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96 thoughts on “Veteran Boycotts Parade: ‘I Don’t Want To Be Politicized’ | NBC News NOW”

  1. President of Turkey? You mean the man that just killed many our previous allies battling ISIS and split the territory with Putin? THAT President of Turkey?
    Trump's completely off the deep end. I guess they have a lot of real estate to talk about.

  2. I dont want to be politicized on vets day so I'll go on nbc and draw attention to the fact I'm boycotting a politician i dont like. trump vs. the media is pretty incredible to see. the media is much more influential in our lives than they get credit for.

  3. NBC is nothing but a propaganda outlet these days … plenty of happy people were at the parade. The only people who say the president should be impeached, are the ones dumb enough to consider NBC an actual news source that does any actual journalism. I mean, look at this goofy looking tinkerbell wanna-be they have pretending to be a news anchor … what a joke

  4. What is it going to be in a president and given everybody the promises he made I haven’t seen him be a president that one time he’s been campaigning his whole four years in office

  5. Why are all the Lefty's trying to make war with Russia Ukraine China, now turkey shut the f up! You are the freaking fascists. And you want to call yourself globalist when everything out of your mouth is separatist

  6. Trump's a Pure a** how can anybody Respect him , When he doesn't give Respect to Others, He Totally Disrespected the Veteran's that Testified against him, Because he was putting our National Security in Danger , They should be Honored for Choosing America over Party ! 🤔👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏼

  7. Trump is disloyal an u honorable President that has no morales or scruples nor does he hold values of the American people, disgraceful person he is.

  8. It would be my high honor as a Viet Nam era veteran to be placed on the squad that will be settling up for his many treasonous acts against my country. I would spit on him if face to face. He's a punk for Russia and Turkey. They ran the Drumpfs out of Germany because they were too corrupt for the Nazis. We need to remember all of his crime family and administration. More than that we need to NEVER forget what the GOP gave us this time. Don't give any of them another chance. They've had way more than they deserve. IT'S OVER DRUMPF FAMILY!!!

  9. Used a fake bone spurs excuse to get out of serving. Took military funding designated to pay for facilities that troops need, to pay for a wall. A wall that can be sawed through easily. Ordered troops to abandon allies on a battlefield but guard the oil. Now he politicizes this event?
    Does this fool not know that Lee Harvey Oswald was a military Vet.?

  10. TRAITOR TRUMP should HANG in public
    MOSCOW MITCH spit on and deported to a KURDISH prison
    RUDY waterboarded 100 times in public

  11. If the choice was President of Turkey or hearings in Congress, I'd rather watch Congress!! Listening to Trump and his new BFF would just bore me to tears 😫😥

  12. I am a PROUD NEVER TRUMPER! He is unfit. To run anything! He is a mobster and a pathological narcissist liar. I should hope the US would elect a better POTUS than this ridiculous clown. Come on folks! Wake up!

  13. Dtrumpt and his WH Cronies have Turned The PEOPLES HOUSE into a CORRUPT HEADQUARTERS of THUGS Plotting Crimes. We are Fed up with Nothing Wrong, Get an AUDIO of The CONSTITUTION.

  14. Hurry up and impeach trump and lock him up. Don’t let him leave the country he is a cancer and should not spread to other parts of the world.

  15. Impeach,,, impeach,,,. That liar crook and thief,,,. !!! And since he claims to be religious,,,. Send him to Iran to be judged and sentenced,,,. !!!

  16. Donald moves to Florida and the toxic red tide returns.
    Coincidence? 😏

  17. Yea some Veterans…. what one percent? If that…. you can always spot BS when you see it. The overall majority of the forces love Trump which is such a breath of fresh air from the shallow and contemptuous president they served under the prior 8 years before Trump. So people, if anyone that’s not already an ideologue even watches these Zealots that pretend to be be actual journalists that are neutral and objective on this hack show, I tell you that this guest is a liar. Period. Honesty is best policy.

  18. Yep, failed president Dump has lowered the political bar so far down that even Nicky Haley is considering a run for president.

  19. If you ever watch the apprentice and your a trump cult support.. or even think trump has any good qualities….
    Congrats you we subliminally brainwashed to believe or be indifferent about trump.🎺💩👑💩👑💩🧠🎺💩👑☠💩🌪🍑🎺

  20. Everything aside, Allison is a very annoying reporter…. Just her voice, how fast and aggressively she speaks, and the "Mhmm, mhhhm"…. Shhhhh let him talk.

  21. The stupid part is the veterans literally served under a POLITICAL decision to engage war and most/all volunteered. Think before boycotting something you approved years ago. NOBODY goes to war without a POLITICIAN on a golf course making the call. WAR (veterans) is LITERALLY 100% politics.

  22. He (djt) still has nonprofit organizations where he is being investigated. He used donations meant for veterans for his own use. He is incapable of leading the country!

  23. I do not want to see any WAR GLORIFICATION . It leads more fuel for war , soldiers ( sold to die ) to get PTSD and 27 commit suicide per day and 130 opioid deaths per day since the troops protect the crops . War is evil and wars of aggression after already having 836 bases in 170 countries makes us less safe economically ethically and morally bankrupt . Accepting these wars is PTSD manifested in you . Your silence is your consent to genocides .

  24. This guy's a moron
    I'm a vet. and a patriot
    this is a parade for the vets.
    He hates Trump soooooo much
    making the commander and chief
    sound like he's not part of this country

  25. I am so pleased at our town Veterans Remembrance a person wearing a MAGA hat took it off after being given the evil stare from flag waving veterans groups. No pro or anti-POTUS, no politicians making pro or anti-impeachment speeches, just a solemn remembrance ceremony.



  28. Liberals still crying after 3 years 😂😂😂😂 they’ll be crying for another 5 years 😂😂😂 he won’t be impeached no matter how much the democrats hate him !!!

  29. The fact that he refuses to release his taxes all the way up to that rapists on the high court and any other documents shows how corrupt him and his crew really r. Else why not just throw um down and say, “ see “

  30. I think trump has a colossal nerve to go to New York for anything after leaving and making Florida his permanent home. I don't know why New Yorkers put up with it.

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