it’s Monday March 11 good afternoon I’m
Herman Green with the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on in a bid to transform and modernize the conscious court system
Chief Justice brand six says he’s committed to getting all outstanding
judgments in the Supreme Court delivered by December 31 justice Sykes made his
revelation in a national broadcast on Sunday where he also outlined several
measures to be undertaken to achieve his mission the details in this report I am
making it my mandate for us to have excellent courts Chief Justice Brian
Sykes giving His Word to the country in a national broadcast on Sunday Justice
Sykes who was appointed last year says he is committed to transforming the
judiciary with excellence and efficiency this among other efforts to make
Jamaica’s judiciary among the best in the world within six years to support
this vision I give my commitment to put in place measures so that by December 31
2019 all outstanding judgments in the Supreme Court will be delivered as of
2020 a judgment should be delivered within 90 days and in exceptional cases
180 days following completion of the case courts will start on time and the
trial time productively utilized justice Sykes also outlined several measures
which will be on the take and starting with the issue of trial and hearing date
certainty this means that the trial or hearing takes place on the day it is
listed to begin we no longer set multiple trials for each courtroom as
this always lead to adjournment secondly excellent courts are efficient time
human and material resources are properly utilized to produce the best
outcomes thirdly excellent courts mean that we have a culture of service among
staff and judges research has shown that the perception of court uses
is influenced by how they are treated are not only by the outcome of their
cases justice Sykes also warned that courts will begin punctually at a trial
time productively utilized he wants cases disposed off within 24 months of
entry into the courts in some divisions of the Supreme Court the gun court and
the parish courts the statistics show that more than 100 cases are being
disposed of for every 100 cases filed for the first time last year 7 parish
courts had a clearance rate of over 100 percent this has set the platform for us
to clear the current backlog within six years machine masters TVJ News the
International Monetary Fund IMF is confirming the government’s claim that
Jamaica’s economy has grown I am if representatives say the progress is
reflected in the latest review details in this report Jamaica has received
positive results from the latest IMF tests for the period ending December
2018 all 22 structural benchmarks under the IMF’s precautionary and by
arrangement to date were met finance minister dr. Nigel Clark made
the disclosure at the joint government of Jamaica IMF press conference at the
Finance Ministry in Kingston on Friday unemployment is at near record lows
interest rates are at record loads inflation has been stable and
consistently so for a number of years we have had 15 consecutive quarters of
economic growth the longest stretch of quarterly economic growth since we
started measuring growth quarterly in 1997 we are seeing credit to the private
sector expand and hitting new highs I am F chief to Jamaica dr. uma Ramakrishnan
commended the Jamaican government for achieving economic growth over the
review period again the minister listed some of the major achievements on
employment inflation and then the international reserves are adequate they
economy is growing and so we see a lot of positive dividends coming from these
economic reforms for this review all quantitative performance criteria as of
end December 2018 were met and the structural benchmark to table in
Parliament the amendments to the Bank of Jamaica Act was completed in October
2018 the finance minister said that the government has reached a staff level
agreement with the IMF to reduce the premier balance target for the financial
year 2019 2020 from 7% to six and a half percent we were able to increase social
spending and spending on growth related activities considerably as well as
engaged in fiscal reforms and tax reductions that are aligned with
stimulation and wealth stimulation of economic growth burns more TVJ news bad
roads and the poor water supply are two issues residents of carrots and
clarendon say are slowing their progress in farming the issues were discussed at
a town hall meeting hosted by the national integrity action niña and the
clarendon perished but Development Committee benevolent society tea BJ’s or
Shane masters has more in this story now we do apologize for the absence of
the audio on that story the scent and police have clamped down on a major car
stealin ring in Alexandria in the parish so far one man is in custody while
another is being sought in connection with a discovery on Friday evening
according to information reaching TVJ news several motor vehicle parts were
recovered at an open lot in Clydesdale Alexandria it’s also understood that a
silver Honda cr-v which was also found at the location was reportedly featured
in a murder in Westmoreland last year head of a st. Anne Police Senior
Superintendent Michael Smith is appealing to persons who may have been
victims of car theft to visit the st. and police headquarters the People’s
National Party is expressing optimism that it will retain the Portland eastern
seat after the by-election on April 4 speaking to reporters yesterday pnp
president dr. peter phillips noted that the party will be rallying their
supporters to ensure the result is not in doubt there
thus outpouring of support because people want to restore want to continue
a legacy left by dr. Bloomfield particularly given the brutal
circumstances which caused his death they want to ensure that this kind of
brutality is not given any sanction and the approval in fact they want to ensure
that it is resisted in Portland in East Portland in particular our support is
well-established among those who have who have greater knowledge of the
history which are often the more mature voters and I think Damion Crawford is an
ideal candidate reaching out to the young people because he has the kind of
vision and he shares their experience of life to a great degree meanwhile
starting this evening or a new center will begin releasing the results of my
latest rgr green are done and as impose responses were sought from members of
the public on issues such as the performance of the government and the
opposition they also weighed in on the worst-performing Minister and shadow
Minister the petro jam scandal the states of public emergency and ongoing
or roadworks you may catch details in primetime news this evening at 7:00 we
go down to news overseas in the United States despite major cuts in the budget
the Donald Trump led government is being criticized for an almost nine billion
dollar request for his border war the details from the CNN president Trump
calls it a budget for a better America promises kept
taxpayers first the president’s plan promises a balanced budget in 15 years
and calls for nearly three trillion in spending cuts and then there’s the
elephant in the room the whole issue of the wall border security is a paramount
importance we have a crisis down there a White House official says president
Trump’s requesting eight point six billion dollars for the border wall
Democrats control the house they have enough votes in the Senate to
– ah – try to stop stuff from going through House Majority Leader Nancy
Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer released a statement Sunday
blasting president Trump’s expensive and ineffective wall and saying Congress
would not back the request doubling down is doubly dangerous as Pelosi and
Schumer pointed out this could lead to another intractable set of negotiations
that may be shut the government again supporters say it’s a risk the president
is willing to take we have to be much tougher and have more constructive
immigration policy which we will be developing over a period of time so yes
he’s going to stay with his wall and he’s gonna stay with the border security
same I think it’s essential and still oversees two devices containing flight
data from the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed killing all 157 people on
board have been recovered we again go to the CNN for more just a short time ago
we had those flight data recorders the voice recorders taken out of the impact
crater behind me they would have Duggan it daggered out was one of these large
diggers and then they rushed it off the scene into a truck that was waiting to
take that there will be a critical moment because they might now get the
sense of what exactly happened when this brand-new Boeing 737-800 plowed into the
hillside behind me killing all of those passengers tragically on board and they
have been terrible scenes here Red Cross officials have been gingerly taking
private belongings of people placing it in a corner and you just see the impact
the plane was ripped apart there even bits and pieces sitting behind me that
are only maybe an inch big metal just torn apart US ambassador spoke to us
just a short time ago said that investigators from America arriving
tomorrow morning Interpol will be leading the grim task of identifying the
bodies in conjunction with Ethiopian and Kenyan officials but the question is why and we go down to news and sports
Jamaican left arm spin a Nikita Milla has called time on his first-class
career following the scorpions – we could defeat – the Barbados pride
yesterday Shoshana McGowan has that report on Thursday
Nikita Miller told TV J sports that he would evaluate his position on
retirement following the scorpions final four-day game against the Trinidad and
Tobago red force however following the scorpions defeat on Sunday the 36 year
old revealed that he has reached the end of the line well I think it is the last
game just gonna have a discussion inside just you know show some appreciation you
know to our teammates you know I played for a number of years and kinda enjoyed
you know the company of these guys on bass players you know pass captain Tamar
and some of the other players from from in my time so you know was I think it
was a great career and I totally enjoyed myself playing you know in this
competition against but what has changed between Thursday and Sunday that has led
to his decision on Friday I did my box I you know after about 12 of us I have the
physical feel about one two times so I was I was kind of struggling so I was
just going through the motion emotions you know boarding within myself just
complete Miller ends his first glance career with 538 wickets in the meantime
fast bowler Jerome Taylor in talking about Miller says he’s yet to give any
thought of his retirement well um I’m just taking it one step at a time
Nikita he has been a servant of the game which is a gentleman he displayed his
keynote here for Jamaica and he’s a true champion amazi and whichever way he
choose to go from here I’m a supporter of him Taylor on Sunday completed is
103rd first class game Shoshanna McGowan TVJ sports and that’s the midday news
remember to join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the
new sports and production teams I’m Herman Greene
good afternoon

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  1. Choosing ANOTHER party in a BY election brought on because of a MURDER could send a TREND MURDER and replace. very careful East Portland.

  2. The JLP is doing a good job,
    It's the first the country is seeing this growth, only the crimes need to be more under control 💯

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  5. Jamaicans would be dumb to let PNP gain back power. Sorry this is just the first time that we are actually going somewhere 😅.

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