and how at the making of this video I’m
now averaging 350 something daily subscribers, I mean you can check any one
stats on social blade. But if you start to get your channel and suggested videos
YouTube is going to do all the work for you and it’s going to throw more views
and subscribers your way naturally. This is a recent screenshot of me hitting
just below 12,000 subscribers in one month and six figures in Google Adsense
revenue alone. Crazy, right? Well you know what I’m gonna tell you in this video
how to understand the YouTube algorithm properly in 2020 and I’m gonna give you
six growth hacks that you can start applying today. It’s actually way more
than six, but really six core things that you could start applying to your channel
today whether you’re starting from zero, have a couple of hundred subscribers or
10,000 it doesn’t matter how big your channel is these growth hacks are going
to help your YouTube channel like crazy. So, with that being said be sure to stay
tuned for all of this video so that you can understand my full explanation of
what I call the “level up” technique which has been a secret, no not really secret,
but it has been basically my growth strategy that I’ve been using to really
you know boost my growth in these past four months and in this video I’m gonna
be mentioning a couple of, two of, my viral videos and giving a couple of
examples on how they grew so fast. So the first video I’ll mention and talk about
is my work from home video which now has over 400,000 views within a 5 month time
span, and another video I made which is called “How to make $100 a day on
YouTube without making any videos” which has over 160,000 views within a month’s
time frame. Now, these are very viral videos for my channel and I’m gonna talk
about how you can apply these tips and tricks to your YouTube videos and make
them go viral and how at the making of this video I’m now averaging three
hundred and fifty something daily subscribers, I mean you can check any one
stats on social blade, but it’s pretty incredible the growth that my channel
has seen in 2019 and it’s only gonna get bigger in 2020, and I want that for
you so stay tuned. If you guys are interested by the way in growing a
wildly profitable YouTube channel for your business, your online brand, make
sure to download my Subscribers to Sales blueprint after this video, it has six
key actionable steps that you could take today. All right, so let’s get into my
first tip where I am talking about thumbnails. Now, thumbnails was something
I never really took seriously until the past probably two months and before I
would just be happy with any old thumbnail I would put up on the video title and that
wasn’t working very well. There’s really another science to the thumbnail alone.
There’s a formula that actually I paid a lot of money to understand I’m about to
tell you so you’re welcome but essentially a good thumbnail and the
thumbnail in this video that I designed, for example, have some key
elements that are really important to why the thumbnail is doing very well and
has a high click-through rate. First off, the image in the thumbnail is very close.
As you notice, my face is very close the image is like my neck and up and the
reason why a close image is very important is because it strikes out more
emotion when people are looking and at different videos on the homepage or
suggested and so they’re more than likely to click when the face is more
close up to the screen. The second element that’s really good is
my title; it’s big, a big title is very important, clear fonts- I get it like some
people want to be creative and cute and they want to use cursive or some type of
font that’s different and playful but the more clear your font style is, the
better. Keep your title to a minimum of three to five words. You don’t want to
put your entire title on the thumbnail. That’s what I used to do, I used to have
so many thumbnails with the entire title on the video and it wasn’t a good thing.
So when I started to do this, a maximum of three to five words on the thumbnail,
my click-through rate went up. And by the way, a good click-through rate is
anything above 4 percent. If you have a click-through rate of seven, eight
percent or higher that’s a sign that your video could go viral and also
following up on this thumbnail explanation, if you notice my other
thumbnail for the hundred dollars a day on YouTube it had a huge click-through
rate but it also had those elements that I talked about. It had a close-up face, a
big title, the background was bright and it really really pops in that
suggested traffic column when you’re looking on the right-hand side of the
screen so it was a very high converting thumbnail as well. And so for this next
tip I’m going to go in deeper of why you should be aiming for suggested traffic.
Yes, there’s a bunch of different traffic types but if you start to get your
channel and suggested videos, YouTube is going to do all the work for you and
it’s going to throw more views and subscribers your way naturally. And so
this technique is not hard you could use it for small channels, big channels it
doesn’t matter and if you check out my traffic sources right now I’m averaging
about 49% of suggested traffic, and about 30% of browse features, combined over 70%
of basically YouTube’s working in my favor and showing my videos to people
more and more on the homepage and on suggestive videos. So let’s dive in right
now on how to make this happen. Okay, so the next category we’ll be talking about
in the “level up” technique is with traffic sources. So many people have a
misconception that search traffic is everything and in the beginning when
your channel is new, it kind of is. Keywords are very important in the way
you tag your video. However, the key to really growing on YouTube and getting
more views is suggested traffic. There’s different options of traffic, I’m going
to look at my notes, there’s like 6 of them like I said, there’s search bar,
there’s the browse traffic, suggested videos, which I just mentioned, there’s
channel pages, so traffic from different YouTube channels, there’s notification, so
when people hit the notification bell in their notification shows up whenever you
publish the video and others, so this could be another website, another social
media platform, etc. So, what I noticed in recent videos that I’ve published is my
suggested traffic has gone way up and it is very dominant over the other traffic
sources, it’s anywhere between 40 and 60 percent, which is a huge deal because
that’s a lot! In the beginning it was more like 20 percent and it’s not that
relevant, or it’s not that high I should say, in the beginning when your
channel is still small. So, yes but basically my videos have been showing up
more in the suggested videos and just to clarify the suggested videos are the
ones on the right hand side, the little the
smaller ones with the preview, and so my video has been showing up there and also
suggested videos are more powerful as this is how you really get that organic
traffic to multiply and really really grow exponentially, and this is the key
to getting a video to go viral like a million views viral. Alright, so step one
is to find a popular keyword in your niche. So what does that mean? You want to
find a keyword within your industry, in your topic, you know the topic
of your channel, that’s very popular. So, there’s different “subcategories” within
your topic, obviously, depending on what it is. And so mine is, for example, online
marketing and entrepreneurship and there’s tons of different categories. For
this particular video, I looked up the subcategory work from home, and I’m like
“Wow, there’s a huge demand for work from home” and I looked up the competition and
saw that there was a lot of videos that had a high amount of views. I’m like “okay”
so then I took it a step further, work from home jobs, there was still a high
demand for that keyword and then so I out created a video called work from
home jobs in 2019. Another thing you can do besides looking at the results on the
search bar is to go to some of your favorite channels that are competitor
channels and see what their most popular videos are and how many views they have
so their most popular views, if they have a video with 500,000 views, that’s
a really good place to start. That’s a good clue of what a video you could make
to model after, and make better, that’s why we’re calling it “level up.” Alright, so
step number two is to level up and what I mean by this is whatever video you’re
going to model after you need to make it better; you need to make it more
entertaining, more educational, more value, add some components that are going to
spice it up. Don’t do this: like men in black part one was really good the whole
world loved it. Don’t be men in black 2 and have your video be worse. That was
just a complete fail. We want to be the first Avengers video, we don’t want to be
the avengers that just came out that was just garbage. The other thing is you want to make your video a little bit longer. So, expected
watch time is a huge metric with the YouTube algorithm so if the video you’re
modeling after is eight minutes long you want to make yours at least 10 to 11
minutes long, because then you’re expected watch time is going to be
longer and that way the algorithm is going to reward you
with more views. Okay, so step number three which is really important is your
introduction. Your first 15 seconds of a YouTube video is make-or-break your
subscriber, or your potential subscriber, or your viewer decide in that first 15
seconds whether they want to continue or not. Everyone’s busy everyone has a life
they want to know that this video is going to be worth their time so you want
to make your video more eye-catching, more memorable, funny, do something
creative and that way you’re going to keep them on the video and get that
watch time that you are looking for. Let’s look at my intro on this on this
work from home video and why it works so well. In the beginning, the first 10 to 15
seconds I show myself and I show different clips of me in different you
know working from home environments: outside, Airbnb, a mountain, on the beach,
and I explained to them that hey I’ve done a lot of research for you guys in
this video and I know you guys take working from home seriously, this is
why you should continue watching this video, because I worked hard to make it you
guys are gonna have some fresh new ideas on how you can work from home. You kind
of see the difference? And so my entire first minute has some really really
really good retention. Step number four is to use pattern interrupts this could
be anything from new graphics, some overlay text, some pop-up images, some
b-roll, b-roll is awesome and if you guys want to know how to make high converting
videos I go over at this exact topic in depth. Check out this video where I talk
about six tips on how to make high converting videos. But the point is, have
something to show and tell maybe you have an object in your video to show
people and it’s a pattern interrupt. They’re like “Oh, that is really cool” it
keeps them engaged and wanting to watch minute after minute and so for example,
on this video not too long ago I wore a freaking scary Halloween mask and I
thought to myself after that video like “what in the hell was I thinking?” but hey
it works, people liked it. Step 5: have fresh information. So, maybe that
video you’re looking at has outdated data or outdated information and now
maybe there’s an algorithm change in something, or that video for example was
talking about something in 2017, update it! Talk about 2019 and upcoming 2020.
You know, go on Facebook groups to research, Google, the papers are online,
magazines, gather it, more information that’s more valuable and more current. By
the way, if you’re enjoying this video please join the family and subscribe to
this channel hit the notification bell to be notified about content just like
this. Alright, step number six is to optimize your video. So what does this
mean? In the video that you’re modeling after you want to use their exact same
tags. How do you find out what their tags are / keywords? You can do it by looking
at the source code in their developer, you could do it by using a tool called
TubeBuddy, you can do it by using a tool called Vid IQ, all of them you just click
on the video and you could see alongside what exactly their tags are. Also, you
want to have an optimized title. So, you don’t want to copy their title exactly,
but if the keyword is “work from home” obviously you want to include “work from
home” in your title. Same thing with optimizing their
descriptions you need to check out what type of keywords they’re using in their
description. Make sure you use the same keywords or more keywords that are
relevant in your description as well. Do this, and your video will end up like
mine, being the first suggestive video as you can see in this example with this
other guy Nate O’Brien’s work from home video you can see I’m the first one on
autoplay to play after his video plays so that’s really really really important
if you can position yourself to be the first video that autoplays. Alright, I
hope you guys loved that explanation of the “level up” technique before I get to
the next three parts, I wanted to mention that the video editing service that I
use, which has really helped level up, you know, my videos this year, my ad revenue,
everything. My subscribers have noticed, my audience has noticed a level of
quality in my videos has gone way up and it’s therefore increased my ad revenue,
everything right, the quality of my brand. If you’re looking to take your video
marketing and video editing to the next level and actually don’t really want to
do it yourself, I highly recommend you click one of the first
links in the description to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call where
you can go over, ask all your video editing questions you want, and also if
video editing is the right choice for you right now. So go ahead and check out
the link for the 30 minute consultation call after this video. Alright, so the
next thing you want to focus on in your videos, and something that YouTube loves
is calls to action in your videos. What do I mean by this? Well, YouTube loves
when you keep people on their platform obviously, that’s why they favor longer
videos, and long-form content right? So one key way that you can do this is use
call to action in your video, so you can say “Hey if you haven’t checked out this
video make sure to check out this video where I go more in-depth on this topic”
and you can point and use these cards right here in the upper right-hand side when you’re looking at the video, but this is something that’s going
to help keep your viewers and your audience more engaged throughout the
video and have them watch more of your content after they get done watching the
video that they’re currently watching on your channel. And the other thing you
could do is tell people “Hey if you like this video next week I have a video
coming up on you know Instagram marketing so make sure you subscribe to
the channel hit the notification bell for XYZ.” So, again that’s another
technique you can use so telling people to watch other videos, subscribe to the
channel be sure to stay tuned for next week to keep them engaged and by the way,
my bad I’m using my own technique here, but I did create a thorough YouTube
script video, it’s a super great video on how to really keep your audience engaged
throughout your video and if you really are interested in learning more about
YouTube scripting, how I script my videos, you know I script for success every time
that’s what I teach my students, but you can check out that video here, it’s a
super good video definitely worth your time. Alright, the next algorithm hack
that I have for you is getting off of YouTube. Why is this so important? Because
if you have other social medias if you have a personal Facebook account that
counts any other type of social media you have
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora, whatever it is that you have you
need to be posting and announcing your videos on all these platforms every
single time. Why? The algorithm and SEO loves when your videos get attention
outside of the platform. They’re like “Oh, this link is posted on five other
external sources it must be good let’s promote it more” so I always promote to
my email list, I always promote to my Instagram, my Facebook fan page, my
personal profile on Facebook, all of these things I make sure I blast out my
video as soon as I post my video because again, you want to make sure you do this
soon because the first 24 hours after you post your YouTube video are the most
important. Alright so I’m going to show you guys on my phone here how I actually
posted today on my Instagram accounts as you can see if you go to my Instagram
you see my social teasers I posted a YouTube video today and you can see how
I actually did that. I’ll show you because what I do is I have my video
editors create a little social teaser it looks like this, right? But this is how I
did it: so they sent me the social teaser, I downloaded it in on my computer,
and I air-dropped it to my phone but all you got to do to upload a video a photo
whatever to Instagram is come here, click on the video, here’s part one of the
social teaser, go back to YouTube, make sure you grab your link, right? And so
come here to videos, my latest video, and then so now I have the link so now we’re
going to go back to Instagram, and this little icon right here for the link you
can click copy and paste the link, done. And then I would click send to and then
share on my story. And so that is a great way to get further engagement in the
first 24 hours. The other thing I make sure I do is you only get one link on
Instagram to promote so make sure you’re using it to promote your
latest video or whatever. Good now, we’re getting into too much in
Instagram but promote your lead magnet, whatever. But I always change out
my links right here in the description of my latest video, I always put the
latest video in there so that way it could get the most traffic within the
next few days after I post the video. Okay, so the whole point is make sure
whatever audiences you have outside of YouTube, make sure they know and they
receive the announcement of your latest video on YouTube. Okay so the next thing
I have for you, your YouTube is going to love this in 2020, and that is the
YouTube community features. Alright, so what are these features? So one for
creators that have a minimum of a thousand subscribers or more. So once you
hit that threshold wait a couple of weeks and this feature will pop up but
it’s the community tab that you see on your YouTube channel and in that
community tab there’s so many cool things that you can do, you can upload
gifs, videos, announcements, you can do polls, and so it’s a great way to engage
with your audience to see what kind of you know content they want to see next,
to announce when you have, you know maybe a collaboration, really any type of
announcement you want to make, anything engaging, you can do Q&As, in that
community tab, whatever you want. And the cool thing is, the community tab works
well as well on the YouTube mobile app so I’ll show you again. I’ll pull up my
YouTube app, if I want to do a community poll or something on on my community tab
I can do everything straight from my phone. Or you can do it from your
computer and so let’s say I wanted to create a poll so I would click on this little icon here, I would say Instagram,
tik-tok, add another option, sales funnel, because I’m going to ask I’m gonna ask my
my audience what kind of video they want to see next, sales funnels or let’s say
passive income, then I’ll just say “Hey guys
what type of video do you want to see next on the channel” okay, so and then
it’ll have, I can click post and it will post as a poll so that’s pretty cool.
That’s how you do it. The other cool thing, and this is especially important,
once you hit the threshold of 10,000 subscribers you’ll be able to have
YouTube stories. So this is just like Instagram where you’re able to post
stories. YouTube is very powerful with this because when you post an Instagram, I’m sorry, when you post that YouTube story it lasts for seven days as opposed to
just 24 hours on Instagram and it just disappears. So it’s the coolest thing
with YouTube you can post stories, you can edit text, add text, add stickers,
everything just like Instagram it’s super cool,
your average weekly subscriber base can increase by 8%, that is a lot! Alright
guys, I hope you got major value from this video, if you did give it a big
thumbs up and subscribe to the channel, join the family if you haven’t already
and hit that notification bell. My name is Marissa and if you like this video
I’m positive you’re going to like this tutorial that I did recently about how
to build and create a YouTube channel from scratch and of course grow fast. So
that video starts right now. When you feel like your channels not getting
views don’t give up. Stay tuned for all 10 steps. These are the same steps that
have helped me recently cross 8,000 subscribers in one month.

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