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100 thoughts on “Trump Coronavirus Incompetence ‘Like Its Own Natural Disaster’: Warren | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Warren Returns To Tribe In Shame After Failing To Take Land Back From The Pale Faces…Having dropped out of the presidential race, Elizabeth Warren rode in solitude back to her reservation.
    "I am sorry, my people. I have failed," she said somberly, a single tear rolling down her cheek. "The white man still holds our land, and the very trees cry out against them. May Great Spirit grant us another chance in 4 harvests." The Cherokee people looked confused, so she clarified: "That means years according to the Indian talk book I picked up."
    The Cherokee expressed mixed emotions at seeing Warren return, from "Who are you?" to "How many times do we have to tell you that if you're not gonna play some slots at the casino, then you're gonna need to leave?" Warren nodded, accepting her banishment from her once-great place among the Cherokee people. "I accept my punishment and vow never to return until the sun once again never sets on the Cherokee Nation. As I depart, let me simply ask you if you have ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grins?" "Wait, now you're just quoting Pocahontas," one tribal security guard said. "Alright, lady, let's go. The buffet is having crab legs tonight but other than that you're gonna have to scram."
    At publishing time, Warren had sought advice from Grandmother Willow as to who it is that she should endorse.

  2. Did you know that in the states many people who have symptoms are not saying anything or getting tested because it costs around $3,000 to get tested, and if you're insured it only covers a third of the cost.

  3. Bacteria spread more rapidly and grow faster in warmer weather. I am paraphrasing "The virus, they're working hard. It looks like by April, you know in theory when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away. " If anything, it could get worse scientifically.

  4. This is very simple, and very disastrous. Pick any product, anything made of more than a handful of parts. Odds are extremely high that the supply chain for that product goes through China and South Korea in whole or in part. With the industrial sector of both nations nearly shuttered every product is in danger of going out of production in the near term. With JIT inventory being the norm throughout the world economy that means we're a matter of weeks from global shortages of everything.

    Of course the stock market is imploding. The larger question is why hasn't the shitgibbon and the idiots surrounding him identified the products essential to keeping the US economy from completely imploding and getting as much production as possible going in the US or in some other nation less severely impacted. Consider just this fact, Wuhan is China's steel center. The mills in Wuhan have been completely shuttered since January. How long till global steel shortages shut down every sort of production? How many steel mills are currently shuttered in the US? How many could be brought back into operation and how quickly?

  5. Deutsche Bank loans Trump billions after he defaults on loans to them .what? The Russian money laundering must pay well .we need to know why Trump got loans after defaults .that's corruption personified .

  6. If she would have withdrawn before super Tuesday..bernie should have won..
    I think Bernie Sanders lost because she thought she will win..

  7. Trump still has a good shot of winning because America has ample supply of unintelligent uneducated morons

  8. What a pair of buffoons… couldn't you find two dumber people to put on video?? I'm sure your lunatic, know-nothing, followers will gobble it up like a sandwich.

  9. What she articulates problems and solutions instead of just saying everything’s the biggest and best?!?!

  10. For anyone with any lingering doubts, compare this five minute explanation with anything out of the mouth of President Bone-spurs or Steven Mnuchin for the last three years, still telling MAGA rubes that US imposed tariffs are paid for by China …!

  11. I've been an avid fan of Warrior Warren since her CFPB days – and while it's very disappointing to see her have to leave the race, she will continue to fight the good fight.

  12. Once again, as so many times before, denied the opportunity to vote for the primary candidate of choice.  That isn't Warren's fault, nor can it just be simplistically blamed on the DNC, either.  That's our fault, for accepting the primary system we have.  We need to improve it, to allow a wider range of candidates to better represent the diverse needs and desires of different factions.  Not to increase factionalism, but as a method of allowing a healthy escape for some of the pressure that the inevitable factionalism generates, by providing that their voices be heard.  Ideally, no state's voters should be influencing any other state's primary voters; we should all vote simultaneously to eliminate that influence, holding off state caucuses and primaries until campaigning and debates are declared over across the nation.  Would like to see a real place at the convention for leading contenders, not just for the winner.

  13. China's ignorant, regressive reaction to the Wuhan coronavirus demonstrates exactly the kind of danger posed by authoritarian, corrupt governments–which is precisely what Traitor-'n-Thief Trump and Republicans are doing to American government.   A very recent article published after this was written echoes the exact same warning:  'Tyranny is fueling the coronavirus pandemic'
    Even after Beijing officially acknowledged the epidemic and sought to contain it by locking down millions of people, heavy censorship has persisted. In particular, on the popular messaging app WeChat, there have been widespread efforts to stifle discussion of the outbreak.
    Lotus Ruan, a researcher with Citizen Lab, said such information controls can be particularly dangerous during a public health emergency, because they can prevent people from getting accurate information.
    “The broad censorship of the coronavirus we found is significant because blocking general information during a health crisis can limit the public’s ability to be informed and protect themselves,” she said.
    Trump’s coronavirus response puts his authoritarian instincts on full view


  15. Despite knowing of the emergence of COVID-19 in November, and it threat to world health shortly thereafter, Trump did virtually nothing to prepare for the inevitable coming health crisis of a pandemic.  Trump administration has had MONTHS to get its act together, yet public health system and hospital networks are NOT prepared for the kind of outbreaks seen in China, South Korea and Italy.  We do NOT have the respirators and ventilators needed for the expected numbers.  We do NOT have enough oxygen equipment and medications stockpiled.  We do NOT have enough medical personnel to handle the expected numbers.  We do NOT have enough medical facilities for those kinds of numbers.  We do NOT yet even have the training programs in place to handle this epidemic for either health professionals or the public.  There should have been a massive national mobilization by our Federal government started months ago to begin preparation of needed medical equipment, supplies, and drugs.  Instead, Trump has peddled delusions and denials of the realities, wasting weeks, which will result in the senseless, unforgivable loss of more American lives due directly to his gross ignorance and incompetence.

  16. Why America is so vulnerable to coronavirus
    Ryan Cooper
    All over the world, governments are scrambling to defend their citizenry from COVID-19, the disease caused by the outbreak of novel coronavirus. So far it seems levels of success have varied; countries like Italy and Iran have struggled so far, while Vietnam and Taiwan have seemingly put forth an efficient and effective response.
    The United States, where a major outbreak is clearly developing, however, is in a class by itself. America's atrociously inadequate welfare state makes it by far the most vulnerable rich country to a viral pandemic, and the vicious, right-wing ideology of the Republican Party has wrecked the government's ability to manage crises of any kind.
    The national health care system is of course the most important tool for any country trying to fight off an epidemic — all citizens need to be able to get tested, receive treatment, or be quarantined if necessary. If and when a vaccine is developed, the system needs to distribute it to everyone as fast as possible. That means handing it out for free in locations across the country, and perhaps making
    The American health care system fails at every one of these tasks. Nearly 30 million Americans are uninsured, and a further 44 million are underinsured — meaning they will likely hesitate to go to the doctor if they start developing COVID-19 symptoms. This problem is seriously exacerbated by the rampant predatory profiteering that infects every corner of the health care system. Indeed, responsible citizens who have gone in for tests have already started getting slammed with multi-thousand dollar bills. A father and daughter who were evacuated from China and then forcibly quarantined for several days (luckily they were not infected) went home to find  $3,918 in bills.
    If you are working-class person with a $10,000 deductible (not at all uncommon), going to the doctor simply because you have flu-like symptoms (which is how most cases of COVID-19 are experienced) could very easily send you into bankruptcy. If infected, millions of Americans are likely going to take their chances — and keep spreading the virus.
    Indeed, U.S. health care is not only by far the worst system among rich countries, it is much worse than that of many middle-income or poorer countries when it comes to confronting a fast-moving epidemic. Distributing a vaccine is not that difficult of a task — World Health Organization workers managed it with smallpox even in desperately poor African countries in the 1970s. You just round up everyone, and give out the shot. But that will be a heavy lift indeed with a health care system geared above all to price-gouge sick people out of as much money as possible. While in theory the government could stand up a one-time free (or cheap) vaccination program, the administration has already ruled that out. "We can’t control that price because we need the private sector to invest," said HHS Secretary Alex Azar. That very likely means an eyewateringly-expensive vaccine that tens of millions can't get — we've seen what rapacious pharma companies do with insulin. (Speaking of vaccines, as Ryan Grim points out at The Intercept, Joe Biden voted against a Bernie Sanders amendment to force drug companies to provide drugs funded by public research at a reasonable price.)
    It's worth pointing out again that if we had Medicare-for-all, these concerns would vanish at a stroke. People experiencing symptoms would feel free to seek medical care without worrying about breaking the bank, and a vaccine could be distributed by the government through hospitals and clinics at no cost to patients.
    But there are still further problems. The United States is one of only a handful of countries (almost all of them desperately poor) with no national sick leave program, which means many workers who come down with COVID-19 will be forced to choose between starving or spreading the disease. Food service workers are especially unlikely to have sick leave from their employers, and are generally not paid well either. So-called "gig economy" companies naturally provide no sick leave either. In China, food delivery services have been critical for feeding cities under lockdown, but in America they are likely to become just another vector of infection.
    Finally, there is conservative ideology. As I have written, the Trump administration — under the influence of conservative fanatics like Mick "The Knife" Mulvaney — has deliberately devastated the government's pandemic response capacity. He's cut key personnel, slashed funding, and made sure thousands more Americans have been thrown off their  insurance. And while Trump is certainly the most incompetent president in American history, his style of government is not at all out of keeping with typical Republican rule. As Thomas Frank writes in his book The Wrecking Crew, for decades GOP rule has meant rampant corruption and disastrous incompetence. When a Republican is in the White House, unqualified cronies end up in charge of federal emergency management, and American cities and towns end up ruined. Even today, the Trump regime is doing its level best to kick as many people off their health insurance as possible — the Supreme Court just announced it would hear the latest Republican attempt to destroy the Affordable Care Act through judicial rule-by-decree.
    The conservative movement has served like a bath of hydrofluoric acid on the quality, competence, and basic decency of American institutions. Republicans have all but posted up signs everywhere saying "epidemics welcome here." So now they are resorting to the only thing they know how to do really well — lying, concocting conspiracy theories and blaming Democrats and the media for any bad news. It does not bode well.

  17. “The Chinese bought us a month of time to prepare ourselves by imposing these astonishing and draconian measures,” said J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which last year issued a report that identified flaws in the nation’s health security. “Unfortunately, we didn’t make good use of that time and now we’re heading into a very dangerous situation.”
    Trump administration ignored and went against the advice of  CDC top medical experts, brought infected patients back to the U.S. from Wuhan, China on the same plane as uninfected evacuees. 
    U.S. workers WITHOUT protective gear assisted coronavirus evacuees, HHS whistleblower report states.  Workers received Wuhan evacuees at two military bases in California without proper training or appropriate protective gear, alongside CDC in full hazmat attire.  Whistleblower claims they were potentially exposed to COVID-19.

  18. The American workplace isn't ready for an epidemic.  Many Americans have no insurance, many others can ill-afford deductibles, still more can't afford to take off work when not feeling well; more than a third of jobs don't offer sick days, and even where available, they may have been already used, or employees try saving them for more serious illness–all making us extremely vulnerable to epidemics such as COVID-19.  Many jobs in America involve low-paying work in the service industry, where employees are in constant contact with, and exposed to, a huge swath of the public on a daily basis.  These folks typically don't get sick days or insurance benefits, and can ill-afford to miss any work because of loss of money and the threat of losing their job.  Many are ill-educated, and may not pay sufficient heed to health warnings, further exacerbating the spread of the epidemic facing us all.
    In plausible worst-case-scenarios given the pattern of the outbreak thus far, the country could experience acute shortages not just in ventilators but also health workers to operate them and care for patients; hospital beds; and masks and other protective equipment.  Trump administration facing increasing criticism for not using these many weeks after learning of COVID-19 to prepare increased hospital capacity, stockpile medications, obtain adequate amounts of respirators and other equipment that will be vitally needed in the U.S.
    “Even during mild flu pandemics, most of our I.C.U.s are filled to the brim with severely ill patients on mechanical ventilation,” said Dr. Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and an expert on health care preparedness. “I hope and pray Covid-19 turns out to be a moderate pandemic, but if not, we’re in serious trouble,” he said.

  19. China is now manufacturing 116 million face masks a day, a 12-fold increase in a single month, the National Development and Reform Commission announced this week. But only 1.66 million of those are the N95 respirator masks that health workers need when performing procedures on patients who may be coughing and sneezing.
    China produced half the world’s masks last year and was the dominant exporter, but it essentially suspended exports a month ago.
    People’s Daily, a state-run news outlet, said this week that China was manufacturing enough N95 respirator masks to meet the needs of its health workers on the front line, but the state news media and government officials have given no hint as to when exports might resume.
    Thousands of companies in China are now manufacturing disposable masks for their own staff and selling them to government agencies and other agencies. A General Motors joint venture in southwestern China is making both disposable face masks and the equipment to make them.
    But the cloth needed to manufacture N95 respirator masks is scarce. Factories making those masks are running at only 85 percent of capacity, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology says. Prices for the specialized cloth have jumped 20-fold, and assembling new cloth-making equipment can take three months or more.
    The World Health Organization said 03/03/20 that the world will need 89 million medical masks each month to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Prices of surgical masks have increased sixfold, and N95 respirators have more than tripled.

  20. With his administration under fire for its handling of the outbreak, President Trump shamelessly sought to falsely transfer blame to his predecessor, President Obama, confusing a policy proposal for better oversight over diagnostic tests–which was never adopted.  Public Health Laboratories Association, and even Senate Republicans, refute Trump's lie.

  21. Is this the woke version of Dumb meets Dumber? Both of these ladies can only WISH that they had Honor and Integrity.

  22. Trump files two seperate multi-million dollar lawsuits against the NY Times and WashPo…for telling the truth!

  23. COVID-19:  Don't believe Traitor-'n-Thief Trump, our prevaricating pretend-President–it's not 2% milk.

  24. Hard to decide which is more dangerous; the malignant gangrene of Toxic Trump and the Republican cancerous cult with their continual cover-ups, or COVID-19?  Having both might just do us in!

  25. The strategy appears to be to isolate pockets of COVID-19 as best as possible.  Apparently, there is little hope of stopping the spread, so the goal and hope is to slow the spread, buying time for an eventual vaccine, while minimizing disruption.  However, it would seem there are obvious dangers in this strategy when dealing with a virus we know so little about.  This is why our government should make clear what strategy is being employed, how that strategy can change, what it will mean to us, and how best we should prepare.

  26. Speaking of incompetence…Liz failed to come in first place in her own State. She failed to come in second place in her own State. She was third choice in her own State. That's because people in her own State know her and she couldn't fool them.

  27. U bunch of RADICAL LEFTIST COMMUNIST DEMS AT MSDNC act like Rahm Emanuel…."never let a good disaster go to waste."
    Here r THE FACTS—-INFLUENZA KILLED OVER 12,000—I REPEAT 12,000 AMERICANS N 4 MONTHS (OCT 2019-JAN 2020). YET, u radical braindead yahoos want to blame Pres Trump for anything playing on people's fear. U radicals need to get a REAL LIFE!!!!

  28. Coronavirus + Authoritarianism + Stockmarket crash + Communism + relentless fake news cycle = Division

  29. Warren the Economy has never been better . Now if what you say is correct you have not said anything to solve anything . So you tell us how you will solve problems . NO NO No Waren you have no solutions about anything , you would have a difficulty getting out of a Car Park.


  31. global factors? looting the economy to build giant yachts and develop private islands is the main problem.

  32. I'm watching the president live on Fox News at 4:48 pm Fri. meeting with the doctors at CDC and then turned to MSNBC and all they have is another talking head!!!
    Back to Fox where I'm getting important information from the people who know and reporters are doing a Q&A with the CDC experts!!!!
    MSNBC is worthless!!!!

  33. I used to have so much respect for both Rachel and also Liz. This interview was good in portions but I don't feel that all the whining and acting like Liz dropping out is like a death knoll . there are so many women who can step into these roles . iz is not by any means the best representative. She is a good senator that is great and probably the best she can do. Unfortunately in the debate she looked like a crazy old lady that started ranting against a man only because he is smarter and more successful than she will ever be. Her screeching didn't do anything positive for young women

  34. Pence ignorance caused 1000's of people get HIV
    Sign Petition.https://www.change.org/p/donald-j-trump-remove-vice-president-pence-as-the-lead-on-the-us-coronavirus-response

  35. She is so right ::Bernie supporter are so like Trumps people ::BS is a good man but his supporters are not !!

  36. this woman was the BEST candidate for Potus…..she is soooo knowledgeable and smart and caring….she absolutely would have done the best job

  37. And she wanted open borders during this outbreak https://davidharrisjr.com/steven/328-chinese-nabbed-trying-to-enter-u-s-illegally-at-southern-border/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=328-chinese-nabbed-trying-to-enter-u-s-illegally-at-southern-border That would have worked out really well. Mr open borders bernie has not said how he would have handled this, guess he hasn't a clue just like biden.

  38. Who would have thought that electing an inept, intellectually-challenged, corrupt, bloated con man would lead to a disaster ?

  39. Did Lying FEMINIST Lizzy Warren pinky promise that she would endorse a WOMAN when she dropped out of the primary presidential race? Wa Wa Wa Wa CRY about being a victim of SEXISM but go and endorse an OLD WHITE MAN but not a WOMAN. Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Sexism Sexism Sexism Cry the female Democrat primary candidates but NOT ONE of them has endorsed a woman after they dropped out. They can endorse Tulsi Gabbard any time they want BUT NO, they will eventually endorse an old white man, Marianne Williamson, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gellibrand, Elizabeth Warren

  40. The state of the left before our eyes, a lesbian who looks like a man and a white woman who claims to be Native American. 2 loonies who need help.

  41. Wouldn't Medicare for ALL provide the access and safety net during any health crisis? Warren and MSNBC solution is more private insurance with limited access and limited coverage. Working for their corporate owners and donors with no regard for human life.

  42. Neither 1 of these 2 morons made their money with their brains they had someone else pay them! They don`t know wtf they`re talking about. TRUMP 2020!

  43. Even dems would rather have an elderly white man who is already older than the average life expectancy, and already showing signs of dementia or a serious heart condition than a healthy, alert highly intelligent woman who is an expert in economics.

  44. Il tasso di contagiosità naturale del nuovo virsu è stato dato dai mass media come r0 = 2,5.
    Il Corriere vi ha fatto riferimento in un articolo "matematico" spiegando che le quarantene servono ad abbassarlo.
    Peccato però che il valore di r0 sia di fantasia, una stima fatta non si sa come: infatti nessuno ha mai avuto occasione di misurarlo concretamente, dal momento che appena scoperto il morbo in Cina è scattato l'isolamento, quindi i fenomeni sono stati osservati non in condizioni naturali bensì in presenza di provvedimenti medici.
    L'ipotesi di avere conteggiato la contagiosità nel breve periodo tra scoperta del morbo ed avvio dei provvedimenti di isolamento non ha senso, perché in quel momento iniziano i controlli, per cui emergono tutti gli infetti pregressi, dei quali prima non si aveva conoscenza.
    Questa è solo una delle molte incongruenze riguardo tutti i dati diffusi.
    Riguardo la mortalità, si noti che il 18 febbraio (quindi dopo due mesi e mezzo, visto che si è cominicato che il covid19 avesse iniziato a diffondersi in Cina all'inizio di dicembre) l'OMS comunicava circa 75000 infetti e 1800 morti distribuiti su 65 paesi: si tratta di un terzo del pianeta, due miliardi e mezzo di persone!
    Significa circa 700 decessi/mese su 2.500.000.000 individui: uno ogni tre milioni e mezzo di persone.

  45. The US simply doesn't recognize when they've got a good thing. Sanders and BIden and TRUMP? That's what's good enough to be POTUS, and you let this one get away?

  46. I am resigned to the fact that the first woman president is going to have to be a Vice-President who succeeds to the office on the death of the POTUS. The drive and ambition it takes for a person to earn the title without relying on the coattails of a man is just not yet compatible with our cultural expectations of female behavior. Even the one female nominee from a major party to date, qualified and experienced as she was, would not have gotten as far as she did without the coattails of her ex-President husband. It’s depressing.

  47. Trump is the dumbest MORON to ever have reside in the White house. The only ones dumber are his brain dead followers.

  48. *BERNIE2020!
    It's not over till the end guys!*
    I was hoping to see Bernie and Liz continue to support each other, and together, fight the rest of the candidates aggressively right up until those 2 are the last ones standing.
    Their (original and apparently controversial) difficult common goals are honest, for-the-people goals that no one else in the race had the guts to address.
    So common goals should have kept them in solid aliance, up until the end.
    That way, the 2 of them would know that at least one of them would be the nominee, who, if elected, plans to identify and deal with things similar to what they themselves would have done. Maybe the one who concedes to the other can still be on the ticket, or be appointed to a cabinet position, or VP.
    That loyal alliance would have elevated both Warren & Bernie's strength.

  49. Wuhan rolled out 5G on 10/31/19, amid serious negative health concerns and side effects; one being flu like symptoms.

    The Coronavirus is nothing more than a common cold. 5G destroys the immune system and blocks Oxygen absorption. THAT IS WHAT KILLED THE PEOPLE OF WUHAN. 5G was also found in the Princess Cruise line, South Korea and Italy. Research

  50. This is the truth that the republicans never tell. Keep America stupid so they don’t ask questions. Part of the dumbing down of America campaign.

  51. Rachel — I surely hope you dig into this and do a piece on it: "The CDC Director is a hard core wingnut Trumpie" | https://digbysblog.net/2020/03/the-cdc-director-is-a-hard-core-wingnut-trumpie/

  52. Nobody cares what you think anymore Pocahontas. You are a ‘has been’. Go home to your constituents in Massachusetts who didn’t even want you! Quit talking in hindsight like you know what you are talking about. Go have a beer with you husband

  53. The media is lying, the outbreak is over! – As President Trump says it stopped spreading 2nd of March with no new cases and no more death. Now the number is stable at 164 cases with 11 death according to the official CDC website which Mike Pence oversees. Nothing to worry, look: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-in-us.html

  54. The poor woman just doesn't know when to quit. She didn't even win her own state. The only people that are upset she lost are the wine and cheese places in Cambridge.

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