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26 thoughts on “Trump Reportedly Shaken By Prospect Of Economic Downturn As He Looks To 2020 | Deadline | MSNBC”

  1. Trump always has the Iran card available. Here in the UK a weak and, unpopular Thatcher rebounded because she allowed a minor incident in the falkland is to escalate to a war,which lucky for her was won so her to ride in to her second election win on the publics natural post war high.

  2. Actually, age is a factor for me in 2020. The older candidates will not get my vote. Also, I will vote for a Democrat in the middle of the political stream. No more right or left wing extremists!

  3. The orange tub of lard calls someone out for being overweight??? He needs to see himself in a full length mirror!!! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  4. He just lost the votes of all fat people. I mean those ones that fatty tissues hasn't clogged their brains yet. I will be shocked if America needs an economic downturn to realize Trump is a disaster.

  5. Americans do not support Biden lol. Progressive and Justice democrats see that Republican racist in sheeps clothing for who and what he is!

  6. This is hilarious! I thought this only happened in 3rd world. Remember Reagan? You did it again USA, another bufón in office screwing you all. Here comes China!! #Murica! #Maga! Haha

  7. I think the average Americans hate for the political establishment will save him in the end and this is not just an US phenomenon

  8. I wish we were taking more about the rainforest being on fire. This dude is such a distraction from what’s happening to our planet. He will be long and gone while our planet suffers

  9. I am Danish. Good friends tell good friends when their house is on fire. Dear American PEOPLE: YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!
    PLEASE get Trump out of the WH. In a strayjacket or to Guantanamo for treason. ONLY one laughing atm is PUTIN..for an investment smaller than the engine of a destroyer, into trollfactories, he has sown massive division in US and in the modern western world. Whatever your polls show u should brace for impact. Putin is going to invest more next time.
    Maybe, as an old ally, we could provide you with a Royal Family. It tends to keep politicians more grounded when they on a regular basis has to bow to the Queen. 😉 Maybe Trump would have hesitated in running for President if he knew he had to bow for an intelligent powerfull woman every once in a while?

  10. Trump supporters, don't worry about the economy, Trump ordered the economy to do better.
    Trump opponents beware, we are in an inverted yield curve which is a reliable indicator (wrong once in the last 70 years) the economy is headed for a recession.

  11. Well the middle class people will suffer not the rich not the poor.the working class will die slowly.by the way how we going to stop bullies in our shool while the commander in charge all he does is bully the handicap the obese the less fortunate.what is the moral there .I know money talks bull shut walks.pls a little respect.money. is not all carmine is real for us and our children.it's time to read the word of God .sometimes money will not save us .remember the time of rapture in the bible.let's pray for our land and our leaders.

  12. 1.5 trillion federal budget deficit + trade (economic and technology) war with China = sovereign default/national bankruptcy and a great (economic) recession/depression around 2020

  13. How to spot FAKE NEWS. Watch Rachel Maddow's fake reports that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. she knows and so does most of the world outside of the states, that Hillary took a 140 million 'donation' from the Russians into the Clinton Foundation, (as well as millions from the Saudi's) this could be played against her. So Nancy Pelosi decided to run a fake news campaign that Russia was backing Trump and had meddled in the elections. all of which was obviously fake. But Rachel Maddow was the lead propagandist for them. if you want a real Democrat in then Vote Bernie Sanders, with Tulsi Gabbard as foreign secretary. then the people of the US will get the government that works for them, and not for the Corporations.

  14. Before this dotard was president, many stupid ppl actually thought he would be a brilliant president. After almost 4 yrs, america is almost destroyed by itself because of this dotard literally damaged the economy, the military, the health care, the farms, friendship with the eur allies and canada and mexico, guns control, immigrations, tax control etc. America is literally destroyed by this one man cahoot with the republicans .

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