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100 thoughts on “Trump Faces Huge Leadership Crisis Over Coronavirus And The Economy | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”

  1. I wouldn't say Trump shades the truth. I would just say he is a pathelogical liar, and can't tell the truth. My father was a WWll vet., and like many didn't finish high school. He was, however an intelligent man, and taught me a man is only as good as his word. Also that a man's word was his bond. I know both of these principles seem old fashioned now. However by these principles Donald Trump is less than nothing, and his lieing influence, on the uneducated, that follow him, could be costly to their health.

  2. Wait, do you mean a new leadership crisis with Trump or an escalation of the leadership crisis we've had since January 2017? What leadership!!! Leadership means clear communications, being responsible for THOSE YOU SERVE, and accepting accountability when thing go badly. Which of these has Trump demonstrated? Trump's version of leadership is:
    a) rigging the system/game through back channel to ensure the scales are tilted in his favor,
    b) always claiming victory and expecting continuous praise,
    c) perpetuating deceptions and disinformation to his followers and continuously reinforcing those lies,
    d) eliminating or demonizing the voice of opposing view points, and
    e) blaming someone else who, logic be damned, has been vilified to his supporters – any convenient person from the enemies list.

    I would say that Trump's response to COVID 19 is more of a continuation of the leadership crisis that has been ongoing since January 2017. Honestly, is there anyone who thought Trump's leadership abilities would improve during this pandemic? Who really expected a different outcome?

    Trump has to go!!! It seems six of Trump's criminal co-conspirators from the overtly rigged impeachment trial are now in self-quarantine due to exposure to COVID 19. I would prefer seeing them in exile for their treachery. While if infected I will not wish them ill, but I also will not wish them well. As it is said, "fruits of your labor", especially "if first you practice to deceive…"

  3. Fox News needs to be registered under FARA. This is obscene. Now the coronavirus is part of an impeachment scam? So, they tout that legitimate criticism of Trump is all a scam to impeach? They are filling their zombie audiences with false ideas that there are basically no legitimate concerns in regards to this constant manipulator who appears to be involved with crimes against humanity. They are on the level of NK in their manipulation of facts. No coincidence they are encouraging their viewers to listen to no one other than their network. That isn’t journalism. That is Kim Jung Un/Pol Pot level 1984. https://twitter.com/ndrew_lawrence/status/1237174846355841024

  4. Ppl it's a strong common flu and some ppl are too weak, old and health condition stay home. We can not make ppl not go out. We chose to go out or work.

  5. I see with my little eye… that the deep staters couldn't afford an election loss, so they released a virus in China to take down the economy. NOT a Trump supporter so don't try and take it there.

  6. Hope they get the virus, and has to be hospitalized. Only then will they take it seriously and save America, and stop pulling the world down with them.

  7. I hate Trump to the marrow of my bones but for some strange reason I don't want him to get infected. I hope he stays healthy while his ridiculous train wreck of a presidency comes to a crashing halt in November. Keep doing your weird sh*t Trump, fortunately for us you are your own worst enemy. If he does get sick though, I'm certainly not going to be shedding tears about it.

  8. This is some type of biblical apocalyptic scenario.
    I am practically Atheist yet I welcome the ruin of the rich, greedy, corrupt and people in power.
    I did not create this mess, the mess is taking care of a bigger mess.

  9. I think MSNBC has lost all credibility with there latest math blunder 🤦🏼‍♂️ Of course the DOW is going to drop, it's ran by feelings 🤦🏼‍♂️

  10. Protect yourself in public, wearing a mask is fine … Wear gloves/ washing your hands !!! Its making contact with or touching anything an infected person has touched also! Media should be advising ppl how to protect themselves at work..at grocery stores, etc……

  11. How can people support this toolbag after listening to him talk for more than 30 seconds…. unreal. Worst vocabulary ever

  12. Italy and UK now rationing their "socialized free healthcare for all"…soon Canada will too> socialist free stuff doesn't work, folks.

  13. I hope you're using the word "Leadership" loosely when referring to Trump. The imbecile couldn't lead a Congo line.

  14. The notion of "leadership crisis" is hardly news, as donald dump is no leader, and never will be. Moreover, donald dump doesn't even try!

  15. Can you imagine if the president and his staff are effected with the virus. Only 3 individuals quarantine themselves, whereas multiple people came in contact with possible infected individuals. This is a prime example why it's spreading so rapidly around the world.

  16. Well, with the market's sharp rise after the corporate elites decided to try to stop Bernie and M4All, seems rather fitting that their spoils disappeared.

  17. W.H.O. and Calif Gov Gavin Newsom say that Trump is doing a beautiful perfect job with the CV19 virus.

  18. You know he is an expert on capatalism when he decides to help privatly owned businesses from “ things that are not their fault”.Someone missed Econ 101

  19. Please Trump , continue to gather your followers at indoor rallies and pass out the cool aid.
    You need to separate yourselves, hold hands and sing kumbaya.

  20. Incredibly stupid man that guy Trump is. He’s a President?? Wow, you Trumpers are not only stupid, you are insane too. Trump has brought out the worst of America, now the universe will conspire to take you out. That is how it has always worked. This time it’s the Corona beer virus! The disease will take down the super power and the rest of the world won’t help because they are busy saving their own people. I hope the crashing stock markets continue to wipe out Trump and rich crony friends!!! As much as I hate seeing average people get hurt by this, there is a certain satisfaction in watching the rich have meltdowns!

  21. Largest single day drop in history in the stock market another Trump first… hey America are you getting the hint yet Trump is not on your side.

  22. Look at CPAC. Was trying to be ugly with Mitt Romney by not inviting him to the conference and them mofos was exposed to the virus. Voting to impeach was a blessing to Mitt and he said it was his relationship with God that caused him to vote for impeachment. Wow!!!!

  23. Trump won't let anybody in his administration get tested. Only a traitor would make the number of cases go up. It's his version of "don't ask, don't tell".

    "Don't test, don't know".

  24. Uuuhhh this virus is a doing a wonderful job. Some are saying probably like nobody's ever seen. Just a tremendous virus. Maybe the greatest virus in the history of this country. We'll see what happens but it's doing a wonderful job.

  25. We should try to keep politics out of this and all take every efforts to contain this virus. I have to work although I know that there has been confirmed cases here in Germany where I'm living. I pray that it will all be under control when I fly home to San Antonio Texas in June. I miss my family and friends. Europe is in a panic State which doesn't help the situation. Stay healthy and use common hygiene sense.

  26. Amazing how politicians get tested so quickly and get answers quickly. Meanwhile, healthcare workers who are self-quarantined and asking for tests so they can find out their own answers are still waiting. Politicians must be more valuable?

  27. So trump is going to make sure companies don’t get negativity impacted by something that isn’t their fault with the tax dollars of working people. What about looking out for the welfare of those people? Nope, gotta protect the billionaires.

  28. I feel so sorry for his "goons", thank you Lord!, I guess this is what it takes to get rid of this malfesis, tRump, bye, bye

  29. People, we are on our own here. trump does not know his *ss from a hole in the ground. What little he has learned, he's lying about it. The U.S. has waaaaay more cases than is being told to us because we do not have anywhere near the testing kits we need. 2 years ago, trump fired the entire Pandemic team that Obama put together and has now replaced them all with Mike Pence. No medical background whatsoever. Start putting some money and food aside. Stop going to large gatherings. Stop getting on planes and cruise ships. trump is being irresponsible and selfish to continue to hold his God-awful, poison-filled rallies! The democrats should not be holding rallies either. Start making plans. The flu in 1918 killed 50 million people eventually!

  30. With his last breath before dying of the Coronavirus, the bullsh*tter in Chief insisted that there was not a problem. And then he finally proved himself correct for the first time, by dying. And the whole world breathed a sigh of relief.

  31. Reducing payroll taxes translates to we get much smaller tax refunds & very probably have to write a check to the treasury department.

  32. The corona virus is not going to affect the Donald trump , Donald trump is going to affect the virus 🦠 his the stronger virus in America rn!

  33. Corina a biowar on china by USA.
    So USA don't have to bother about corina in us soil.
    Just pray for chines brothers and sisters 🙏.

  34. Don't give Trump the test and let him fall sick…
    He's got a pre existing condition…
    He should get covid19

  35. Re: Biden – I hope he has that cognitive test that his dr said was only thing not done yet. I've seen dementia patients, and I see signs of it in him.
    The Republicans will be merciless. The democrats, by not talking about it now, guarantee an assault by Trump the MINUTE he is declared the nominee. God he is already talking about Biden's mind with pity.

  36. The filth of man doesn't care about you or your children. All their concern is, lining their pockets with 1% masters money. Now all you greedy, soulless sell your stocks, so your masters can buy them back for pennies on the dollar! Anyways in the end it doesn't even matter, for drumpf's plan is to declare martial law and suspend elections. As his "Kept My Undies On" dershowitz said, if he believes his election is in the best interest of the country, then he can do whatever he wants. Be assured, moscow mitch and their purchased supreme court will back their 1% owner's puppet. Our Democracy is Dead, corporations are now "We The People" and money is now "Free Speech." All Democracies fall in the end, our''s actually out live every one before. So it was a good run, now it's time to bow down and take your master's mark. Time is running out, watch and understand… youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  37. Doesn't this make all you dumbocrats happy? Let's all look forward to becoming a socialist country and being taxed further into poverty. Exciting!

  38. I'm sure bumbling Joe could do a better job? Biden would probably be too busy out shaking down third world countries to enrich himself and his crime family.

  39. That Orange Clown has NEVER been a Leader, he’s a Con Man…..make sure that you get that straight…🖕🖕🖕🖕


  41. This is so stupid. This illness is being blown way out of proportion!! The media is doing this Because if the upcoming election. There isn’t even 500 people sick!!! Oh my god Americans are so stupid and Other countries are laughing at us! You have a higher chance of dying from strep throat. Liberal media is hurting America’s economy, not coronavirus and definitely not Trump!

  42. There’s a brand new Royal running around

    He’s not very big but he wears the Crown

    As well as any villain from History

    He infects his subjects with COVID-19

    The New Corona King will change things up

    From the way we all work to the way we all sup

    Isolation, cancellation and quarantine

    Decontamination, Social Distancing

    The new-norm now thanks to COVID-19


    Four out of five good doctors may say

    The mostly-mild sickness will go away

    When one in five needs urgent care

    Most of us will start to wonder where

    We’ll find the extra money to make up

    For closing all of our workplaces up

    Will we partake of our last offered cup?

    When we all have COVID-19.

  43. When a person as self-centered as Trump is can't get a test, you know there aren't enough tests to go around.

  44. And fake news Lying Brian keeps pumping out what his cult wants to here. Hey Brian, guess what? It's not working

  45. Moscow Mitch is self isolating in his shell and is taking precautions by triple washing his lettuce for 20 seconds.

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