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100 thoughts on “Two Killed When Porsche Launches Into Second Floor Of New Jersey Building | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Cop: i dont know how to say this. I'm really sorry, your son and his friend, have paul syndrome.

    Me: im sorry what?

    Cop:They died when his porsche crashed

  2. Spoiled brats with no sense of responsability; nothing to investigate the answer is obvious they were going way above the speed limits. Parents need to talk to their children what happens when you run high speeds where you aren't supposed to.

  3. If this was a movie then people in the building would die instead because people in the car would be the main character( most likely)

  4. Yet two more young bright lives snuffed out behind the hands of a red out-of-control Porsche.

    Not that I'm comparing this kid to Paul Walker but still.

  5. Wife calls husband when she get home from work "honey, there's a car parked in our living room." husband, "but we live on the second floor"

  6. A powerful car and an unexperance driver, stupidity can get you killed, and his friend also died because of stupidity!!!

  7. Yup perfect reaction to dumb white people…"so sad they lost there lives…"…however if it was a beatup honda then im pretty sure criminal charges would follow…but since it was a pos i mean porche then everyone fine with it…gotta love racist new jersey…

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