this is a great honor to be with you okay do you have any questions about ourselves there on Wonderstone doesn’t your tweet political interference no not at all he was treated very badly nine years recommended by four people that perhaps they were Muller people I don’t know who they were prosecutors and they don’t know what happened they all hit the road pretty quickly look you had somebody just recently you so what happened he got two months he got sentenced to two months for leaking classified information at the highest level who’s that they treated Roger stone very badly they treated everybody very badly and if you look at the Muller investigation it was a scam because it was illegally set up it was set up based on false documentation of false documents you look at what happened how many people were hurt their lives were destroyed and nothing happened with all the people that did it it launched a scam where’s call me why where’s Comey what’s happening to became what’s happening to Lisa and Peter struck and Lisa Paige what’s happening with them it was a whole set up that was a disgrace for our country and everyone knows it too everyone including NBC which gives a lot of fake news the fact is that Roger stone was treated horribly and so were many of the people their lives were destroyed and it turns out you look at the FISA warrants and what just happened with FISA where they found that it was fixed that it was a dirty rotten deal so when you look at that and you see what happened to Rogers don’t but think of it a man leaks classified information highly classified they give him two months Roger stone for doing nobody even knows what he did in fact they said he intimidated somebody that person said he had no idea he was going to jail for that that person didn’t want to press charges they put him in for nine years it’s a disgrace and frankly they ought to apologize to a lot of the people whose lives they’ve ruined I the next question wait wait wait what I don’t want to say that yet but I tell you what people were hurt viciously and badly by these corrupt people and I want to thank if you look at what happened I want to thank the Justice Department for seeing this this horrible thing and I didn’t speak to him by the way just so you understand they saw the horrible this of a nine year sentence for doing nothing you have murderers and drug addicts it’ll get nine years nine years for doing something that nobody even can define what he did the to everybody said he put out a tweet and a tweet you based it on that we have killers we have murderers all over the place nothing happens and then they put a man in jail and destroy his life his family his wife his children nine years in jail it’s a disgrace in the meantime Comey walks around making book deals to people that launch the scam investigation and what they did is a disgrace mr. president then congratulations well thank you I love that question I wish we had some people like that here he’s congratulating us on our great success as a country and I want to congratulate you too because what you’ve done in Ecuador and your president have done a fantastic job thank you very much concerned about anything there to go back to school and learn because they’ll tell you with the way they treated people nobody should be treated and when was it go ahead I think I understood you Rita sees cake well I suppose they would I put path but something he see this was when I stood as if they pass knowledge at the CEO rather laugh I say with mascara to the Soviet ambassador he said car serviced empty Misaki business IDO a permanent event it was a fake dose understand Felipe sorry on the top of Odyssey Ecuador has after having gone through very hard times and in especially where in regards to its international relationships has decided to come together again with the international community and bring refreshed relationships to those who are who have a same way of thinking as we do we wanted to come closer to them Ramos que estas really super super Brazil de cada una parte de pelota practice and en una vaca in serious Valerie’s tennis only past anticommunist console abilipad democracia that was teach them to remember that the USA is the main trade partner for Ecuador and this is not only in terms of trade but because we share many common values such as they love for liberty democracy justed justice solidarity fraternity and the respect of human rights and I could tell you the thing that’s changed from our standpoint we’re the number one economy in the world by far we’ve never done better we have the strongest market we’ve ever had the market is up very substantially today 250 points when I last looked and our country has never done better militarily we’ve rebuilt our military we’ve cut our taxes we’ve cut regulations at a level that nobody’s ever been able to cut and our country is doing great and we’ve really reestablished a lot of relationships but we have certainly reestablished in it with Ecuador Ecuador had a very unusual outlook on life but with your great president he realizes how important it is to get along with the United States and I want to just congratulate him because our relationship is very good he’s made tremendous progress they have incredible product and they grow it and they make it and we like it so we will and they need our product that’s your model for that well that’s a great model we just finished that and it’s a great model with Mexico and with Canada u.s. MCA has been very successful already the fruits are really taking place you think you take a look at what’s happening in terms of the kind of numbers we’ll be doing with the US MCA and this on a much smaller scale would be interesting we are looking at that kind of a model here I’m going to talk about that and are you worried about you know yesterday we’ll be looking at and talking about Venezuela and it’s always close to our heart we have millions of people from Venezuela living in the United States very successfully they love our country and they love that as well and we’ll take care of the Venezuelan people [Music] excuse me one second we’ll do this gentleman go ahead military pact with the United States what was your reaction that sir is there anything to convince him otherwise well I never minded that very much to be honest we helped the Philippines very much we help them defeat Isis I get along actually I have a very good relationship there but I really don’t mind if they would like to do that that’s fine we’ll save a lot of money you know my views are different than other people have viewed us thank you very much we save a lot of money but if you look back if you go back three years ago when Isis was over running the Philippines we came in and literally single-handedly were able to save them from vicious attacks on their islands but I haven’t heard exactly that what you’ve the way you expressed the question and my relationship as you know is a very good one with their leader and we’ll see what happens you have to tell me that me pregunta es como si mas de seguridad aquí yo quiero ver que lo que Ecuador pretend aj valdez Estados Unidos para ver la seguridad mas que nada narcotraffic oh my question is about security we know that Ecuador has a problem with narco traffic and some other powers so one of the topics you’re going to talk about is security I want to know what Ecuador wants to learn from the United States in that topic well we’re doing very well on our southern border we’re doing incredibly well we’ve built over a hundred miles now it’s substantially more than that of wall very powerful wall it’s got all sorts of protections on it we have alarm systems we have lighting systems we have everything you can have it’s pretty much the ultimate of what you can do in terms of that we have great protection we have great protection with our military we’ve been dealing also with Mexico Mexico has 27,000 soldiers on our southern border and they’ve been great and we just said another record as you saw the numbers have come way down in terms of people coming through our border way down they’re gonna be very low and after the wall is complete even in the areas where we’re now over a hundred miles incredibly the traffic has virtually stopped it’s come to a halt the wall has been a tremendous tremendous thing so we’ll have that finished by the end of next year and sometime during next year we’ll have it finished and we’ll probably be up to close by the end of this year close to 400 miles of wall and it’s been a tremendous difference so we have great security we’ll be discussing with Ecuador their situation and their security they do have a problem with the narcos and that’s not good and we will be working with them to help one second she’s gonna just incidentally the producer who is a sudden you see the mathesar totality the EAC removal he perceives to start either contributors this Authority does a service area which is releasing a page of the Screamers approach challenge as vascular signal here he obviously mr. Yadav is capacitors new Myra novice Tim speedometer accuracy per kilo he says in a coup to deliver one either beautiful nautical which is also being a little too cold last night as you know we had a very interesting election and from the standpoint of the Republican Party and myself but from the standpoint of the Republican Party was a tremendous success I got more votes than any incumbent president in many decades that includes a lot of presidents and it was really incredible to love in New Hampshire and by the way we did the same thing in Iowa and we were actually able to quickly count our votes we knew within minutes after the pawl how many votes we had unlike the Democrats so we had a tremendous success in Iowa and last night we had a tremendous very powerful success in New Hampshire so it was a great honor but setting that record in both states was terrific and now we’re off to some areas that I like very much Nevada you look at that South Carolina you look at that I think we’re going to do very well they’re probably setting up a major rally in South Carolina we already have one in Nevada so we’ll be in those two locations and we’ll be and a few others also but it’s been incredible the rally we had in New Hampshire and in Iowa again it was almost the same it was they were both spectacular you could have put up in a big stadium we were already in large arenas but you could have put him in a big stadium we could have sold that out numerous times so it was really really terrific and we appreciate it yeah we appreciate it was the Democratic Runner sir that’s a good question I would say Bernie looks like he’s doing very well I think people like his message he’s got energy his people have energy but they like his message but a lot of people don’t like that particular message but there is a group that probably agrees with it and you know whoever it is will take them on but it would certainly seem that Bernie Sanders has the advantage right now with the main whoever where were you debate with them I look forward to it actually the earlier said that you should have got involved with the Roger stone case she said it’s just bad some Republicans have said they hoped you would learn a lesson from impeachment what lesson did you learn from impeachment that the Democrats are crooked they’ve got a lot of crooked things going that they’re vicious that they shouldn’t have brought impeachment and you had that bite all numbers are ten points higher because of fake news like NBC which reports the news very inaccurately probably more inaccurately than CNN if that’s possible MS DNC and your MS and if you take a look at NBC now I think they’re among the most dishonest reporters of the news okay thank you very much everybody

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