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100 thoughts on “Trump offers peace to Iranian people hours after Iran strikes US military bases”

  1. I wouldn't believe this woman who left Iran at 16 ( she's clearly not happy with any Iranian gov ) and is called expert for the fact that my eyes has seen those people demonstrating their anger. The people can feel bad no government is needed for that. All this people is out their for comedy ?! Look how streets are unbelievably full ! And I should believe this 1 anti Iranian gov expert? The people is angry and has the right to. It is pointless to bring up lies to argument your opinion. Some people hates to be contradictory, thats why they always try to keep their old and new speech in the same coherence. But Mrs expert one single reality today can change the whole truth that existed yesterday. I feel this woman has hated Iranian gov forever.
    In my ordinary opinion, President Trump should have:
    1) captured him, put him in quarantine give him a trial and opportunity to express his right of defense. Then he's sentenced if found guilty.
    2) given more details in his speech to the nation by enumerating facts and elaborating each and every of them. He should have brought a bunch of proofs to totally devilize the defunct General in the eyes of the Iranians and the international community during his aftermath pledge.
    3) He should have presented his sincere apology to the Iranian people out there, to the defunct family, and to Iranian gov. Then he should have introduced immediate alleviating policies for Iran, and for the defunt's family. So that people will feel that it was not his mere will but a "necessity " maybe.

  2. Not enough Americans to fight this war lol 8 billion against 300 million Americans? Not a fair fight, 200 million are Facebook/Twitter fatties 😂😂😂

  3. Peace means Iran will vow to US and become slave of USA. USA and Britain destroys the native culture wherever they go.

  4. All of this all these wars are because the bankers want to expand Israel. Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump are all dance to the tune of the bankers and Israel. America please get a hold of your money creation process, kick out these TV leaders and get yourself some real leadership before the whole of the USA ends up like Camden, NJ.

  5. Another Human Cannot Tell Anyone What To Do, Where To Live, How To Think Or What To Say, Government Corporate Employees Should Be KILLED Especially Any And All President's Including The Child That's The President Now

  6. I See Everyone Must Think Countries Are A Different World, When It's Just Earth And Some People Who Thinks They Are A President When They Are Just A Plain Ol Human, Can Rule Over Other Humans, Nobody Rules Over Me,

    NO MASTER, Period.

    You People Are Pathetic LMAO…..Begging For Masters Uhh Ohhh I'll Vote This Time Yea…..Go Beg Slaves

  7. I’m tired of keeping track on this Iran vs u.s. beef I’m clicking on the next video, storage wars top 5 biggest fights

  8. I think the people of iran will deny this peace offer, because they may think that trump is being weak and scared of the consequences to come, and i agree. But, Well thats just what i think

  9. Oppression is horrible you are told what to do how to do it from the day you are born
    Who to worship
    Who do you love
    From the government to your parents then you then your children
    Individuality is a crime
    For the life of me I will never understand
    Why the democratic system in this country would support that??
    Their hatred clouds their judgment
    The fact is this man was evil and so is the government that he supports
    So if you don't like it here and the freedoms we have leave the country and go move there
    It seems to me they're thinking lines up with a democratic system of thinking
    Civil rights is a joke countries like this
    God bless our country🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. This time Iran has no choice but to accept responsibility for their actions. In the past their acts of terror were done by proxy but this one is directly tied to them.

  11. The Iranian people are suffering from the Helsinki syndrome. They have been held captive for so long. They know no other way.

  12. Pshhh the iranian military, they need to bow down and cover their face like they make their women do. Smut shmeer of a country

  13. Pelosi is busy giving comfort by words and deeds to the enemies of America and pandering to the press that encourages a hate campaign against Trump who proves to be restrained in his use of force. Trump is trying to establish deterrence to reign in Iran's regime exporting and supporting proxy fighters in an unstable part of the world. Pelosi should end the politics where the water begins. Nobody want to see Americans killed or injured or Iranians for that matter. Soleimani was a GENERAL not a Gandhi. Soleimani had been a problem for decades for both Americans and Israelis

  14. The People in lran are a little like the people in most Countries & the US where the Government's & the Elites don't care about the people Look at the Middle Class & the JOBS that have gone out of the US All they want is Power & $$$ CHANGE IS

  15. Trumps the most unstrustworthy head of any country on the planet right now. Fox viewers see him as their massiah or perhaps their prophet. Trump 2020

  16. Obama is everything P-Dump isn’t, Smart, Handsome, Polite and Ohh sooo Cool. Did I mention he knows how to spell. P-Dump has the education of maybe a 6th grader. What does that tell you about his supporters? NEVER trump 2020💩

  17. VIVA PAHLAVI,S DYNASTY.💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜


  19. Russia are the winners in all this. The intelligence they provided to usa about the iranian number two is priceless. Syria iran Iraq Lebanon. If the Middle think America is bad. Just wait until Russia strip you all dry.

  20. Oh yes I know…. but all the missiles they shot at the US Army bases…. not only did a lot of a miss their targets but they did very minimal to no damage. Unless they want T 52s coming their way they need to negotiate a peace treaty that EVERYONE can agree with…. not one more than any other

  21. I’m not a fan of trump, but I’m happy and respect that he wasn’t too arrogant and offered peace so that this doesn’t go out of hand into a war where many innocent people are killed
    Thank you trump (never thought I would write that phrase🤣)

  22. Sorry trump,don't like you no more,ask your wife why,secrets and lies is the only way to try and rebuild a life a trump,you horrible people end of

  23. Too late. There's an 80 million dollar bounty on our president's head. They only thing he's done for Iran is unite them against us.

  24. Trump most show all the people from Iran that are living in America on how good they are living, that the Iranians can see that America is for help

  25. Iran ,China and Russia vs Amerika
    This is great equals match..
    Don't forget to watch on live ppv @ UFC 300

  26. Trump’s own DOJ just proved, after a two-year investigation, all the accusations Trump made against Clinton are false. Just tack them on Trump’s List of LIES.

  27. There will never be peace between the US and Iran so long as the US continues to terrorise the world. There may be treaties, but they will always be called and considered the enemy, and the treaties would be temporary and only if it would need to be done for the betterment of the ummah, that’s what the prophet did, yes he signed temporary treaties with the enemy but they were always considered the enemy, they never had peace with the enemy, they had treaties.

  28. What happened to your 52 Iranian targets? Finally trump realized iran wasn't bluffing. Idiot trump should seek peace before the attack. If i was Iranian leader, i would have killed all US soldiers where they don't belong. Iranians can take care of themselves, they don't want US to play police around them

  29. No way that is a show for America utter bs…and most these ppl coming on these talk shows are paid or manipulated to mislead the masses of lost ppl

  30. America's downfall has started! If US had no guts to stand for what it believed to be good then it should not have started it. This step of US of backing up has resulted in losing the position of World's Super Power.
    Now China and other countries also will give befitting reply to America.
    Those days of America are vanishing.

  31. The Europeans and the left in America support the Iranian regime. Not willing to take action to remove them from power. They see the Iranian people being killed and they still want to do business with the regime. Hypocrisy from the left.

  32. that man is funny… how many us troops died in iranian missile attack on two airports in iraq??? official statement is no casualties???? do you really believe that????? WAKE UP. YOUR KIDS DIE FOR MONEY, NO FREEDOM, NO JUSTICE

  33. Hey heres an idea Mr President. Bring our troops home, throw the UN out, and take away Fed Reseeve ability to print our money. Now you may have to stay away from windows and make Catholic priests share your meals before you eat but with that and disbanding the IRS we can take back our wealth and live well in the world.

  34. this polical things are complicated. but alls have reasons. people don't know. important now think about people. what's done it's done. take the Pacific way now. because in war there more to loose. its in vain

  35. 2 days later Iran forced to admit they shotdown Ukraine airliner Iranian people by the 1000s protesting in the streets solemeni is a murderer and demanding Iran government step down.

  36. Trump wants war with Iran until iranian shot down ukraine jetliner in Iran.
    He was expecting to make sparked and USA to involve in the war against Iran.
    Fooling Americans and pressure to get re-elected in November.
    He was trying to use innocent Americans and gain more supporters to see he just killed somebody to keep you safe.
    Lucky other sides catch him before Senate impeachment began.
    He could have put us in mesh years to come.

    But he don't gets support

  37. War with Iran 🇮🇷 possibly USA 🇺🇸 win but surly 😡 USA have to pay big price of citizen lives and money . Iran war is harder and tougher then IRAQ 🇮🇶 war.

  38. He really did get a Slap to the Face.
    Don't listen to the dissents of Iran because the people voted for their leader is democracy

  39. A future? That's why you set sanctions on Iran that cause Iranians to die because you don't want Iran to have a nuclear bomb for defense and counterattack just as Russia does.

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