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100 thoughts on “Trump vs Obama: Who should get credit for improving the economy?”

  1. Owners of Fox playing both sides, due to being sold to one of the most disturbing pedophile groups out there, Disney.

  2. I dont care who its from that speil Obama put out there in the beginning sounded good. I voted for the other guy. I watched 9 years of Obamas slime cover the earth. He was given money ear marked for infrastructure what happened to it? He burned me on Medi – Care for $2,000.00 dollars he gave it to the illegals. We have over 9 trillion missing where did it go. He said he couldnt do anything about illegal immigration when he promoted it. He started a war in the middle east for the sales of arms. He went as far as to sell weapons to both sides of the fight then assasinated Quadaffi. This is just a short shit list and his blackness saved his ass. Heaven knows a caucacian man couldnt get away with it. The last crazy white man that tried this in the 20th century killed himself and his wife.

  3. Obama tried to destroy the economy! #maga
    Obama tried to give this country over to the UN.
    Obama belongs in jail for all his scandals, voter fraud & lying liberal media got his worthless ass elected.

  4. It's Trump's credit! Obama had 8 years and it sucked all 8 years! Now he wants to steal the credit? Give me a break! We all know it's Trump's!


  6. The current financial situation is just a collateral effect from past administration. Saying it’s trumps results is kinda like when a player joins a football match 2 minutes before the end of the game when they are winning 45 to 4 and this player takes credit just for being part of the team, but… did he really win ?.

  7. Let’s not all forget back in 2007 Obama and the Democratic Party ruined the economy OK let’s not forget

  8. So Obama nearly triples the stock market, lowers unemployment by more than half, cuts the deficit by two thirds, creates 11 million jobs, record corporate profits, lowers black unemployment by nearly nine percentage points, and these idiots think Obama deserves no credit. Only a complete moron would give Trump all the credit and Obama none. What would Trump's numbers look like if he inherited the worst financial crisis since the great depression? They wouldn't be very good I know that much.

  9. You guys are such consumate liers. Look at the trends which is just continuing and the uncertainties and arbitrariness is going to hit you in future. With hardly any friends out there, you are heading to the peak shortly before it starts going down.
    Oh by that time you will hand the things back to the Dems to fix it, after the loot isn't it?
    Shameless bunch!

  10. What a bunch of ingrates! I'm reading these responses and not one gives President Obama any credit. Even Trump himself said… and I quote "The report of low unemployment numbers were fake when Obama was in office but, there real now!" Hypocrites every single one of you.

  11. I love how fox has no opposing opinions speaking but looking at every graph they show proves the economy was already trending upwards for years before trump, yet they speak as if trump turned out economy around from a recession. SMH

  12. trump ass kissers, how do they sleep at night. they sound like north Koreans talking about their supreme leader.

  13. Well, what the f_ck did Obama do to improve the economy?!?😟
    Liberals are "self proven" mental retards.
    'Nuff said. 😐

  14. Economy didn't just grow over night. . Obama implemented programs for the economy during his 8 yrs.. Trump inherited a surplus. Oh yeah what happen to candidate Trump….stating these are not the real numbers… unemployment is much higher during the Obama years…fast forward president Trump now states the same poll numbers are correct and taking full credit for Obama's economy…what. A hypocrite…ex president soon

  15. For all that believe that this was due to Obama, just make sure you take the same credit for it if it crashes like you are say it’s going to do. If you think it’s going to crash then what you are also saying is it was a bad policy on Obama’s part. If you are hoping for a crash regardless who made it happen then you are about as un-American as you can be and ought to be ashamed. This country needs this economy badly and we should all hope it stays strong.

  16. These FOX idiots have no clue about what they are talking about. You dont judge a President with what he inherited you judge a President with what he left behind. When Obama took over in 2009 the unemployment levels were at about 8,9%. They climbed to about 10%, as George Bushes recession run its course. When the stimulus package that Obama approved, started to take effect, the economy started to rise and Obama enjoyed 75 straight months of job growth, increasing wages, and an improving GDP. Obamas economic recovery is still so impressive that it still is improving despite Donald Trump (who's incompetence forced 7 of his businesses into bankruptcy) being President. The good economy is because of the good leadership of Obama and its weakening is because Trumps poor choices are beginning to take effect.

  17. During Obama's presidency, the DOW went from under 7,000 to near 20,000 and those were record highs at the time, Obama created over 200,000 jobs each month for over 80 months in a row, his tax cuts were the 6th largest ever, even bigger than Trump's now, Obama was the 2nd biggest job creating president ever. Most importantly, Obama got us out of the great recession and recovered our economy. There is no where that it says Obama caused the great recession. If Obama did a crappy job and did nothing then we still would of been in the great recession today.

  18. Prresident Trump has made this country great again. He could do so much more if they would get away.Charles Palin I wish you could go to work for the president bc you would be great working for the Trump administration.

  19. Obama 8yr aveage gdp 1.5% only president to NEVER hit yearly 3% gdp to think over 500 days later is his doing is ridiculous

  20. Obama? As if! This Canuck is with President Trump 🙋‍♂️🇨🇦 Obama? What kind of fool believes that? I know! Liberals. Pathetic.

  21. I agree with the statement Obama made about remembering when the economy started it's recovery. If I remember correctly, the economic recovery started the day Obama lost the election. Trump wasn't even in office yet, was still the president elect, and he did more for this country as president elect than Obama ever did in eight years of being president.

  22. Obama was like a maitre'd at a hospice. Remember this field general of failure stating, "We can't drill our way out…" WHILE US oil companies were doing so directly under his feet? Obama was a cheerleader of failure, but now he wants all the credit for Trump's success? BRAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  23. Obummer took credit from his failed misdirected administration.?what a shame .he doesnt even understand how the US economy operates..he is a big dumb on this… Economiics is never a subject ot taught in a Law degree..So He just simply destroyed america by selling the US to china and russia for a commision or cut….his personal economy has grown thru kickbacks …but not that of the countrys ..

  24. It things are so bad under President Trump, why is OBAMA-BUTT going around trying to take credit for anything? Tell you why! He's a DEMOCRAT LEFTIST SOCIALIST LIAR just like the rest of them! America will never be great again until the democrat party is voted out of existence! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Vote out DEMOCRATS!

  25. Congratulations Mr. President TRUMP!!! Everybody in the world knows at time you started your presidency, the US economy started to run, meanwhile dem losers pregnant turtles still screaming 1% GDP growth is "running like a bunny" MAGA – GO TRUMP GO!!! – GREETINGS FROM PERU

  26. President Obama said it was all HIS work that caused the better figures!!! I seem to recall seeing him state that "all the manufacturing jobs were gone, and we just have to get used to it! " I guess we just didn't understand and started to figure out how to get them back with fewer regulations and lower taxes!
    Of course, the crumbs' and the tax cuts Trump tossed out to us didn't really help!

  27. Funny how Obama didn't say a word about the improving economy during his time in office. He said the economy was going to tank if Donald Trump won, remember?

  28. Realizing that what trump is doing to the country is hard for Republicans to see by deregulating everything all u r doing is pushing the problems that we have to deal with to future administrations. Its a childish and reckless move and obviously to small minded to deal with any of it.sorry its just the truth

  29. As a truck driver going to all the lower 48 states I see many signs that I did not see during the 8yrs of Obama’s rule. Signs like HELP WANTED. NOW HIRING. FUTURE SITE OF. REOPENING SOON. DRIVERS NEEDED. WELDERS NEEDED.MNGRS, MECHANICS ETC ETC ETC. The country at a grass roots level has a more positive feel to me and someone is going to say “ he can’t speak for the country”. I’m not but I have spoken to people,all kinds of people that make up our country and the outlook for most is optimistic for our future. The main stream media cannot hide these signs from the people that live where the businesses are hiring. I just love wearing one of my MAGA SHIRTS WITH A 3ft PIC OF PRES.TRUMP GIVING THUMBS UP IN CALIFORNIA,PORTLAND,CHICAGO ummm actually all 48 states cause I wear one almost everyday!

  30. Improving??? It’s only getting worst… there’s lots of local companies that are closing down or have because of the tariffs. You want to improve the economy how about you put tariffs on finish products that are coming in and pass those tariffs down to companies here in the US. Also any overtime should be tax free don’t you think? People who put more than 40 hours a week should be rewarded for their hard work. Also stop giving out so many benefits. Ain’t it crazy how we are not allowed to feed wild life in our forest because they become dependent. What the hell you think you doing giving out food stamps to people who don’t work. At least make them do some community service for it. That seams to be the new American dream is to get free food stamps, free medical, and free government housing. The sad truth😢

  31. Obama don't know anything about economy! (he's not that smart) with these comments below they say it will take two years for the economy to come around. No it doesn't, it will only take at least 12 months with good policies and guts!. Didn't these people know when Obama finished from office in 2016 the US debt reached to $19 Trillion? Obama's debt is more than combined of all 43 US Presidents before him! (FACTS), during Obama's time in office his highest GDP growth in all of his 8 years was only 1.2%, Trump GDP growth reached 4.2% in less than 20 months (not 2 years!) Obama said, even if Trump got a magic wand he still can't bring back big companies from overseas, guess what? Trump bring all of them back with no magic wand. Just few days ago the unemployment drop down to a record low of 3.7% since 1969, Trump biggest tax cut in US history, last week Trump signed a historic USMCA trade deal, Stock Market is going up and still climbing (like never before) after all President Trump's achievements since he was elected, we wonder what the hell Obama did in the White House in his 8 years in office!? (Zero) the only thing Obama was good at is when he went to the UN and apologized to every country on behalf of the US, (Trump stand up for the American) Obama criticizing the christian and he BRIBE the Iranian Regime with $150 billion + $1.8 billion (in cash) to released our hostages (I'm telling you, Obama is not a smart dude!) and now he tries to take credit of President Trump economy success? (LMAO!) Bottom line, if you put down Obama and Trump's economy policies side by side you can see Trump's policies is exactly the opposite of Obama's policies!

  32. I don't get how Obama had between 4 to 5 percent GDP growth in 2014 with a bad business climate , high corporate ,high regulations , high taxes , unemployment ,high welfare claims , and having a recession at the time . Those numbers have to be fraudulent , like Obama being fradulent .

  33. The Obozo Clown said the jobs that have left are not coming back.
    He said you would need a magic wand…

    That means Donald Trump found that magic wand as jobs are coming back with 4.3million new jobs and the fastest growing economy in history. The Obozo Clown almost destroyed America.

  34. Just more proof cnn doesn't know what it's talking about. They should keep up. Where have they been all their life?

  35. Lol but presidents before him had economic growth in the first 6 months. It actually rose by 2.3% last 5 months under Obama. So he's not doing anything spectacular. Unemployment was also going down in the black community under Obama. But the wealth and pay gap is still at an all time low between black and white.

  36. "… over 8 years reign with many QEs and near zero interest… he'd also declared that … those jobs shall never come back to US… A!" Remember… don't we!?

    Just a reminder…


  37. Obama gets credit for the good economy, better than Trump. ? Geez, those of you who honestly believe that Obama needs that praise over Trump , are really stupid and do not know the first thing about the real Economy and how it really works. Trump is. Not out their to win on his personality, like Obama did, but Trump is out there as a negotiator and a business man, to win over big and small businesses to put people back into the work force so they can be happy about having a job to support their families. In all due respect, with what Trump has been up against with these sickos dogging his ever move, I do not understand how he can succeed at anything he does. But He does ,and he is doing a great job. I feel strongly if they would leave Trump alone, things would be even greater for the American people.. It is sad that he is the one who has to bring it up, for himself being the Newscasters and owners of the Stations hate him so badly that they refuse to speak kindly of him. Their day is coming and I sincerely hope soon. Wal- Mart, is shutting some of their Sam's Stores down, not because of Trump, but Wal-Mart has big time investors , investing into Wal-Mart, and those investors look for their percentage of the pie. If the investors do not receive their money on time they are actually suppose to receive it , Wal – Mart could lose out and they know it. So Wal- Mart is smart enough to do what it takes to make their investors happy.

  38. this is so dumb. Anyone stupid enough to think it takes a full 8+ years for an economic policy to take ANY effect should smoke more weed and vote less.

  39. American give 100% credit to Clinton and Obama… for giving All JOBS to China and Mexico.
    What a great JOB been done for them….. TRAITORS.

  40. Are you kidding me? Anyone could do a better job with the economy after GWB and the crash of 2008. Trump is moving mountains!

  41. Enough cover up for Obama!! When The honest the good FBI arrest Barrack Hussein Obama & send him to Gitmo with the rest of his ISIS terrorist??? Obama did nothing for this country but trying to take down this country he is master mind the "SpyGate" Our President of United States!! TRUMP 2020!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  42. Americans cannot be satisfied, we're the teenagers of the world. Lose regulations almost crashed the economy because of greed. Then the regulations got tightened and we say the economy became stagnant. Now Trump is rolling back the regulations. Let's see if greed won't cause a repeat of 2008.

  43. Really? Just ask Chicago what they think. Obama bankrupted and totally destroyed Chicago, that's why they killing each other.

  44. Our economy was stuck, no to min. growth in spite of Obama. Trump removed stifling over regulations established by Obama. Give both men a new country to build; Trump would succeed, Obama would fail.

  45. Obama was the worst President ever!He destroyed America way of life everyone on food assistance Trump is bringing Jobs back! Trump 2020 it can only get better!

  46. This is not Obama's anything this is all Trump. Trump has brought our economy back Obama did nothing for this country Nothing but spread hate

  47. When is tRUMP going to start paying down the national debt as he promised during the election? Instead, the national debt will increase by another TRILLION dollars because of the tax cut mostly for the obscenely wealthy. tRUMP lies yet again!

  48. THIS IS THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE THAT TRUMP USED TO SAY IS A LIE,..and was above 20%…,, now the trumpster is starting off with THAT "lie" economy,.. and rapidly trying to claim it

  49. That never was Obama's economy it's Trump's after Obama made the mess Trump straighten no it out now it's looking slot better so it's not mostly Obama's economy it's Trump's Obama's a Muslim and all need to go to prison

  50. after the deregulation and tax cuts my boyfriend received more bonus. and after so many years his salary increased. Thanks To Trump. They are hiring more people too. I thank him for voting Trump his a legal immigrant too.

    Im from Philippines I am so excited to join A MAGA rally next year. Trump2020 and Beyond.

  51. Yeah, socialist trying to steal credit for someone elses work. Just like they want to steal money, from someone elses work.

  52. This is Why We Must Vote Out All these Republican Traitors Out of Washington this Upcoming Presidential Elections because They are Killing this Country with Their Neo Nazis Evangelical Christians Fascist Supporters!

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