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100 thoughts on “Trump says he has a hunch about the coronavirus. Here are the facts”

  1. Please, all Trump supporters listen to Trump. Even if you're sick get out to his rallies and shake hands with everybody. Show him how deep your support is.

  2. Global rat infestation. It’s a gathering of animal and humane. Not the first time. Read your history. Major spread airline, cruise ships etc. is caring mice aboard spreading to next country mice. Big city’s can easily have high numbers. Key is to use Clorox to clean surfaces and bedding. Rats urinate any where. Low immune system get vitamins c, hand washing no fast foods. Now when D-Con rat poison was banned the rat population is more than human. So now with no control over the rat population folks we have a problem? The Orkin or Pest might can spray. But a common rat infestation is the root. The root is catchy traps to use to not kill but treat with not harming the rat. Now guess what he’s back to harm us. I got some D-Con poison few years the last batch being sold. Do understand matting season is spring so time to put out rat poison, keep putting out side home and especially in back of cabinets laundry room. Also time to put red devil lye through commode sewer to keep rat out we country and southern routine house care. PS any stains on mattresses get some new if it’s not yours. Maybe urine stain from mice or rat urine.

  3. It's obvious this Coronavirus is a Biological Warfare Weapon and the Chinese is in the evaluation stage of development. What pisses me off is NO ONE not even the President who is usually a straight shooter is saying it.

  4. That mass shooters not gonna kill me. I have a hunch he’s not, even though he’s got a gun to my head

  5. When was el presidente * Forever Impeached, briefed on Corona virus? Was there a delay between the time he was briefed and any action was taken? Ask Mulvaney.

  6. I guess I was wrong, he's going to continue his rallies, and look like a real dickhead, The Lord works in mysterious ways?

  7. Don't you people teach the theory of, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…"

    No wonder why there are bullying problems and war mongering related issues in this country.

    We have to keep our enemies close but our friends distanced.

    That would make friendship a rarity.

    What an educational agenda, as when you advise against bullying; but program the mindset for it.

  8. I think he should hold more rallies! And all the Republican Leadership should be there to show their support at each one!

  9. Yep I would believe a 6 time broke $410,000,000.00 silver spooned baby. Tinker of everything master of none!

  10. What's really dangerous about Trump's false claims is that some Americans believe every word that comes out of his dishonest and irresponsible mouth.

  11. I did not think the President was unclear. I understood him perfectly. Many people have this virus so mildly it is just a cold like so many others. Any cold is a danger to certain individuals such as those who have respiratory problems. Some people will use any excuse to bash the President.

  12. You know I think Donald Trump lays on his bed at night naked with a peanut balanced on the end of his dick because that dude is f**** nuts

  13. The strumpit lowlife is now creating the greatest man made disaster in this country, in this decade!! Beyond allowing more pollution, beyond destroying this govt, beyond selling out our parklands, beyond the appointment of heinous judges, beyond allowing pipelines to destroy the land, beyond sucking up to dictators……and on and on and on and on…he is an idiot beyond comprehension. And the fact that the repukes kiss his ass is astoundingly reprehensible!!!! Now, he is not only destroying the land, he is directly responsible for destroying the people. And his idiots, still follow him over the cliff. It must be truly wonderful for them to have someone who is so phenomenally more ignorant, than they are.

  14. It’s because trump knows CNN is full of shit. 16,000 people died from the common flu virus in 2019 and hardly one damn word was said about it. California gets one death from the Coronavirus and declare a state of emergency. The worlds always coming to an end with the damn Democrats “ Just elect us and we will save the world and make everything free in the process” but yet the poor get poorer and they just keep getting richer and more control over the people.Hell more people have died testifying against Hitlery Clinton than have died from the Coronavirus in the US. CNN is just pissed because Trump got acquitted in the senate. They are just moving on to their next tactic, weaponizing this virus to use against him,and like everything else they tried, it’s not going to work.

  15. Ladies and Gentlemen, the pResident of the United Staes, DJT
    ANd thos fucktards point to biden? stfu

    Q You have a favorite opponent?

    THE PRESIDENT: No, I have — I really just — you know, we’ve done a great job. We have the strongest economy on Earth. We — we’ve gone up and, you know — as you know, China’s economy has been hurt very badly, long before this. We’ve done a really good job, and I think people understand that. And I’m looking at polls that are very good.

    But, you know, whoever it is, it is. We’ll take them on. We have no choice, right?

    Anything else? Steve?

    Q Do you have a reaction to the North Korean launch of those missiles yesterday?

    THE PRESIDENT: No, I have no reaction. Short-term missiles? No. No. None.

    Q And on the Afghanistan — was that your first conversation with the leader of the Taliban?

    THE PRESIDENT: I don’t want to say that. But we had a very good conversation with the leader of the Taliban today,

  16. In france coronavirus tests are free and all contamined person are heal free. All people around the contaminde people are tested and sent in quarantine. That have not enough for stop coronavirus expansion. But we have 900 sicks then italy have 4000. And finally that cost less for society.

  17. The cities will be fine but the virus will spread through the red states like wildfire because all those Trump supporters believe the lies he's telling them. Yes, it's just a hoax Trump supporters. Kiss your neighbor, shake hands and touch your face a lot. You have nothing to worry about.

  18. At a time of global crisis, when the new coronavirus has infected more than 100,000 people, killed more than 3,400, and all but shut down whole industries, the world’s scientists and public health officials are working together across ideological and national borders to try to stop the epidemic. That's 3.4%

  19. It will soon dawn on the American public that Trump has ordered a "Stand Down" order on testing for the
    coronavirus. I pray that Pence and the medical team do not "cover up" for Trump this time. Our elderly and
    our sick relatives' lives are on the line. Please God give these Republican ENABLERS a heart and a conscience.

  20. Ohfurfuxsake… , he's got another hunch in his very good mind?
    Washington State alone has over 100 diagnosed and 16 deaths, someone shut him up before he completely destroys America, it's people and the US Constitution.

  21. Once again, trump is ignoring the facts and evidence so he can invent his own reality to make himself feel better. He has some serious mental issues because he is totally incapable of dealing with reality, which is why he invents his own reality to cover up for his total incompetence.

  22. Maybe when trump catches it, he might start to take it seriously. An obese unhealthy old man like trump might be in serious trouble if he catches it.

  23. If Democrats have anything to do with statistics, it can’t be trusted for truth, Democrats know no truth

  24. CNN- Trump doesn't know what he is talking about saying the death rate is lower than %3

    CNN- the death rate may be lower than %3

  25. Come on, Donald, save us from the Corona virus like only you can:

    1) exercise your 2A rights and give it a burst of semi auto fire from an AR-15 (he saw Chief Quimby shoot at the Osaka Flu, and he’s been dying to try it himself)
    2) get Russia to take care of it (hey, it’s worked so far for him, hasn’t it, people?)
    3) use the flu vaccine on it ( well, by Donald’s logic, if there is a winter virus that kills people and is highly contagious, then the same vaccine should work just as well on it; screw science, baby, I’m Donald Trump; I’ll bend science to my will….or failing that I’ll give it a bribe and later deny that I did).
    America, your leader is a dishonest, disreputable, ignorant moron who will lie and later deny what he said. The man literally thinks that when he says “I never said” it means the same as “The words that I said meant…” #hailtothebuffoon.

  26. Trump knows nothing about the coronavirus my fucking ass Dr my ass he will let Americans die on purpose if it spreads it's his fault

  27. Support Trump in times of crisis. CNN is not going to do anything to help you with anything in your life. CNN wants more "crisis situations" Believe me, CNN WANTS more problematic situations. Trump may not be a Doctor, but at least he does care about you and America. CNN is a virus

  28. Globally, almost all of those who died were in China. A small percentage of the rest of the world has died. Check your facts. The CDC stats say: 42.9 million people got sick during the 2018-2019 flu season. 647,000 people were hospitalized. 61,200 people died. If travel was stopped, almost everyone in America would still be negative for COV 19. Travel has been the main cause of this year’s COV spread.

  29. Trump: “You know we have some great people on both sides of the virus, very great people, and Mexico, Mexico is going to pay for the virus. I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and spray corona virus all over New York , and I wouldn't lose any voters, okay? It's, like, incredible”

  30. For once the Orange Idiot is probably not too far off base. (And this is one of his more coherent statements of late!) I don't know about 'way under 1%' but his other points are largely valid. Of course, the other 99% that comes out of his mouth is still BS…..

  31. Hey, since Trump doesn't think the virus is a big deal…then let's use him and his fellow Trumpsters as guinea pigs. No problem…you can still go to work.

  32. He believes his orange over tan spray will protect him from the virus and spread the news to his delusional sheep , now all his followers are buying the same spray . Should of seen them at the rally in arizona , looked like an acre of orange trees ..

  33. Look up the "denominator" issue you can't seem to get. I didn't hear ' personal view'. I guess I just expect people to be long on common sense. I keep forgetting that half the people in this world (and dare I say news stars) are below average intelligence. Please pull up your footage of YOU during the SARS epidemic. 1000 dead and 6 months before that President reacted.

  34. COREY'S DIGS What's Really Going On? Stay Calm https://youtu.be/_b5W23yQEOc Greg Hunter – Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.6.2020 https://youtu.be/J0cblk7S9J4 DEN PANIC NOT PAN DEMIC

  35. He didn't say go to work sick stop twisting the man's words. Stop with your divisive agenda you're hurting the country with your vengeful hate

  36. hunch meaning
    Learn to pronounce
    raise (one's shoulders) and bend the top of one's body forward.
    "Eliot hunched his shoulders against a gust of snow"
    huddle up
    curl up
    hunker down
    stretch out
    a feeling or guess based on intuition rather than fact.
    "I have a hunch that someone is telling lies"
    sneaking suspicion
    gut feeling
    feeling in one's bones
    funny feeling
    sixth sense
    a humped position or thing.
    "the hunch of his back"

  37. STOP IT. Brian Williams of MSNBC just said that Mike Bloomberg could have given every single American one million dollars and still have some left over. He was basing his figures off the fact that Bloomberg had donated 500 million dollars to his campaign. Oops, that would mean that Bloomberg could have given all of us &1.00 each, with "change" left over. Everyone makes mistakes. But when Trump makes one, the CNN's of the world are all over it. Put Biden's gaffs against Trump and see who comes out on top. Instead of donating to Biden's campaign, Bloomberg could put his money to better use, and donate it to C-virus research.

    Trump immediately stopped travel from China. That was ground zero for the virus. Only yesterday did he stop it from Italy, Iran, etc., because of the C-virus. He is willing to let the economy falter, in order to protect U.S. citizens. Obama/Biden waited six months in 2009, before they took any action, and by that time thousands of U.S. citizens had died of the Swine Flu (h1n1 virus). Trump is not God, nor is he a scientist. He did not start the virus. He is following Presidential protocol, and getting advise from the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health, and more. Millions of people get the flu every year, and hundreds of thousands die. There was a flu pandemic in 1918, and they are still studying it, yet there is still no cure, and no way to contain it from everyone. Now, we have the C-virus, and it has the same symptoms as the flu. We are told to prevent it with the same precautions as we would with the flu. Those are directions from the CDC, the NIH and other health organizations. Every president in modern time has depended on these health organizations.

    In regards to immigration, the Dems are for something, until Trump is for it. Watch the YouTube video below to see what the Clinton's, Obama and Schumer said about un-documented immigrants, When it comes to Trump, they cannot agree with what they used to agree with. Trump used to be a Democrat, Bloomberg used to be a Republican. Politics is crazy. We must learn to stop the hate. I have voted all three parties in throughout my voting years. I respect whoever is in the Office of the Presidency. I may not like them, and may not have voted for them, but I respect the Office. I did not vote for Obama, but I respected the Office of the Presidency. I never once called Obama or his supporters bad names. Nancy Pelosi is 2nd in line for President, yet she has never shown respect to Trump. If anyone is going to respect the Office of the Presidency, it should be her. When Bill Clinton was President, Newt Gingrich (R), Speaker of the House, showed Obama the utmost respect. The vitriol and hate has gotten so bad in these times, that it is a sad commentary for America.I try to watch CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. It is hard for me to stay on the first two for very long. Juan Williams of Fox News is hard enough to watch, but at least they are fair and balanced. The CNN's of the world are too full of hate, and I cannot stay tuned to them for long. I like to see both sides of the political spectrum, and decide who I believe is going to be best for America.


  38. if they don't ever even see a doctor, then HOW does he KNOW that they got better from it? HOW do they KNOW they even had the CoronaVirus to begin with, if they NEVER saw a Doctor? 🤷‍♀️

  39. Funny how the quote they make fun of him for is literally explained by the quote they take out of context. He said the actual death rate is much is much lower than 3% because a lot of people get it and get better simply carrying on with their lives and even going to work. He doesn’t know what numbers of people get better without reporting it… so it would be his hunch. But some people certainly carry on without getting severe symptoms. How is that wrong or misleading?

  40. It's an educated Hunch because many more people who had it & do not know are not counted this Hatred you Liberals keep festering will BRING MORE PLAGUES JUST LIKE it did with PHAROAH!! Enjoy your INFECTED HATE FILLED HEARTS!

  41. Lol CNN deleted all my comments, certainly not surprised. Propaganda news shows usually can't take criticism, but they definitely dish it.

  42. To be clear, is there anyone out there who really thinks that he can respond to an emergency with well thought-out action?

  43. Perspective about the danger of Coronavirus…

    The most dangerous place to be in America is inside the womb – 862,000 abortions/yr.
    almost 3,000 a day!!! (Stats from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control)

    Death from heart disease: 647,457

    Cancer: 599,108

    Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936

    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201

    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383

    Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404

    Diabetes: 83,564

    Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672

    Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633

    Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173


  45. Trump had a hunch that he could screw Stormy Daniels, while Melania was pregnant, and not get caught……

  46. Trump knows that if he is not re-elected, that his immunity from prosecution will expire…THAT is why he wants another term.

  47. Trump had a hunch that he could fleece millions of dollars from unsuspecting students, if he opened a University in his name…..and he was right.

  48. Trump had a hunch that he could get N. Korea to stop making Nuclear weapons….how did that work out for us?

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