If Turkey does anything,
out of what they should be doing, we will hit them so hard
in the economy I’ve told Turkey that
if they do anything outside of what we would
think is humane —to use the word a second time
we talk about Hong Kong, we talk about this—
they could suffer the wrath of an
extremely decimated economy. We want to bring our troops
back home from these endless wars
and we’re like a police force over there.
We’re policing. We’re not fighting,
we’re policing. Syria was supposed to be
a short-term hit, just a very short-term hit.
We were supposed to be in and out.
That was many, many years ago.
And we only have 50 people in that area,
that’s a small sector. And I don’t want those 50 people
hurt or killed or anything– I don’t want anything bad
to happen to our people. And I told that to president Erdogan
and I said “Don’t hurt any of our people–
Any of our people get hurt, big hurt.” If Turkey does anything out
of what they should be doing, we will hit them so hard
in the economy but when you talk about soldiers,
we only have 50 soldiers in the area. I think the area
was– it’s a very small area. If we want to go in,
if we have to go back for any reason because
bad things happen, but we’re 7,000 miles away.
These ISIS people, whatever you want to call them,
these people are right there. They’re touching many of
these countries that I just named. Iran is an example.
Hates ISIS. And ISIS hates Iran. Iraq, you know all about that.
Turkey, Syria, let them take care of it.
Let them take care of it. We want to bring our troops
back home.

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9 thoughts on “Trump threatens to ‘decimate’ Turkey’s economy if it injures US troops”

  1. Note that he did not mention the Kurds. You can bet that Erdogan asked "Ok to exterminate those terrorists, the Kurds?" and Trump said "Why, sure, of course".
    (Like MbS must have asked about Khashoggi…)
    "Bad things" may be anything Trump chooses to be. Like "Not announcing that Turkey is starting an investigation of Joe Biden"

  2. no doubt. It means the collapse of Turkey. It means America collapses in the Middle East. because Russia will not forgive this situation. As much as this will be a heavy price for Turkey, it is also a heavy price for America. If Turkey falls, America falls..

  3. Right so all those Afghan soldiers and civilians killed by “US friendly fire” over the years with few Taliban casualties is fine but if Turkey hurt US soldiers trying to defend their border Trump will destroy Turkeys economy. I think you will find that Trump is more likely to destroy his own economy.

  4. Trump left isolated as Republican allies revolt over US withdrawal from Syria ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/oct/07/trump-syria-us-troop-withdrawal-turkey

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