-If he would have raised them
half — just half — and if he would not have done
the quantitative tightening, our market would have been up
another 10,000 points. Frankly, if we ever got interest
rates down where they should be, and if they weren’t
raised so fast, you would see another probably
10,000 points on the Dow. I think I would have been
10,000 points higher, and I think we would have been
in the 4s with GDP. President Obama had
zero interest rates. We have normalized
interest rates. I could be sitting here,
right now, with a stock market
that would be up 10,000 points, if I didn’t want to do it. But I think we have no choice
but to do it. And let me tell you, if I wanted
to do nothing with China, my stock market —
our stock market — would be 10,000 points
higher than it is right now. But somebody had to do this. To me, this is much more
important than the economy. Somebody had to do this. We had to do it with China. Had to be done. And I’m not even talking
about purely economically. I’m talking about in other ways,

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49 thoughts on “Trump now says his trade war is hurting the stock market”

  1. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 thank you Trump! down with the CCP … I’m a Democrat if you keep this up with China you have my vote 😊

  2. Why can't democrats and the media just fairly analyse the US China dispute and support the US position if the facts support it?

  3. Starts trade war against China because he feels China is hurting American economy. Then says that starting trade war with China is more important than the economy. Makes sense.

  4. The whole world is laughing at Little Donny Fail-Fail.

    The whole world is laughing at his mentally defective MAGAsucker fans, too.

  5. Little Donny Fail-Fail is a weak man's idea of a strong man, a poor man's idea of a rich man, a coward's idea of a courageous man,

    and a stupid man's idea of a smart man.

  6. so as trump said the economy is not important he dishonors china by trying his bully tactics on them when china holds all the cards trump will lose this war just like he's lost 98% of his businesses before he became president everything trump trump touches dies and america will pay the price for trump's stupidity

  7. Just like a REAL 'stable genius', … 'this is a (possible) recession you will have to have'. … And who said he does not think? If only he could fire a nuke or two, just to prove a point. It is very hard to be as smart as he is, you know. … Needs a hair cut too.

  8. Blah, Blah , Blah… keep saying "if" you moron, "if" doesn't have a premise without information paired with action …and if it wasn't for Obama our economy wouldn't be where its before you screwed it over.

  9. Raise the tariffs to 1000% Mr. President! Lets show these God hating commies we mean business. Trump 2020! Death to the organ harvesting evil CCP!

  10. When the truth about China finally is realized President Trump will go down in history as the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. He is trying to save America. Things are happening in China right now that rival the Nazi concentration camps.

  11. The fact that donny limits his estimate at 10,000 points lets you know he actually understands just how badly he screwed things up. If he felt it wasn't so obvious to everyone, he would have put his "10,000 to 30,000 points, some say 50,000 to 70,000 points higher, maybe even 100,000 points higher" spin on it.


  12. America, you elected a moron to be POTUS. What a waste of time, money, energy, and resources. All that you have ever worked for are now going up in smoke. He is not making America great again. He is making America stupid again, a loser, just like him. Sad.

  13. 2.5 is not normal 2% isnt normal.

    It is historically extremely low 5% or higher is normal. This is stupidly low rates for the amount of risk. No same person will loan anyone for 2%. Less than official rate of inflation what that means is no gain or negative interest rates where you lose money for loaning to gov. At 0%.

    Right now interest rates are equal to official and slightly negative rate of inflation.

    This is stupid idiotic. No one sane will loan money then. It is in fact banks doing it that can get 0% loans not anyone with real assets cause banks money is free or worthless money they made.

  14. For those who still call China communist, please make a self check for brain damage caused by brain wash, China is not communist country for decades, they just claim they are, in fact China is feudalism capitalism, or call it capatalism at very early stage, it has central regime with high efficiency of execution, low hunman right, no democrazy, no work unions, low social welfare. it has higher efficiency based on cruelty. you don't call it communism, communism society is almost a big work union itself, workers can get salary without working, it has very low efficiency or productivity, absolute social welfare for everyone, like north Korea. if you think that China is communist country like many politicians do, you won't have a clue of what is going on, those politicians are brain wahsed by the media and they make their judgement based on the wrong information. communism economy are not supposed to grow at all

  15. a sign of the capitalist system being destroyed

    a sign that there will be a new economic system

    a sign that there is a threat of a third world war China Russia North Korea Turkey and friends against the United States and allies

  16. Fake record of success…fake life…fake persona…fake paintings…fake diamonds…fake tan…fake education…fake empathy…fake fake fake fake fake….it should be no goddamned surprise to anyone why fake seems to be Trump's favorite word.

  17. We all know the president likes to boast. This video has no substance much like Washington Post's articles pertaining to Donald Trump.

  18. House owners all know one rule, if things are not broken, don't fix it. Economists know that golden rule.
    Yet Trump does not know it. He has to screw it. Reasoning aside, in the end he will be he one who is screwed.

    He intellectual deficiency is he does not study history and he does not study philosophy.

    History: 1930s American government play trade war resulted in the great depression.
    Philosophy, China's economic growth benefits all countries who do business with them. Trump has been advising North Korean President that North Korea could benefit from Chins's growth. Yet Trump does not know that applies to the US economy, too. He has to turn blind when it comes to the US – China trade benefit. At one point he even said "We don't have to do business with them (China)". Hello?

    As smart as Trump is his deficiency will bring the US to depression, and he will be the very president who watches China and the world marching ahead leaving the US behind. This is the historical depth and philosophical prospect of this trade war.

  19. WE NEED NO TALK ON ECONOMY from Liberals. Every single time I get off a plane and land in one of your cities, it's filled with trash, tents, homelessness, and smells like crap. I also tend to notice something else about Liberal Cities. The "Ghetto" or "Government Housing" is always on a separate side of the city. In other words, the blacks are segregated on the opposite side of town as the whites. Here in Texas, we build the University right next to the 3rd Ward. Understandable though, liberals voted for slavery, so I can understand why they would still want to segregate them. But now Liberals have a whole new problem. The poverties feeling their cities, and the trash problem, is turning into rat problems, and it's getting worse and worse to land in a LIBERAL CITY, so please do not discuss Economics. Our Texas Neighborhood, 65% of the neighborhood, (neighbors to the left, right, across the street) again, 65% of our neighborhood is Ex-Californians. $4.50 a gallon vs. $1.75 gallon for milk. $2,500. for a 3 bedroom house vs $900. a month for a 3 bedroom house In Houston, Dallas, San Antionio, or Austin, or even with water front property on the gulf coast. State taxes there. No State taxes here. Double the price for groceries. I get it. I understand why they moved. ECONOMICS is JACKED IN LIBERAL CITIES.

  20. Yeah. The war with China is "justice", no matter what's the consequences, we are always standing at "correct" side.
    God bless us as we are "good" , and we create enemies and they are always "bad".
    No matter what is going on, please support America, as we are the "holy" one.

  21. US has to do something to hold #1 global rank in the long run. Trump is doing something, does not matter how painful it is and he is taking the blame. I am not from US but it well can be that he will be elected again.

  22. What a moron!’ I can’t believe this guy is our president. Get him out of office before he does more damage or something really bad happens.

  23. President"Dumb F**k" just figured out that the trade war is hurting the stock market. No doubt about it he has a good brain and he studied at Trump U. What a pathetic heap of feces he his!

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