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the triple-dip recession in the united kingdom two years ago we were told that or one
percent g_d_p_ expense cut would lower growth by point five percent and it turns out that those
numbers were not accurate known accurate at all as a matter of
fact with the i_n_s_ come back and said just recently is that it’s more like but this is an applicant’s future grad
so for most countries here in the years and
where g_d_p_ growth has been above percent will last uh… meaning of the
or actually no growth meaning that the recession were is coming out of
recession used in the decision to the economy and that’s the foundation upon which
uh… prominent stick camera and several of the other leaders of the year isn’t have
progressed saying that we need to cut cut cut cut cut and this austerity
craziness here in the side of the bomb has now led to a unemployment rated
eight tooth important beats uh… buzzer but when a person what eighteen point eight million people
unemployed across the years and buysell excludable under trips where we’re in
the middle of the love of a absolutely terrific situation if you want is the said there are uh… what actually is the importance of
deficits if you can get a growing economy uh… that deficits as a share of that
economy will shrink anyway that’s kind of that one issue but that the other
issue is also what can we say about cuts relative to growth without any kind of uh… a detail about
what types of cuts right because we know that there are certain types of
government spending that have much higher multiplier effect
in the economy and a much higher stimulative back and there are some
types of government spending that don’t seem to for example food stamp versus
tax cuts come to mind what what can we say about that was essentially the same here as well at
the same multiplies only money that is full in the hands of those that are in need
those there indented situation is going to come
right back every penny of it into the economy if you read first the
tax cuts is going to go into an investment somewhere not likely to be spent in the economy
more likely to be said and you know if you’re in a situation where uh… you know basically were all
keen sean’s now because we really need to do something to stimulate growth not just to use them but in the united
states and around the globe what you’re seeing is you know with the continued attacks on
the union rules the right to which the it’s just seeing the state’s you’re
getting along very very cheap labor but unfortunately berserk sheet no one is in a position to actually burnin up incomes and poured back into
the economy who will pay you says nine dollars a
gallon for battle here and that’s just an insane amount of
money and when people forced to you know to choose between can i put gas in my car to drive to work or you
know am i going to have fresh fruit and vegetables on my table then making a lot
of very very tough choices what is the implication here longer
terror and in other words is there any analysis going on that says normally the one-percent expense cut two point five percent growth lowering
would hold true in this case it did because of some
specific circumstances or is the broderick ways in kind of being
rethought well that’s the question is not really
being read four by the our government the tories who are very
much like your g_o_p_ republican body they are still very much convinced that
it’s just a matter of time before the economy begins to jump-start itself but
in the meantime all the plush contracts go into their friends and their pals to you redefine the national health service
which is being drafted because a lot of services are being
privatized was seen police forces being privatized we’re seeing police
commission’s being privatized and along with things that you normally take for
granted they’re you know the fact that you prison systems and larger all one by private companies and changes
starting here and there’s no incentive on the part of
the of the government here because there’s no outrage i mean they should be
rising in the streets if you see you know the fact that the rest of the
world is beginning to slowly recover and we use a nation here the united kingdom are headed into a third recession a
triple dip recession that’s just the same they certainly have a lot but for a
time when it comes to private prisoner it that’s for sure says today’s big debut at the sort of
world view would dennis campbell youtube dot com slash world view show you’ve got
to great interviews lined up tells and briefly about them yes music do you foresee known professor
one call who is the u_s_ is preeminent middle
eastern expert for several years and he was the first phone call i made when
we were going to have this uh… they show and he gives us about a forty
minute interview a discussion of what’s happening in syria what’s happening in
gaza it’s really masi television anybody interested in trying to understand
everyone has agreed to come back later in the month of january fourth for the
discussion as we get closer to the two year anniversary of the egyptian
revolution the second guess that and one of the things you might just right for
us to have a serious guest as well as a bit more of an eclectic
look at things on the dutch nutritionist and life coach
corolla unbalance joins us as we talk about the impact
ruling on many of your uh… listeners and viewers are out there doing things
for the new year wouldn’t terms of resolutions losing weight
taking better care of themselves some other things that corolla talks about
where we find that sugar will absolutely sonya your audience
because amusing things like toothpaste it’s and things like uh… needs and and testing and the the
very sinister nature of the way the sugar industry dicks people will be discussed in this segment so
folks will join in alright so check that out you can go bright now subscribe
anything you can channel youtube dot com slash world view show because they can to dennis campbell at
either in chief of u_k_ progressive magazine thanks dennis and we’ll talk u
next week thank you

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27 thoughts on “UK Triple-Dip Recession Not What Was Planned”

  1. When nations engage in Austerity, it is like a lovers committing suicide, "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?

  2. MPs have decided that their job description necessitates a 32% pay rise – how mindful of them.

    One of the popular arguments laid forth by the proponents of this act of outrageous selfishness is that if MPs occupied congruous roles in the private sector they would be paid more.

    How about we adopt a private sector ethos and pay them based on their performance. What's that? A triple dip recession following £375billion of QE and tax cuts on the rich?

    Looks like a pay cut for you wankers.

  3. You guys should interview Michael Norman.
    He's a Modern Monetary Economist.
    They have a very different perspective from the Austrians that currently dominate the new cycles.

  4. called leveling the playng field…we all get paid 31 cents a day and we're happy about it because we have jobs instead of vietnam. boo!

  5. Those riots were just greedy, bored, self-entitled working class kids going out and stealing things. It had nothing to do with any sort of protest movement or economic motivation.

  6. David, if you are not aware of Max Keiser, please look him up on Youtube…he has been talking about precisely what you are talking about in this video. Keiser is presently in London, he's predicting a paper money collapse coming in April…I hope he's wrong.

  7. How can you say tax cuts havent worked when they havent even came in yet, under labour for 13 years the top tax rate was 40% the last month of labour they hired it to 50% next year the coalition government will lower that to 45%. To call the tories anything like the GOP is obscene, Dennis lives in a middle class media bubble.

  8. Do you think 55% would be good for the country? And are you in favour of reclaiming all those council houses people bought? Why stop at taking the land from the royals take all the land from the aristocracy.

  9. Are you serious those criminals are people the tories trod over? Where are you from bath or something? They were scum, they rioted because they wanted entertainment thats all. They are a result of government policy encouraging bad parents to have more children by giving them money and better housing.

  10. So its an argument of fairness and not an economic one? But hey whats the point of even having money when people can take away your home.

  11. I am very anti royalist anti atristocracy myself, but thinking you can tax someone at a totally uncompetive level is bizarre look at france all of the wealthy leaving there. In reality it doesnt matter what the public think is fair if the tax payer feels taken advantage of he will leave, why live/ invest in the UK when there are countries with lower taxes, better lifestyle & weather and a growing economy.

  12. I find it weird that someone who wants to keep the money they have earned for themselves and their family is viewed as selfish, but people choosing to have children they know they cannot provide for are viewed as victims. A lot of middle class people will see this as an economic problem, but living in liverpool the poorest city in the uk its much more of a social problem these people are scum and they raise scum.

  13. It really looks as though Osborne & Cameron are deliberately destroying the UK. They are probably receiving large bribes from the EU. It's pretty obvious that paying £53,000,000 a day to the EU, and then taking that money out of the pockets of the man in the street (i.e., out of the economy), its a recipe for disaster. The solution is so simple: LEAVE THE EU! Sure, Cameron promised a referendum, but not till 2017, and only if he is prime minister! By 2017, it'll be too late. PLEASE support UKIP!

  14. Growth need not be over. If we stop shelling out £53,000,000 a day to the doomed and corrupt EU project, we can grow easily.

  15. I am now considering become a drug dealer, seriously, as I have no income, and selling heroin and crack makes big money quick and on a regular basis. Today I got a phone call from an "employer" who wants me to work for commission only. Thats just a way of getting round the minimum wage, they dont even want to pay the min wage.

    A cheap car on the road £1000, an quater ounce of crack and heroin, £400 and Im a mobile money making machine.

  16. The latest growth forecast always pin on how the Olympics gave boost to the economy… Maybe they should have the Olympics every two years!!! Bread and circus!!!

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