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100 thoughts on “This Timeline Shows The Death Of The US Dollar As World Reserve – Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 3”

  1. It's best to watch all the videos and then take it with a grain of salt. Because this is meant to be looked at on a long term basis.

  2. Check out Brendon O'Connell's channel on the theater going on regarding Russia, Iran, China, and Israel. Israel steals American high technology, sells it to other countries. Israel/j.,.,e.,.,w.,.s, control America, and are using it for Israel's benefit, and plan to crash the country once it is of no more use. They will then use China, as they have built it up through Kissinger (manufacturing moved from the West to China, etc.) and they control China. So of course these countries are turning to alternatives, because they know the game and how the West is being used. The West lost WW2 and have been subjugated since. Read The International J.,.e,.,.,w by Henry Ford Sr., and The Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty.

    Israel is pushing for a global currency, which they will have control of. You disagree with their treatment of Palestinians, or their subversion of the West, or their deliberate act of genocide against the White race? A push of a button will block access to your funds.

  3. Professor. I am a Chinese, my opinion is different from yours.I think America will be the only one reliable currenvy in the foreseeable future,in your speech, it seems that China is getting stronger.Yes, I agree with that.China has a fatal weakness.That is its system.China is a Dynasty.So the heirs of a Dynasty can be either clever or fatuous.If you meet a wise monarch,kingdom will prosper and his career and will be developed.but if u met one or two fatuous kings,your fate is doomed.China is a country of 1.4 billion people and cannot rely entirely on democracy.The crowds's brains are not thinking.So for political reasons, China is unlikely to replace the dollar in the foreseeable future.

  4. the Bible is always right. eventually, we are going to have a ONE world currency probably backed by gold. And you will have to take his mark to be able to buy and trade and worship the image of the beast. REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND

  5. In my one book it says how they had to remake the coins every so many years because the gold became more valuable than the coin. So they had to make it smaller and smaller. It was called a guide book of United States and coins 67th edition.

  6. unfortunately Iraq and libya both are invaded for the reason mentioned… no body is learning from the history ,,, being greedy and wars are the main reasons of nation failures

  7. The only way I'm buying gold is if I can hide it and have it myself, somewhere where no one will ever find it…….
    A piece of paper is just that a piece of paper, it's only worth something if the masses think it is…….

  8. Greedy bastards… The next collapse will go beyond "money"… People are going to wake up and realize that even gold is worth nothing because you can't eat it, can't drink it' can't breath it…

    Buy gold,silver,land,car, airplane
    Anything physical but not to save your notes for later use

  10. Dyslexic and i was called stupid be a teacher, but my parents taught me gold and silver are better than money(paper)and how to recognize real silver since i was about age 7, watching this makes me very happy. Who's stupid now you evil witch.

  11. My brother says "hey there some army positions available"

    I said "oh yea? Any shooting positions open?"

    My brother "This is 2019, the Xerox Machine is more important then the gun"

  12. Its been 6 years, none of the predictions went true. I think now is the time to start accumulating gold. He ignored time lag factor

  13. 16:20 Gubernar mente, mind control is coercion to begin with and chaos? No let adult individuals let them decide for themselves, more rational than giving it to some idiots/ psychopaths obviously with only their selves and their power in mind.

  14. You know Mike what you sharing is brutal truth and real terrifying, but Richard Daughty kills me all the time🤣🤣

  15. You should stack dollars, you can burn dollars and keep warm when SHTF. You can't do that with gold. get dollars and keep warm.

  16. It's called a mental block, or if you understand the scales fall off, once you see, i am glad my eyes were holden.

  17. Even if US Dollar has an expiration date, there will be another paper money invented to continue $'s legacy, that's for sure. These videos are very informative in explaining how every monetary system international banks issue, is in reality with no value. This is why new developments are needed these years, like bitcoin and tokens, which have no need of a bank. They may have no physicality but no private institution can print them nor control them. Everything stays transparent on the blockchain so every one of us can control his/ her own financial assets.

  18. I agree that the free exchange of goods and services works if there is competition. Monopolies and near should not be allowed but then how to deal with greed. The need for some to want more and more way beyond what they need.

  19. How does this explain venezuela because they are communist and with gold or with Fiat, that system still sucks..

  20. OK. So this means there's enough gold in the world for everyone to use it as currency and trade, and that the gold and silver shortage is a scam. Who do we believe?

  21. I'd love to see an updated version of this video about every 3-5 years. That way we can see how things have changed. New data on what the worlds countries are doing, how much currency has inflated, predictions on the potential value of gold, etc.

    This is truly awesome information!

  22. wow! This was totally on point! More accurate and relative today than when it was first published!

  23. Subscribed! I have listened to episode 1 and 2 and I'm Super interested in your message so far!

  24. Yes the Economist predicted crypto, but why and who? Well the Economist is owned by the Rothschilds ie central bankers. That's the who. The why is because they know that sooner or later they will engineer the Great Collapse, the final collapse and naturally people will look for a system outside of the system that just died. However did you ever stop to think that crypto was planned as a cage of complete and total control of your income and expenditure. For them it is THE end solution for them to control all, everyone and everything and if you think for a second that blockchain is safe then you havent understood the less9n of central banking. They have the total and utter resources both military and political to manipulate and control everything.
    The truth is nowhere is totally safe not even gold and silver however the only advantage to gold and silver in your physical possession is that you can use it outside of their visual range to hold at the very least a tangible value system that others would gladly receive in exchange for goods and services.
    They will only let you think you are winning with crypto, but buyer beware they can also set the rate of exchange and more importantly they can switch it off or reset to zero.

  25. "I love America, at least the one the founding fathers created." Yay, bring back slavery and take away women's votes!

  26. This is the reason. why Libya is in this situation right now. "Gold Dinar"
    So the US government is the one responsible in the oust of Gadafi as the Libyan Leader? sheeet.. we had been deceive..

  27. Published in 1013?! Seriously this news is getting old.
    All the gold hoarders might wait their whole lifetime before this promises come to life.
    And then Government will confiscate all your gold any way!
    Go to any Gold bug conference and you will see bunch of older guys walking around.
    Millennials and new generations don't buy gold, don't care about gold.
    We have an alternative now which is better then fiat and more convenient then gold as form of payment – Cryptocurrency that can not be created, can not be controlled or confiscated.
    Younger generation would rather use Cryptocurrency then gold or silver.
    Buy Bitcoin instead!

  28. We learnt at school that gold isnt the way to judge value of currency anymore but GDP was. So we think that currency or money is equal to GDP value. Since we also use gold for other things like computers and satellites protection, we need gold for other use than value. Right or not ?

  29. China is just waiting for the best time to announce their currency back up of gold: the next major economical crisis. On that point, Yuan will be the new dollar and they will be the new kings. USA will be in big trouble and there will be nothing to blame just themselves.

  30. I presume "Wealth can be created"-

    ref "Wealth of nations" written by Adam Smith (father of economics)

  31. Mike dropped out of school in the 10th grade? No wonder he’s so clever! Leave school- it’s a racket- get a trade-get your own home sooner👍

  32. I'm late to finding these videos but I'm so thankful I did! Watching this with today's news of Facebook's Libra puts ALL of the recent government actions into perspective. Now I understand why they're so worried about it.

  33. Dyslexic is political coretness. In the past one was not too bright today he or she is dyslexic. Sounds better

  34. I really appreciate the knowledge that you're passing over to the public Mike, thank you for your efforts! I continually watch this video series on a regular basis.

  35. You forgot to mentions that Saddam Hussein of Iraq was assasinated. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was assasinated. Now the same killers want to invade and destroy Iran. Hmmmm i wonder what all these wars and killings have in common? Could it be the Jew controlled fedreral reserve note backed by middle east oil??? No no no…we were spreading "democracy". Yeah riiiiiiight. Spreading the Jewocracy more likely. Now all the countries are dumping the Jew buck. Globalist Jews BTFO

  36. Just received your book from Amazon, I am excited to have learned from you so much about our system of value on this planet and to start accumulating actual value in gold and silver

  37. In 2008, cryptocurrency was born as a sign of rebellion to fiat currency. It's up to you whether you support or against cryptocurrency, but I'm betting against the fiat currency.

  38. I understand what you're saying about how we should measure gold and silver by its value and not price, but my question is how do you accurately measure something's value?

  39. Please I have a question about Algeria currency: the price of USD compared with our currency still raise from 1USD=80 DZD in 2011 to 1USD=119,4 DZD NOW???

  40. The US dollar is backed by the US military.
    The last thing we want is the brightest light of freedoms military to collapse.

  41. Mr. Maloney, I wanted to extend a big thank you for educating the younger generation such as myself. I really appreciate you putting out amazing content. Liked and subbed. Much love from Dallas, Texas

  42. I think you are teaching us how to spend our money into buying gold and silver, as for the world government wants to change the currency now because the US dollar is worth nothing and needs to emend its mess and having us to pay for it.

  43. Sounds like doom and gloom on the horizon for the average Joe who can't afford to buy gold or silver and even if he could, you can't eat it. No real answer for the public at all, only those who see another opportunity to for the rich to get richer. Gold should be abolished, somehow the world economists have screwed up again. I don't see or hear anything that can help the average citizen at all. What's the point of your lecture anyway??? How is a poor soul like myself and others get into this great opportunity you talk about when we are all dirt poor, why don't you explain this as to how Joe Schmuck is supposed to benefit from what you say, as I did not hear an ANSWER!!

  44. I remember watching this 5 years ago and coming back reviewing it now, I'm seeing all this manifesting evermore.

  45. Gold is = to the value of what ever someone will give for any thing of value to you . Great video Mike!🥇🥇🥇🥇

  46. Greeks have a pile of worthless rubble.
    When are they going to fund and REPAIR the ancient structures ?
    No point in traveling half way around the wirld to see a bunch of broken junk.
    Restore the Temples & Buildings, completely, as they once were at the very Peak of their prosperity, opening the Temples as museums.
    Now that would be worth seeing. $

  47. Gadafi died hard for his vision of an alternative to the petro dollar.

    I saw video of him die, right here on you tube. It wasnt nice.

    Hillary said something like 'we came, we saw, and he died'. Then she laughed. She's not nice.

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