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16 thoughts on “Tucker: Extortion from China is the real threat”

  1. Don't add fuel to the fake fire that the deep state and the democrats want to expand. Why aren't they comparing the numbers who die from the flue (thousands) verses the corona BS.

  2. What obvious anti-China propaganda and fearmongering. Shame on you. I will remember to never take this guy seriously anymore. I'm surprised he didn't also blame China for the tornado in Nashville.

  3. You can thank the stock market for putting China in this dominating hierarchy insisting it is cheaper for the world and much higher profits realized.

  4. Learn how to care for your family without relying on outsiders. Buy a gun, learn how to hunt, know how to defend yourself.

  5. We are all busy with our various forms of petty infighting while the rest of the world rises up around us.

  6. We allowed this to happen.
    Stop supporting global corporations
    Stay out of big box and large chain stores like walmart, costco, dollar stores, aldi. Lidl, etc.

    Support small local businesses. Vote with your dollars. Support your community and country and save America and your soul.

    Wake uo.


  7. America's transformation from energy dependence to energy independence is the blueprint for bringing back other crucial industries home. It starts with incentives…those incentives start with massive deregulation by the federal government. Do it…do it now!

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