The Ukrainian Right Sector
has begun to fall apart. Several ‘battalions’ of the nationalist organization
banned in Russia have left the group. Each of them inhas laid claim
to territory in a western region: Lvov and Ivan-Frankivsk districts,
Volynia and Transcarpathia. Apparently, the nationalist subgroups
have a new goal: To take control of business in the region, as an incident at a tourist center in Transcarpathia show.
Anna Redkina has more… – They came at dawn, when the restaurant was empty,
had dinner, drinks and then it starts: They don’t pay their bill, force the cook and bartender
to sing and dance, and do push-ups. For dessert, a brawl was just the thing,
as the staff wanted no part in their Sabbath. They improvised weapons, also bringing their own.
e.g. the gun in the hand of the man on the right. The results were dismal;
knife wounds, serious fractures… The victims were taken to hospital.
The attackers; to prison. Now, anyone can view
the details of the incident in Dragobrat, Transcarpathia. Video footage from the
Hata Magnata tourist camp was published by police
less than 9 days after the incident. However, it seems that everyone
is interpreting it in their own way. e.g. Ukrainian TV concluded
the attackers were defending themselves. Our experts disagree. – They have a conversation and claim that
since there’s a video of the Dragobrat incident, we should release them
on their own recognizance. …so all that we saw
were guys supposedly defending themselves. After successfully defending themselves
they smash three cameras. The video clearly shows
that they committed a crime. However, now they’re
talking about mitigating punishment. – The context had already been framed,
aligned to be exact and the battle almost lost. Right after the incident, the local Right Sector group
stated that it was an apparent case of domestic violence, and that the tourist center was also at fault. That’s how Chorvat, Bes,
and other Eastern front heroes are presented in this story. – It is likely that representatives
of Hata Magnata provoked the soldiers with their anti-Ukrainian statements. As was revealed, the place
belongs to persons from the Donetsk area. Several of the staff
are directly from Donbass. – Many believed it but not in Transcarpathia. Local administration head
Hennadiy Moskal said that ‘the heroes’ committed crimes in neighboring
Lvov and Ivan-Frankivsk districts. Kiev also confirms this fact. Alongside the video from Dragobrat, police published a video
of a shooting at a gas station in Lvov, and noted: ‘The man holding the gun
will later take part in the Transcarpathia attack’. Moskal claims the gun
is not a trophy from Donbass, but stolen from a supply warehouse. Experts say it’s to be expected. The Right Sector
was never famous for its unity. Isolated groups of fringe neo-Nazis
joined forces under Euromaidan 2 years ago. But now, without any goal or extra incentive,
they are falling apart.

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9 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Right Sector Turning to Armed Robbery, Bar Room Brawls in Western Ukraine”

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  2. Ukrainian Right Sector maurauders is just a new propaganda word russians use for Muslims that follow the Islamic faith?

  3. Are you sure this is the 'right'. It sounds more like something the political left would do. We need to remember that leftists have participated in theft and terrorism (northern Ireland) themselves.

  4. I remember seeing these guys being political muscle men for Ukraine two years ago. It's good seeing how they were used for a while and disposed of. These guys snuggled up with the state, the same thing with Ukraine snuggling to America. Look at Ukraine now, where are their foreign friends when they need them? Now they are going to the Russians, even though they had a civil war with pro-Russians. Ukrainians look like a bunch of jackasses right now when you review the last two and a half years of its history.

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