From, I’m Darren
Marlar and this is your Daily Dose of Weird News! Researchers have begun testing a drug that
— they say — could stop the aging process. ***Forget that – how about one that reverses
aging? I’m okay living a couple hundred years,
but not if I’m going to look like this. Funding to keep the federal government running
will run out at midnight Friday unless Congress passes a new spending bill and President Trump
signs it into law. ***The way things have been going, would the
government shutting down be all that bad of a thing? Experts agree that an aerobic exercise routine
during the day can keep you from tossing and turning at night, even if they’re not sure
why. ***Maybe because you’re too exhausted to
turn over? A study says that being skinny is linked to
depression. ***That’s right – these extra pounds are
mental health, baby! Instagram stopped working Monday afternoon. The social network experienced several issues
starting around 1:30 PM ET. ***Yet despite the panic, the world did not
end. Since we’re talking about Instagram, here’s
an indication of how influential Instagram is: parents are now naming their babies after
the app’s photo filters — Lux, Amaro, Hudson, Kelvin, Valencia and others. ***And if you name your kid “X-Pro II”
you should probably be reported to child welfare. It turns out that when men buy new undies,
it means the economy is improving. The Washington Post reports that, in general,
sales of men’s underwear are actually fairly stable, since they are considered a necessity. But when times get tough financially, men
make do with the old boxers and briefs, and that causes underwear sales to drop. ***So men… do your part to stimulate the
economy and buy some new boxers! The country is counting on you! An artist named Sabo has run around Los Angeles
putting up posters for the movie “It,” but instead of it being a scary clown, the posters
feature Caitlyn Jenner. ***Well, I must admit that would be more terrifying. Three people were treated for injuries after
a fire in an apartment building in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Another person was arrested at the scene of
the fire. Police say the person attempted to “save their
beer” by pushing past police and firefighters. ***Someone is obviously in need of a few AA
meetings. Astronaut Peggy Whitson broke the U.S. record
Monday for most time in space and took a congratulatory call from Donald Trump. The International Space Station’s commander
surpassed the record of 534 days, two hours and 48 minutes for most accumulated time in
space by an American. ***Since having the phone call though, Peggy
has decided to stay in space a while longer to avoid meeting the new President in person. Be sure to join me for my first official LIVE
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6 thoughts on “Underwear reflects the economy! * And 9 more true weird news stories! #DDWN”

  1. lmao so I'm pretty mental healthy. .❤ at the very least I'm curvy happy. lol gee thanks little buddy I feel better ❤❤

  2. better not bother wasting money on new under pants until after you've seen the new "it" movie.  it would.. just be a waste.  (no pun intended, but it's actually kind of funny now I think about it.  I think my subconscious slipped that one past me.  funny thing, the subby).

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