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100 thoughts on “Trump Admin Lacks Credibility To Calm Markets On Coronavirus News | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Reinvest my dividends .. without me depositing money in my account EASY 💪🏿 . . . BUT I'm happy about this STOCK MARKET CRUSH . . . Low LOW LOW deals

  2. Rachel I just say person Rachel I just want to say person thank youRachel I just really want to say thank you and your staff for finding out the proper information to the in this country I'm not in America right on moving in Mexico and I pay attention to every and I just said that's all I want to do and people can go on there God bless you and your staff

  3. Dear Rachel,
    Do you think we could have avoided some of this if news agencies had been covering the programs Trump was cutting and letting everyone know that cutting anything to the CDC, for example, was very, very, bad. Just sayin'.

  4. Don't quite believe the hype here. The market was over bought for a long time. It needed a correction, and they always need some event like a hurricane or earthquake to correct it. Corona virus is just a reason to correct the market to unsuspecting investors.

    At such a top heavy market the charts have been pointing to a correction, the big boys always needs a catalyst to go deep.

  5. This bull market (well up to now) has been propelled by two things, strong stock buybacks from the Trump give away tax cuts to corporations and secondly irrational exuberance …Small investors better understand that this virus has the potential to really tank this stock market, just look what has happened in S Korea / Italy and Iran…This Virus could potentially blow through the US like one of those Japanese bullet trains, Trump with his hatred of Obama shut down the very agency that was built for such a threat…The Obama administration could see that a virus was probably far more of a threat to the world than anything else, some of the best scientists and contagious disease experts were disbanded in 2018 by this unstable lunatic posing as POTUS…

  6. The Stock Market was artificially inflated by TRump's Billion dollar buddies trying to make him look good.

  7. Everyone knows that this guy and the guys that he has put in charge of running things should not even be in charge of running their own noses… The reality of the situation is that by the USA doing this social experiment of putting a racist anti-science, anti-Intelligence person in charge of the country, and dismantling any type of defense we would have against this it has created the perfect storm for a catastrophic event to take place and millions of lives to be lost to a super cold (covid-19).
    The CDC will do all that they can, but i am sure that at the same time the Trump administration will be making cuts to the CDC's budget.

  8. Great Job Stephanie! This is why we need women in charge, we need an unbiased direct look at what is going on and fact based information! This is what women educated women bring to the table. We need Warren!

  9. Rachel — this is one time when you need to take Wall Street's reaction deadly seriously. Stephanie knows this as well as I do, since we both worked in the same industry (though my only connection to Deutsche was as a freelancer). Despite having worked in The Industry, I have a very negative view of the stock market (well, capitalism in general, but nothing is as crooked as the market) That is why I eventually had to "retire" before my sould died and my moral compass was irreparably bent. Based on Rachel's intro I sense you share the understanding that the stock market is basically a rigged betting game that ensures the wealthy get wealthier while the average retail stockholder gets clobbered on every crash. The REAL players have computer trading systems that can dump their entire holdings in milliseconds, while retail investors have to wait until the end of the day (three percent poorer). So when the market acts like there is reason to panic, any skeptic would ask whether this is just another way for them to tank prices and then "buy on weakness".

    Having said that, the markets arent so totally divorced from reality that they can shrug off a crippling systemic threat to making money. And that is exactly what coronavirus is.

    At the moment, China's production base is at a near standstill, and will remain that way until the virus is totally contained. That could take YEARS.
    At a minimum it will take 3-5 months.
    Without components made primarily by Japanese companies, in China (Denso, Aisin Seiki Mitsuba, NGK etc.), even automakers in the US and Europe will not be able to make new cars. Auto industry investors are running for the exits because profits are going to CRATER for the next 8-12 months, minimum. And that is ONE industry.

    More importantly, people have just realised to their shock that frequent air travel, by a huge percentage of the world population, is not a good thing. For decades it was obvious that this was LITERALLY killing the ecosystem that keeps us alive … but now when people see that THEY PERSONALLY might die because there is too much international air travel, they are sitting up and taking notice. In any event, Covid-19 illustrates the undeniable fact that modern society is going to have to limit air travel to things that are productive and urgent … not just because you want to see the Taj Mahal up close for a few hours, then go right back to your western capitalist man-cave.
    Investors are looking at the impact this could have (not just on Delta, Boeing and Abercrombie & Kent, but on every company that is involved in international trade!), and saying "the heck with equities. Can I still get a relatively inexpensive gold futures product?"

    I could go on for industry after industry. Now of course, this will only manage to knock down all the dominoes if the global community FAILS to contain it quickly. So if the officials here in the Far East (Japan, Korea and Hong Kong) have learned the lessons of their initial blunders (and there are SOME signs that they have), it still looks like the spread outside China can be contained. But the stock market — which for all its faults, does in fact have some of the most accurate information on global risks that you could find anywhere — is contemplating the dangers of what happens if we do NOT take it seriously. The freak-out is totally justified.

  10. 45th U.S. President Trump John 8:44 the Evangelical Anti Christ Rev 13:1 the King Of the Synagogue Of Wickedness Leviticus 18:22.

  11. It's not like they signed a bill for mass global death know that's a fact prove me wrong for 1 zillion .over 51 years of lies and foolish choices when will humanity learn that they are nothing but collateral damage expendable assets .when will they seek the truth not what there told.did you know it's much worse ? Radiation is all over the world damaging plants ,wildlife,humans,the soil,trees,so much even the birds and whales warned humanity like a bird in a Cole mine but the news lies with the truth .

  12. Breitbart has already decided that the CDC is part of the Deep State because it's run by… Rod Rosenstein's sister. Jesus wept.

  13. If strumpf tells you that everything is fine.. run to the lifeboat 😱
    He will surpress the numbers of the death toll just like he do with anything that makes him look bad.
    Just to safe face.
    Pence in charge😱.. pray and lie away . A man who believes in the rapture.
    The Spanish flu killed more people worldwide than the the first ww, and antibiotics don't do a damm thing.

  14. The CCP (Chinese government) has greatly under reported the infection and death rate. The crematoriums in Wuhan were overwhelmed and running 24/7. The Chinese government media reported sending workers from other crematoriums to Wuhan, why? The criteria the Chinese government uses to identify infected patients keep changing. One Wuhan crematorium worker said that 61% of the dead were picked up from their homes and not counted as corona victims. Those saying this is just another flu need to ask themselves why build hospitals in a few days, why quarantine millions of people and why take huge nation wide economic losses ? Are the 49 portable incinerators sent to Wuhan only to burn medical waste?

  15. JESUS CHRIST IS COMING BACK SOON. HE IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN. He is the only Son of God, our creator, and he gives us eternal life when we believe in him and follow him and have faith in him. He came to earth and died on the cross to pay for our sins and was raised on the third day to go to Heaven and is seated at the right hand side of God (Yahweh). He is alive and is the Lord and Saviour of the whole world. Christ is the true Messiah and he died for us so that anyone who believes in him will have eternal life.

  16. Trump can b.s. the evangelicals, the Republican House and Senate and his MAGA sycophants. But he cannot b.s. Wall Street. The beginning of the end for his presidency.

  17. Trump spent decades secretly studying epidemiology and knows more about viruses than anyone else. Bigly! Stable genius ya know! Never mind that he can’t even spell epidemiology.

  18. God help you if you have no Medical Insurance .

    Shame on the US Government to Pander to the every need of their FRIENDS , Lobbyist, Big Pharma Medical Insurance companies and Big Corporations who put profits before people . These Politicians who prentend to represent their voters are only looking after their own self-serving interest while getting richer on their share of the profits from the above. It's the Biggest Scandal of America. This is what the rest of the Democratic world enjoy . Americans you too deserve this You are the true Hero's. Bernie Sanders is trying to enlighten your nation. Saw this on Youtube well worth looking at


  19. Maddow is in a very deep hole she dug with russia, russia, russia ( she made a fool of herself) and now she is lying about the corona virus and the president . I watched the news report with the president and the cdc doctors. the president is trying to put america first .He was RIGHT to want to control our boarders .He has cracked down on baby mills from china and other abuses of our system by other foreigners .

  20. Trump always has somebody to blame for his screw ups, he's a republican coward. They should call trumps party the tuck tail and run party.

  21. At least half of Trump's voters, if not more, don't even hold stocks. 54% of Americans have none or very little. In fact, the stock market will have zero affect on Trump getting voted back into office. The people freaking out about a market drop on mostly on the coasts, and they vote for the Democrats mostly. So, like I said, Trump will be voted back into office. Also, a market crash will clear out all the buybacks and immoral behavior in the market, which is good. A pullback was in the works anyway for this reason.

  22. It's sad that we've gotten to this point of not trusting our government when it comes to something as important as a global pandemic.

  23. MSNBC where is that list of 4 states with the tests? I'm guessing NY, CA, FL and Virginia (since DC is there)???? It'd be nice for them to flash which states it is and who our states need to contact to get it.

  24. For those who truly want to know the news go to NewsMax.

    The stock market in the broadest measure Wilshire 5000 has TWICE the upward slope of Odummy's term….(measured day after election results since that is when the markets react in advance)

  25. Thanks, Rachel Maddow, and Stephanie Rühle. I posted on FB, yesterday:
    What is particularly scary about the COVID-19 situation is that our CDC is desperately understaffed, because of Trumpie and Alex Azar’s hiring freeze. That meant experts leaving the Center, whether through retirement, or transfers to other jobs, were NOT replaced. Under this “administration,” total CDC personnel has been “downsized” by a third! Particularly disquieting is that the Pandemic Emergency Response Unit is completely unstaffed! (Perhaps someone can find the recent article I saw, and put the link in a comment…)

    That helps explain the inadequacy of the testing policies. (I’m sure a whole lotta docs like me are yellin’ their heads off, behind closed doors!) Underfunding delayed and impaired development of reliable testing kits, the kits sent out last week are defective, and the CDC hopes to get functioning test kits out there “soon”! Even worse: present “policy” covers only the testing for symptomatic cases, with travel to the worst hot-spots, or close contact with other victims in their recent history! My Friends, for a virus disease with an (asymptomatic, but infectious!) incubation time of up to a month (and how many don’t even know they had contact?), that is insane! The 15-25 cases officially admitted to are ASSUREDLY under-reported, and the number of cases is most certainly spreading at high rates, while Trumpie’s Yes-Men twiddle their thumbs, and physicians despair! (Why? Because the – usual – Trumpie “Policy” is Denial. Denial. Denial. Let’s not have a panic, here!)

    [Trumpie’s Wednesday Press Conference was one of the worst collection of lies in one stinking pile that I’d seen yet!]


  26. Wall Street had a correction after a record high last week. Trump is worried about the financial impact it will have on his rich donors and not the possibly thousands of not so rich people who will be medically impacted.

  27. These people that say that should be put in a room with the virus and see if they have contend it they can stay there and let us know after they feel better,

  28. The Street is overblown on tax credits, now reality hits home. The only people losing money are 1 percenters, who can afford it.

  29. Don't worry guys, Trump said the other day that once summer comes around it will all disappear.. Because he's an expert on the matter…

  30. Thank you Democrats….your fear mongering and playing politics in the face of a global pandemic is just more proof of why you are losing and why Bernie Sanders will be your nominee….and will 100% get Trump reelected….and lose you the house all at the same time. Brilliant!

  31. How long before Trump and his cowards in the GOP spin the Coronavirus as a democrat plot. It was this bunch of morons that crippled healthcare, the CDC, by stripping the funding to these important and essential services. Already they are telling the maga sheep it is only a cold… There is no-one with a brain left in this administration to cope with a pandemic. Trump has started out with lies, this will get real bad very fast. They are incapable of doing what is necessary to protect our citizens, namely using experts in the field, Instead we have the Trump sheep Pence, who has no idea of epidemiology, nor treatment for a disease like the Coronavirus..

  32. cant believe dude said Trump lacks credibility have you seen ur show 4 the past 3yrs ur a joke everyone but brain washed people knows it

  33. Didn't secretay of commerce Wilbur Ross say "the coronavirus outbreak in China will be good for the American Economy ".

  34. Wall Street is about Stock. No Stock Nothing on the shelves to sell 😳 just Look around you and see. EVERYTHING is made where. China! 8 weeks and those items will be running short.

  35. China is in SHUTDOWN. Nothing is being made, nothing is being shipped out. From Cars to furniture even all those $1 shops and Yes face masks.. NOTHING.

  36. Crisis management is the true test of a great President. Mr President welcome to the true test of you as a man of the people. I don't like you but will pray for you. AMERICA NEEDS the best of you now more than ever.

  37. The financial analysts are not overly panicked. They look at their risk spreadsheets and see big information holes that are not filled in. Their response to the disruption of supply chains, production, marketing etc dictates their response. Its just that the public is not used the magnitude of the numbers. They are hedging risk any way they can.

  38. Ever notice that these loser "guests" on MSNBC and CNN always have "former" attached to their job descripition? Why is that?

  39. What do you expect from an administration filled with climate deniers run by a POTUS who will sacrifice public safety to save his self-image?

  40. Gee, maybe a universal healthcare system is starting to look better. "Crazy Bernie" might just have something there. The most disgusting part is Trump's concern isn't the people, but the financial markets. This is a president for the people?

  41. Trump doesnt care about Americans, he only cares about the stock market and the money hes making off the Federal Government

  42. After more than 16,000 lies to the public house anybody going to be able to put faith in this clown he's looking out for himself again not for the American people

  43. Trump, and his loyal sycophants will repeat the lies and magical white wash to polute his bases beliefs.
    This afternoon, 2/28/20, he continued the lies that the US's Covid-19 patients are all getting better and the stock market crash is the Democratic candidates fault. Then, CNN is perpetuating the hoax of the risk of the virus.
    Furfuxsake, please vote BLUE on November 3rd.

    Facts: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

  44. Larry Kudlow slurs his speech nearly as much as his boss the mush-mouth Orangutan Man. Both animals ooze fecal matter from every false tooth in their mouths. COVID19 will be Trump's Katrina. Never mind the stock market plunge, lives lost = election loss. Have another Corona, Larry? Perhaps some covfefe? Maybe some Orange Kool-Aid?

  45. Trump knew about the Coronavirus in December and did nothing!
    Donald Trump fired the pandemic response team and cut funding to the CDC in 2018!
    Republicans Are Furious At Trump For Tanking The Stock Market!
    Coronavirus ; made in China, imported around the world!

  46. The way Trump is trying to "calm" the stock market and the rich elites is by cutting taxes again people. So he'll do anything to hold power by going at it the way he thinks makes his wealthy donors happy. Trump has no concerns about Americans health at ALL!

    That lazy fat illiterate uneducated inexperienced lunatic buffoon wants nothing to do with the job that was wrongfully given to him. Trump hasn't trusted Pence to do anything or have him get all the attention or spotlight until the Coronavirus hit.

    Now he's given Pence the job to handle the Coronavirus so when it gets much worse he can blame him for not getting the job done therefore his hands clean. After all, Isn't that what Trump is known for, to use others to do his dirty work to keep himself clear?

  47. 5 days later.. Coronavirus is contained, markets are back up. You liberals are a bunch of frothing at the mouth lunatics.

  48. The Virus is taking CENTER STAGE, what about the élections Rachel? And why shirting the attention completely??

  49. 90% of the stock market is owned by a very few. So the 10% plunge either means ALL of the "small investors" took the day off from work to cash out, or the very few cashed out. Who's feeling jittery? It's not millions of average every day blue collar investors, it's the Oligarchs.

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