start talking about misconceptions

  31. Kind of funny how they ask question relating to black people only to biden, when in South Carolina theres a huge black voter base. Almost as if they want Biden to seem more electable

  32. Stop baiting each other and stick to the issues that the people need to know how you as our president will work on

  33. Why can't these people just answer the questions? Blame Trump, out-shout each other. Even the media is lamenting that Trump is winning the Democratic debates !!!

  34. JB said " He worked like devil to help black communities " while for his mandate in Office Flint didn't get clean water…..PB mentioned " kids mental health " while he is " married " to another man, what is mental disorder; how can you raise kids mentally healthy and explain them -Here is your mommy with penis ?TS talks about " justice " while profiting on private jail business …amazing!

  35. They should do the next debate like espn's show around the horn. Where the moderators give points for good answers and mute the mic or take points from those over talking or not answering the questions. The last 2 thar have the most points go head to head.

  36. Will white people get jumped by blacks at the polls if they vote for Trump? Will CNN, NBC and all liberals ignore it again if they do??

  37. If you watch and compare debate between Nixon and Kennedy and these candidates you will realise how childish they behave talking over each other and not letting to finish their point as all of them talk about almost all the same problems that were discussed 1960 by Kennedy and Nixon it seems to me that they have watched debate 1960 and learned by heart that debate on
    Economic grows

    Education system
    Social security
    Geopolitical problems
    Average family income
    Medical care etc

  38. Bloomberg's first blood

    Bernie : The economy is doing really great for people like Mr.Bloomberg.

    Bloomberg : WTF?!!

  39. Most people don't have private health insurance in Denmark. It's not really necessary and is not comparable to what Pete Buttigieg is proposing.

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