good afternoon and Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom up first
this afternoon Tourism Minister Edie Bartlett is reporting that the corona
virus has not had any impact on the contras visitor arrivals his
announcement comes following the government’s travel ban on citizens from
China TV J’s Anthony log reports the number of deaths from the corona virus
has increased with an additional fifty seven deaths and two thousand 829 new
confirmed cases in China that increased the country’s total to 361 deaths and
17,000 205 confirmed cases but with the government imposing a ban on travel to
and from China with immediate effect last week there were fears that the
country’s tourism would buckle under that decision however tourism minister
Edmund Bartlet speaking at the summit on division East Central’s and James
conference last night said there’s no impact just yet
when I did my check around talk to the stakeholders and the partners Jamaica
has not had any fallout at all from the uncertainties that no prevailed in the
tourism industry because of the corona virus he also sought to dismiss rumors
about the return of some Chinese nationals by the government decisions
about restraining and in some cases not landing certain people it’s not because
we don’t like because we love everybody else you know how we want all tourism
all over the world to come but we have to protect domakr we have to protect the
citizens of Jamaica our we have to protect the other tourists that come in
to our destination in the meantime this warning from the Tourism Minister so let
the other people who’s spreading propaganda and spreading
panic and putting out fake news tell them make sure you really love
Jamaica because if tourism dies growth dies and you have anything to take if
you ever get there Anthony log tbj news meanwhile at least
one private sector group is warning that the global emergency caused by the
outbreak of the corona virus will have negative implications for the Jamaican
economy disruptions in the movement of goods from China and a subsequent
tightening in the supply of raw materials have been predicted by the
Jamaica manufacturers and exporters Association the Gea
the second thing is that the global economy could slow down and that’s not
good news you know at all for her body and on the third aspect of notices from
a supply chain standpoint a number of the imports into the country coming out
of China so already China’s extended New Year’s
holiday which is imply that they are building in the shipments from the
country and that we anticipate that there could be you next for an extension
of that which could see a number of goods coming into the contour of
finished goods or raw material which lead on to add on price effects I mean I
expect prices in the short term to actually go up which again whatever
impact on things like inflation etc so overall the quarter virus is a threat of
a national standpoint or from company standpoint something that were obvious
have to be very concerned about very vigilant about and unleash I have to
take every precaution possible to protect the economy and the people and
is still on issues relating to the coronavirus opposition spokesperson on
Foreign Affairs ELISA Hanna says some persons are concerned that the corona
virus will spread to the island if Jamaicans in China return home she
believes the Minister of Health can reduce this fear by constantly advising
the public of its response to the threat of the virus and the China has completed
work on an emergency 1000 bed hospital set up in who Han it was completed in a
record span of ten days it serves as a quarantine hospital designated to treat
patients infected with the virus according to chinese state media work
began on the hospital on january 23 and was completed Sunday morning it is
equipped with safety and protective equipment and will provide enhanced care
to the patients approximately 1,400 medical staff from the armed forces have
been deployed to treat the patients at the hospital on to other news now the
government is on a drive to have all 30 places of safety for the nation’s
children Fire certified this comes following recent fires at a number of
facilities which look after children in state care the most recent was at the
Jamaica National Children’s Home in August last year which displaced
forty-one of the 86 wards at the home in 2018 Prime Minister Andrew Holness had
ordered a review following a fire at the Walker’s place of safety on Lyndhurst
Crescent in st. Andrew fast-forward to this year the Education Ministry says
some of these facilities are still not fire certified one such is the Maxfield
Park children’s home to remember that state care you know we have partners so
we have homes that are run by the government and then we have some homes
which are private homes where we give them a subvention you know per month for
each child and there are also a public private as well so it’s a you know it’s
a there’s a multiplicity in terms of the different types of sectors in terms of
chip downstate care but ultimately as a government we recognize the
responsibility of ensuring that every single child is protected and every
single child is safeguarded in the meantime Junior Education Minister Alain
de terre lung is calling for an end to corporal punishment he says studies have
shown a direct correlation between corporal punishment and acts of crime
and violence in the society we can discipline our children obviously I
would never say it to any parent that you must not discipline your child but
discipline them with love violence begets violence and there’s a direct
correlation between the violence in Jamaica and it’s severe talk than the
severe types of corporal punishment that we used to discipline children you know
discipline was never intended to physically harm or to shame or to
somehow embarrass and humiliate and rob or children of their human
humanity firefighters are this afternoon trying to figure out the cause of a fire
in the corporate area this morning it’s understood that shortly after 10:00 this
morning a car burst into flames at the intersection of tangerine place and half
a tree road no injuries were reported and eye witness gave this account on
when a car drive up it was smoking I asked the driver to fly this bonnet it
tells me no a to time because I know what to do if you fly the bonnet it was
there change would show Sun inside of it can start bliss just even get something
when I call it was someone I used at the boss when I spray upon a fire and and
twice it’s still blazing in color Fire Brigades February take about half an
hour to check what or to reach that’s all I know
now the cause of the fire is still not known and it’s no time for a break but
stay with us more stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now
residents in Fort Charles self sent Elizabeth this morning staged a protest
for improved conditions improved road conditions and a dust and a reduction in
the dose to do two sand mining they say for years they have been neglected by
their elected representatives but they are not able to bear with the current
situation any longer with monies no more dose you see it we don’t see no MP widow
said nobody wrong a so free present nobody nobody I thought everybody I get
ruled out we can get the road what happened to form on it you don’t see it
we have to pee attacks I touched I’m coming here to become why your psi even
to that five it away video you know see it and a pls wrote a piano throwing us
off more more more than three quarter mile more than a mile a doors mean well
Marshall Brown is concerned about sand mining in the area it is dangerously
mind to a depth up of a sixty feet below sea level it should there be a tsunami
our severe hurricane the entire community will be washed away parity
swipe vineyard all internal surrounding areas hilltop will be washed away mr.
Brown says at this point there’s no way to protect the residents against any
impending danger the Caribbean cement company handed over a block making
machine for a social enterprise project in ten
mouths bull base in tanjur last Thursday Member of Parliament for East rural
Santander Juliet Hollis said she was confident residents would be able to
unite to make the block make initiative beneficial to all missus wholeness
however warned residents that the initiative is not a free-for-all
insisting that it must be treated as a business venture plans are how this is going to work it
will run as a real serious business when you come to work you are here to work
hard for your day’s pay our evening pay and produce the maximum amount of blocks
that we can per day we’re looking at about three thousand blocks per day the
profits are to be dedicated to community of live meant the social enterprise
project which has been registered and will be operated by an oversight body
with the aim of addressing some of the socio-economic challenges in the
community can offer news overseas the impeachment at trial of US president
Donald Trump is heading to the fourth quarter closing arguments will be
delivered today Monday by house managers and president from defense team the
entire matter is likely to be wrapped up by Wednesday one day after President
Trump gives the State of the Union address more from the CNN president
Trump’s ongoing saga about his dealings with Ukraine is coming to an end on
Wednesday the Senate will vote on whether to convict him and remove him
from office I will never buy into the fact that people will do something
that’s politi politically expedient and I certainly hope that our democratic
senators uphold the Constitution and protect our country a vote for acquittal
is a near certainty the Republicans have a majority in the Senate and some
Democrats might join them as well the one I’m watching frankly is Doug Jones
he’s on the ballot you know he has a small chance for re-election in Alabama
and probably not a large chance but whatever number that is drops to zero or
less than zero if he votes to convict the president although President Trump
says his call with Ukrainian president Solinsky was perfect some supporters
concede it could have been handled better
generally speaking going after corruption would be the right thing to
do he did it maybe in the wrong manner critics say now the president will face
another jury on election day 2020 we get to send a message at the ballot box that
cheating lying involving a foreign country in our own domestic politics not
to mention abuse of power more broadly and bad administration that that’s not
okay that we can do better add to 10 mph with
sports Jim Ekans may not have seen success on the
pitch during the 2019 Caribbean Premier League season but off it the contra saw
a record boost in the economy during the month-long tournament but the CEO of the
CPL wants the government to do more daniel Blake has our report
after years of Appeals the government finally partnered with the owners of the
Jamaica Talas for the 2019 season of the Caribbean Premier League that led to all
five games being held at Sabina Park the most in the competition’s history and if
the benefits were enormous according to a study conducted by world renowned
researchers YouGov sport the tournament created a total economic impact of over
us seventeen point five million dollars in Jamaica an incredible sixty six point
three three percent increase achieved during the 2018 event however countries
like Guyana Trinidad and Barbados are a bigger boost in their economy but CPL
chief operating officer Peter Russell believes Jamaica can be the best hosts
in the region if the government offers greater support every other country we
get incredibly good support I mean I’m not suggesting Jamaica doesn’t give us
support in other ways but we don’t get the same government supporters as we
enjoy elsewhere I wish you know it’s a challenge but we want to make Jamaica
the powerhouse in terms of the regular games but it seems weird to me that
we’ve never even had a discussion about hosting semifinals or finals to make
coming back to my mind is is madness and DeRosa believes there are other ways
outside of hard cash to assist to the franchise owners yeah there’s always
concessions again they’re willing to do that I mean we have a very good
concession deal in Guyana which allows the owner to really save a lot of money
so that’s really what it’s about I mean instead it’s not necessarily just hard
cash yeah at the end of the day they can come and have a view on it it’s up to us
to try and change that please meanwhile Russell revealed that the 2019 CPL was
the most viewed in its history and hopes to continue as one of the best in
franchise cricket cricket has improved dramatically in the last three years
from where it was because it’s a profits wanama now and
there’s much as you look at the audience figures there’s now got three hundred
and million eyeballs that watch this thing every year that impressive when
you know we need to say we only had two hundred million last year and Facebook
said to us a couple of weeks back that we have a second-most engage with
cricket tournament in the world now when you think of the number of cricket
tournaments that there are they a mess behind IPL so it shows you the people
like the tournament and the people like the two of them because it does have
that unique dynamic of yes great cricket but avoid that I don’t you see anywhere
else in the world the twenty20 season of the Caribbean
Premier League is expected to begin in August and that’s the midday news and
bash on brawn join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the news
sports and production teams have a graft eminent have a

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