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100 thoughts on “Trump Addresses The Nation On Coronavirus From Oval Office | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)”

  1. What happened to him at 1:02? Like a chest spasm and this sudden look of pain on his face… definitely something wrong with this guy.

  2. Hey, Donnie, please hold as many rallies as you can! Pack 'em in and let 'em breathe on you and each other. Please Donnie, it'd be SO reassuring!

  3. This virus was made intentially for terrorism was meant to start in China and then purposely spread to globaly

  4. “No nation is more prepared or more resilient that the United States” what a joke.. yeah so prepared that we are testing 15 people to every 1 million when South Korea is testing 4,000 to 1 million. So prepared that he dismantled the global pandemic committee put together by the Obama administration to combat this exact thing. How many cuts has the White House made to healthcare and the CDC??? They don’t care about the public. .. straight up lies … Trump is pathetic.

  5. As long as we have a good ecomony who cares how many people die. Maybe he has a plan, that whoever passes away, all their investments will go to him.

  6. What about using and setting up aready existing closed down malls of America as quarantine centers for this virus throughout CDC, medical, and military services, and agencies these malls of America were closed kept cleaned and secure well before the viruses time line started and could be set up as clean places of and for additional quarantine spaces quickly as needed it's an idea just saying Mr president Trump and there aren't any open stores in these malls but could also be set up as other services such as feeding or preparing food for quarantined people or handing out ready to eat emergency food. If I could trust every single person coming back from UK and Europe to self quarantine at home great but sense we may not be able to know or monitor that they do or even enforce it quarantine them please mr president Trump thank you. I just don't trust that people sick actually will quarantining at home and here's why I spoke with a customer service person at the luminess company Thursday March 12th 2020 around 11 am two times he said he came to work sick on the phone call I did tell him to go home and I ask to speak to his manager he declined that request and handled my problem here's another reason one of my neighbors knew about coronavirus epidemic but went ahead and took her regular scheduled cruise ship vacation anyway inspite of being warned not to and reschedule it for later time that's why I don't trust people to self quarantine at home I'm well and healthy but I'm quarantining at home with supplies because I know sick people aren't and won't and can't be trusted to follow the simplest of instructions period it's almost like they are spreading it on purpose or not taking it seriously and not quarantining when they're sick or not feeling well. These are my true arguments on self questioning and why I ask my president Trump to quarantine the international flights coming from anywhere outside of America citizens or non citizens quarantine them all thank you again Mr president Trump

  7. Trump: "I Love Carl Marx"
    Media: "Too little too late"
    Pelosi: -flutters eyes- and -smile-

    Look folks I don't like Trump, Personally, I think he is a poor little rich boy, but now? He is the Chief exec. Congress needs to get off their @$$3$ and prove our two party system is not a total failure. The Chief Exec was NEVER meant to be a dictator. Our government was never meant to react in a unilateral fashion, no matter what your politics.

  8. Trump was exposed to Corona. He appears and sounds very, very sick here. They won’t tell the public this, but it is noticeable without confirmation

  9. @ 7:26, he makes a snoring or snorting noise – doesn't sound well at all, along with the frequent pauses to inhale…

  10. Every Chinese can be tested, and the Government is bagging us to do the test. The most important thing is the result of the test can be released in 15 mins. This news surprised me that it would take 3 to 4 days in U.S.. Things could be very worse in 3 to 4 days.

  11. H1N1 killed nearly 12,000 but that was during the Obamas, so the media doesn’t freak out, because god forbid, you can blame a Democrat. People who blame trump for this, are completely idiotic. This is compete bs imo. Liberal media has ruined America!

  12. Well, the Orange genius sure doesn't look or sound in very good health !
    The old bugger is barely able to read his prompter in a very monotonous voice !

  13. The virus hits the country with the worst health care system, the highest compulsion to earn money with the most merciless work ethics, managed by the most incapable government on the planet. Have fun. 😁

  14. In two days, the UK will be conducting 1500 tests per DAY! Number of tests conducted so far – UK = 29,000, US = 3, 903*. You don't need to be good at numbers to understand the implications!
    (*the US number includes the use of early tests which gave FALSE negative results)

  15. "Please don't put big words on the Auto-cue, I only read at a 4th grade level. " Best pumpkin for the job.

  16. The deaths blamed on Coronavirus-19 have been caused by 5-G.
    Please, everyone who reads this comment, go to stateofthenation.co and start reading the articles.

  17. my fellow human beings in the USA, i am sorry for your president. He is incompetent and embarrassing and he shows once more what is important to him, namely himself. Everyone else is guilty, he has everything under control. Wishful thinking and deny reality. Thanks to your great health system, many people will die and be financially ruined. what am i glad about our state solidarity system. I love the USA but again I'm glad I don't have to live there. You are a great country but unfortunately with a terrible president. Make it better in the next election. You're welcome . All good things stay or become healthy.

    important every nation has to work together to overcome such a crisis, nobody can do it alone.

  18. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Robert Redfield acknowledged on Wednesday that some Americans who appeared to have died of the flu were tested positive for the new #coronavirus in a postmortem diagnosis. "Perhaps the most important thing to be careful about is the entry of Americans at the moment. The most powerful measure concluded by the United States is to restrict the entry of people from other countries.

  19. Zero conviction in what he's reading, huffing & puffing from breathing issues, obvious health issues, bragging on his fake personal accomplishments during a global pandemic, slurring/stumbling over his words. Wow, Americans should feel very confident and reassured by this man!

  20. This idiotic, fool of a fake president sounds and looks like he has the virus. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

  21. It’s time to humble yourself Don. We see the fear and/or sadness in your face, and we are just as afraid.

  22. I can't believe he showed true emotion. he broke a bit like he was gonna cry and it SEEMED real-hes not sly enough to fake it. honestly stunned, a little hopeful for him, but mostly scared. edit:some people have said it's a cough. he denied it like always, and wont care until it happens to him. perhaps he'll learn something. it's like nature did all it could to take him down. but I hope not, he could become a martyr. also maybe this virus is a horrible way of getting the u.s. to close its borders. the quarantine wall.

  23. ? Did he say mergency? I have confidence in the American people I have no confidence in this semi literate egomaniac

  24. Coronavirus is a joke, its like a flu , even bronchitis is deadlier. And they should ban China visit to usa etc europe and Africa while ago. So now because europe fd up, usa doing this. AND Does you people realize that he reading teleprompter /writings right? Which he didnt write or tell over 5-10%
    And when you read that on live , you cant even cough normally because you afraid that people will immediately jump on you. And Bernie would be the best and nr 1 so CNN stop crying if Trump get re-elected.

    And don't try anptjwr hoax like the "Russian meddling with Trump" absolutely false ,even the racism isnt real except the people whp believes "the show wrestling scene" Which was the whole point of his campaign, so we cant be mad at him but the voters who believed he will build a wall etc hates Muslims and now they see if they have any sense , that Trump is just a business /show man… Not racist like the racist/"white supremacists" Wanted.
    Ps Opioids helps and possibly prevent Coronavirus (just different type of Flu with over fear mongering ) everypne who i know uses Opioids havent got it and Marijuana too.

  25. Opioids helps and possibly prevent Coronavirus (just different type of Flu with over fear mongering & Bronchitis is even more dangerous ) everyone who i know uses Opioids havent got it and Marijuana too helps the symptoms(in normal flu also when vaporized especially ) and you are cured in few days. Stop panicking! And use Marijuana and Opioids but don't abuse them.

  26. listen this stupid bucket head, this fat orange gas bag. What kind of pea brain has he got rolling around in that big empty bean bag he calls a head? The dumbest, most ignorant, most venal and corrupt person to waddle and slouch his way across the planet ever.

  27. Vaporize Marijuana it helps like it helps other flues also. Ans use real vaporizer pike the heating of flower or eax NOT CARTRIDGES or E-Cig poison aerosol liquid, which produce toxic calles formaldehyde etc.
    And Opioids helps too, but don't abuse them, and if you don't get it from doctor (Because over demonizing and corrupt "opioid epidemoc bias" Well then the money goes to funsing Cartels. Opioid use will never stop,

    so its up to the corrupted government parts etc fda which don't have issue to Prescription of deadly Antipsychotics poison or antidepressants (Suicide,Massacre causing serotonin psychopathic behavior drugs) which are more addictive (Hard to stop them) than any opioid.

  28. The text he was reading had a different word, not 'cargo'. But his habit when reading is to forge ahead without ever acknowledging miscues.

    He miscued at least one other time in the speech (1:00 ), but that time inserted the word 'and' to obscure the miscue. (Adding 'and' is a habitual response some self-conscious readers use when reading aloud to hide miscues): "I am confident that by [counting (and)] continuing to take these tough measures, we will significantly reduce the threat to our citizens".

    The stress level shoots up at the moment of that miscue.

    I can't decipher what exactly was the text, from listening to the 'cargo' miscue (3:03 ), but his realization of the error and another increase in stress seem to be right at the word 'cargo'.
    ["…traditional carriers" perhaps, with "…various other things…" ad libbed to cover the error, which did not allow for finishing the sentence as written. … (?)]

    How to fix civilization (address systemic flaws so demagogues have no traction):


  29. 1:03 trump definitely has the coronavirus and I bet his entire administration has the virus as well.
    Hilarious if they start dropping like the flies they are 😂

  30. Trump steps up to the plate and addresses this novel plague with strength, responding to medical professionals.

  31. Let’s see how devoted trump supporters are now as it becomes more apparent how unprepared this administration is to fight this virus 🦠, let’s remember this is the guy that said this is not as bad as the flu and would be defeated quickly even though his own medical experts were saying the complete opposite

  32. Trump Coronavirus address. Watch him hold back and stumble while he speaks at time step 1:02–1:05 – He is holding back something.

  33. He callels Biden low energy and yet Trump looks and sounds so tired. Why did Americans refuse to use WHO testing kits when 60 other countries did ? Why is it free to get tested in Korea but costs 1000 dollars in the US to get tested? Americans talk about human rights but it seems that the poor living in America don't deserve to be tested.

  34. Everyone needs to quarantine himself and keeps eating healthy and exercising
    That is the best way to not spread more virus

  35. I do not like Trump either but saying he's like ill being weird in this video seems wrong. He's most likely very stressed and very nervous because he has to announce that people from europe aren't welcome for a month and I mean the whole country is dealing with coronavirus right now and he needs to be the guy that has to take measures. Again, I do not like Trump but it's in America's best interest to support the man through this outbreak. Stay safe out there people. Love from Europe.

  36. Everything has a flipside to it. Over positive can lead to carelessness just like over negative can lead to depression. Good judgement and balance is key in such situation. Not forgetting appreciation and gratitude for those fighting in the front line too. Contribute in ways or means whenever you can to make life better for your fellow men. Above all pray to God who is able to make it bearable for us because it is something we have to go through sooner or later due to the way human are disrespecting nature and destroying the earth.

  37. Dont you love how the President can give a message of Confidence and hope and the media cant get off their "Hate Trump" crap long enough to be part of the solution. Todays media is like having the National Enquirer as your only news source. I apologize to the National Enquirer for the insult!

  38. Thank you President Trump for keeping Americans as safe as you can, and being a wonderful President to our great Nation. Love you, and praying our God keeps you and us from getting the virus. God Bless you Mr. President… big hugs to you Sir. Trump 2020, because he loves America and us (we the people)!

  39. Can someone explain why the UK & Ireland are exempt ? Is it because of trump owned business that he has here in the UK
    It dont make sense because the UK also has a high number of Covid 19 cases

  40. IESUS

    SALVATOR MUNDI you are the ressurection and the life and your reign is eternal and peace that you bring

    is everlasting, auxilium Italia et MUNDI contra nova Coronavirus. Pater noster,

    qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas

    tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et

    dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne

    nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen

    IESUS thy is the kingdom,

    the power and glory forever and for EVER. IESUS have mercy with Italy and

    entire world. Holly Mary intercede for us and pray for us help us against


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