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100 thoughts on “Trump Fixation On Exonerating Russia Entangles William Barr, Pompeo | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. This woman sounds like she is narrating instead of reporting the news, and her voice is annoying and as a female, I do not like to throw shade at another female but this chick needs to STFU and get REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Rachel, they are doing the groundwork to lay the foundation to justify a pardon for Paul Manafort – because Manafort is probably using Impeachment as leverage to say; "Pardon me now, or else I start talking."

  3. Hmm…. What if Pompeo is indeed the whistleblower? The plot thickens… I've been saying all along that, the minute one dirty rat jumps off from burning ship all the other rats will follow.

  4. that was a very well organized, and sequential, explanation of events. I heard trump say, AGAIN, today no one has been harder on Russia than him. yet ANOTHER lie from our glorious autocrat. I still find it so hard to believe that ANY American would support and defend the absolute authoritarian takeover of our govt by ANYONE much less a buffoon like trump. he's selling us out to foreign interests, propagating absurd conspiracy theories and acting like he's king, dictator almighty and all the trump cult can do is rain praise and adulation on this moron. that isn't funny at all. its EXTREMELY dangerous. the trump cult present a very serious threat to OUR country. and I, for one, will oppose and fight them at every turn. WE NEED LESS FASCISM IN THIS COUNTRY NOT MORE!

  5. I always thought that behind ttrump playing stupid stood his hidden agenda. Let them think that I am stupid..

  6. I wish we could just fast forward to waking Trump at dawn, giving him his last meal and introducing him to a wall.

  7. Trump needs to find a way to undermine the Mueller report because the findings in it would be sufficient to charge a regular citizen for obstruction of justice – meaning the report can still be used to indict him the moment he leaves office, thus his need to find a way to get rid of it before he leaves office.

  8. Rachel are you insane, just asking ? You Idiots have no chance, are full of BS, and Trump is going win by a landslide in 2020 !

  9. Very sensible argument but I still don’t see why Trump has to go above and beyond to support Russia? What does he stand to gain from that?

  10. The truth will come out soon as soon as the investigation of the origin of the Russian collusion is completed let wait and see. Because it started in Ukraine which led Paul Manafort to go to prison for taxes fraud.Let wait who paid for phony dossier and who lied to FBI and colluded with foreign governments to interfere the US election. Let wait and see. Adam Schiff told the American people over two years that he has the solid evidences of Russian collusion with Trump and expected Robert Mueller + 18 the best of the best Democrat lawyers + 40 FBI spent more than 30 millions dollars till can not find any evidence of the Russian collusion with Trump. The American people want the truth not fake news and propaganda.

  11. Nobody is above the law not even the president except Joe Biden caught on tape that he said to the Ukrainian President if the Ukrainian prosecutor who investigated the corrupted company which his son works for, was not fired, you would not get billion dollars . No different from Hillary Clinton returning the favor to Russian company for the Uranium one deal after Russian billionaire donated millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation and paid Bill Clinton hundreds of thousands dollars per speech.

  12. RM: "Since World War II, we have not seen countries using their military to just seize parts of other countries and make them their own…"

    I have to disagree slightly with this. This is roughly exactly what Saddam Hussein did to Kuwait when Iran invaded that country saying it was a part of the old Persian Empire and therefore "belonged" to Iran, although, despite "boundary disputes" with Kuwait, he did not, in fact, take over only part of Kuwait, but instead claimed the entire country.

  13. He did not say the money was contingent on cooperation that is a lie. Barr has been following the evidence of the investigation that he announced he was going to follow. Rachal Maddow states she is giving an editorial right, she is not pretending she an objective news reporter is she? Please tell me she states up front that she is voicing her own or the station's own editorials and opinions. If this is supposed to be factual news reporting just the words she is using reveals her to be garbage.

  14. And we cannot charge him with treason as we have no formal deceleration of war with Russia even though Trump has and continues to do so.

  15. Sorry, but I just cannot stand your style, any more! Everything coming out of your mouth sounds like russiagate!

  16. Rachel Maddow, the Explainer in Chief. It’s amazing watching all these little bits and pieces finally falling into place and explaining the bigger picture. What must Putin have over Trump???

  17. Now that we have leverage, we should insist that Ukraine turn over its mineral rights to us if they don't want to become a vassal of Russia.
    America first!

  18. Come on, Mad Cow, no matter how great your effort, your done as a partisan liar who sold his soul to the Democrat Devil! Only the dumbest still listen to you, you cheap fraud!

  19. wait!! arent you just describing obstruction of muller investigation? isnt that impeachable on its own?
    now the golden shower dossier seems more and more credible

  20. Right on MSNBC let's bomb Russia !! And you are correct let's upgrade our military bases , I say we double the bases around the world and use good concrete so the don't deteriorate so fast , also super bright red white and blue paint so the dirty Russians can see us across the border . We should show Putin that he is not a man and his people are nothing !!! When has Russia ever helped the USA ?? Never , not during the revolutionary war they had ships back then !! Not during ww1 !!! Not even in ww2 ! Let's go Americans we can all get on ships and planes with our guns and just take care of it !! USA

  21. Ok, I now get it. Ukraine is corrupt. They are trying to corrupt our # honest leaders. #how dare they? Of cause it must be crooked Hillary, Obama Schiff, and e everybody in Democrat party, including me. But no problem. The #honorable Rudy is going unearth the whole Democrat BS. (guys am being sarcastic).

  22. At the next congressional hearing, if any of these mutts get held in contempt, Congress should sent them direct to DC Jail (general population) bypass the Capitol Police lockup.

  23. I thought I read that Mr Pompeo has warned the CONGRESS that he wasn’t going to take any BS/ crap from them. Is the Congress going to heed to this warning or they are just going to pretend as if they are unaware of it?

  24. Donald Trump is the most dangerous internal terrorist planted in the United States. He is ripping apart the core values of America. He must be stopped. It's ludicrous that this unhinged demagogue is president of the United States.

  25. Hey Rachel, when the dust settles, we are coming after you. You are now a criminal obstructing justice. If Trump's administration doesn't get you, we will. I hope you like orange jumpsuits because you will be wearing one for a very long time.

  26. Rachel Maddow is a piece of puppet sh_! MSNBC is the people's enemy! Joe Biden is puppet sh_ too! Don't get it twisted I can't stand Trump either! Obummer SUCKED big time nothing but a creepy KILLER!

  27. Pompeo is a graduate of West Point , and he publicly Lied ! That is disgracing West Point ! That is a sacred oath West Point Graduates take ! Aside from protecting the USA , I’m shocked that he threw away his honor and disgrace West Point!

  28. Putin's puppet still trying to get those sanctions dropped to help Russia and that also helps Putin whose time in power is tied to dropping those sanctions. See , Putin can't run again unless there is a change to their Constitution allowing it and that depends upon public support for it in Russia and he has been slipping there because of the bad economy over there. Get it now ?

  29. "I'll discredit the US intel services for you Putti, so you can get those sanctions lifted quick before I am thrown out of office, if you pay me all that gold you promised me and forgive all the loans I owe you "- Donald J . (stands for JERK) tRump. The last acts of a desperate corrupt man and his henchmen.

  30. I believe POTUS said yesterday that Pompeo and others were on the call. But hey great scope on that one, idiots!!

  31. So did Russia – desperate to overturn those sanctions – offer to use Russian CYBER warfare on the American voting and election process to ensure Trump is the next president and in return, do everything in his power to lift those sanctions, on top of his side deals with Russian oligarchs who've invested to pay the Trump family to fund their loans, debts and international projects?

  32. "That was five years ago" Ah, the good old days, when people of honesty and integrity were in charge. Makes me teary remembering.

  33. This is just so disgusting it makes me feel sick. The fact that Ukraine is fighting for its survival and Trump is using that to leverage them for his personal agendas is vile. That aid is without terms….especially not to help a corrupt president trying to cover up and commit crimes. He's just a thug, seriously. What Russia is doing to Ukraine is disgusting and Trump is using that and with his weird relationship with Putin, who we know has become one of the richest men in Europe since taking (he was not voted in) the position of totally corrupt, ex-KGB, assassin of political opponents and many others, Russian leader, whom Trump aspires to. Seriously, Trump is such a worm I don't know how people can support him…it boggles the mind. They (republicans) think he is being attacked and that he has done wonderful things for the country and that democrats are racist and are trying to destroy democracy. I seriously don't understand…and I am no fan of Hilary or any corrupt politicians! They won't even acknowledge that him asking another country for help to get dirt on his political opponent, while holding back promised aid, is a crime.

  34. Laufman, in the WAPO said it is highly unorthodox for the AG to be flying around investigating what happened with the CIA and FBI under Comey and Brennan. Why did they not mention it is highly unorthodox for the director of the Fricking Bumbling Idiots to be spying on the President and the Clowns In America to be engaging in sedition. NO COLLUSION! You lied about it for two and a half years. Trump has a right to get to the bottom of it. What are you Dems so afraid of? Trump has smashed the collusion narritive any everyone associated with it. You have no credibility Maddow and just cater to an audience with TDS. Americans owe Trump for crapping all over a corrupt establishment. Trump is us giving a corrupt establishment the middle finger. Tear it down, Don!

  35. Trump is trying to bridge a friendship between russia and the us for world peace —— trump is trying to bring a peaceful world

  36. You don't need a PhD to figure the PROPAGANDA. Still beating the Russia invaded Crimea, dead horse. OVER 90% of Crimeans voted to be "invaded" by Russia, not to mention WHY we want to poke the nuclear power bear. We the MIC (military Industrial complex) and the deep state NEED A ENEMY.Thanks for the spin Rachel. We need to regain the house and this helps immensely.

  37. You don't need a PhD to figure the PROPAGANDA. Still beating the Russia invaded Crimea, dead horse. OVER 90% of Crimeans voted to be "invaded" by Russia, not to mention WHY we want to poke the nuclear power bear. We the MIC (military Industrial complex) and the deep state NEED A ENEMY.Thanks for the spin Rachel. We need to regain the house and this helps immensely.

  38. Democrats are flipping out because the IG report is about to come out. They figure if they can throw more dirt before the report comes out, they won't look as bad. Obama, Clinton, Biden, Holder, Rice, Pelosi, Schiff, Comey, Nadler, etc. are all heading to prison. The closer the President gets to the truth, the more the swamp is freaking out.

  39. Screw Yanukovich, but he was "thrown out" by a #MolotovCoup*.

    Try that in USA!
    ONE molotov flies in DC and it's OVER!

    * And just succeeded by another oligarch.

  40. He's investigating Joe biden's criminal activities and you lefties don't like it you will lose again Trump 20/20!!!

  41. I'm from Sweden and many with me here can't figure out what is actually happening in the USA? During my working life with the United Nations, the Swedish foreign office and the Europe Union I have always met with and befriended colleagues and counterparts from the United States and have had no problems or conflicts of interest so what is happening now is for me extremely difficult to understand! I feel deeply uncomfortable and sorry for all those citizens from the USA I have met as friends, colleagues and counterparts!

  42. MSNBC – Please give Rachel Maddow a raise.
    Rachel has gone along with every Russian Conspiracy Theory that a "progressive"
    can name, every lie conceived about Donald Trump, and every possible scenario
    of stupidity that the mind can conceive. She has done this for money. She has
    done this without questioning and it has all been proven false. Give Rachel a
    raise, she has done everything MSNBC has asked and more and continues even
    after it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that 2-1/2 years of reporting
    was worthless lies and distortions of the left. She deserves a raise especially now
    as she continues to say the same things.
    Thanks ……. Interested Listener and devoted "progressive" Russian Conspiracy alarmist

  43. TIWH is determined, yes Terrorist In White House is determined to do as much damage as he can and he’s also laughing all the way to the bank! But every dog has it’s day and this dirty one will pay big time when the American people wake up.

  44. 2014 Crimean status referendum – Wikipedia


    "VTsIOM reported that 97% of ethnic Russians, 91% of ethnic Ukrainians, 49% of ethnic Tatars, and 92% of all other ethnic groups would vote for Crimea to join Russia, while 1% of ethnic Russians, 4% of ethnic Ukrainians, 26% of ethnic Tatars, and 2% of all other ethnic groups would vote to remain an autonomous region of Ukraine."

  45. Biden is as corrupt as they get. All of them are on deep doo doo because they are guilty.

    Hillary. Brennan. McCabe. Comey. Schiff the liar. Pelosi. They all had corrupt dealings with the old Ukraine government They are freaking out because Barrband Durham And Giuliani and others all now have hard proof of Obama era crimes. It was a coup attempt.

  46. Nothing on MSNBC can be trusted in any way ever. That network is a fraud. Overpaid biased talking heads reading scripts.

    Go ahead. Preach to the choir Get all excited but they are going down soon

  47. all this journalism but still nobody mentioned the fact that these people are criminals and should be prosecuted as such because only hard time will prevent future would-be tyrants trying funny things!! JAIL TIME just like everybody else is what these group of so-called politicians need, this is the cure Jail and dishonorable discharge


  49. disgusting. ukraine is largely still at war, dealing with an invasion, trying to take care of their country – meanwhile, all the orange primate cares about is his himself..

    at this point, anyone still supporting trump should lose their citizenship and be thrown out of the country after their dear leader is impeached. put them on a boat and send them off. if they dont like this constitution, let them leave.


  51. Wow again — if you really want to understand the entirety of a complex situation, let Maddow lay it out for you — thanks, Rachel!

  52. Well it's been a week B and I don't see Pompeo walking around in handcuffs yet, I guess it wasn't much of a crime like you were saying.

  53. Billions of taxpayer money footing the bill for all expenses paid towards Barrs travels around the world. Taxpayer monies paying for travels back and forth to Ukraine for all these trump cronies. Again, nobody attending the peoples business. We're stuck with a crooked president. And so is his entire administration. He ain't no patriot either. He's only concerned with over stuffing his pockets to make up for all the money he lost before he was president. He is an illigitamate prez. He only won by cheating and frauding the elections.

  54. Great Trump rally last night, don't you think Boys & Girls . Thousands of American loving patriots , and just have to love the Cops for Trump ! Then we have your side in the street throwing rocks and urine at the police. Now that's a winning strategy ……Trump 2020 !

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