The Sims 4 was just patched on PC and Mac
and with it we got a new addition to the base game – the Freelancer career. While not the deepest experience, it’s a decent
alternative to traditional careers in that it doesn’t stick your Sim into a rabbit hole
for several hours and allows Sims to work at their own pace. It features a very diverse number of gigs
but few unique rewards. Starting the career is like any other, though
once you pick the career you’ll need to choose whether your Sim is going to be a freelance
writer, artist, or programmer. I loaded up my Super Sim and went with artist. To be honest I wish this had been done differently,
much like I wish actor could take more than one gig at a time. In this case I wish you could use all three
skills if you wanted. Sims, like people, learn a variety of skills
and should be able to use them all at once. In this case the game does allow you to switch
freelancer trades at will with the phone but it will reset the level you have with your
agency, bringing pay back down to the base rate. If they’d just left the level the same, I’d
be fine with that. Once you’ve signed up with an agency you can
use the phone or careers tab to select a gig. If you have problems where it looks like you’re
an actor, save while a freelancer, close The Sims 4 and reload the game. This worked to fix an issue I was having – also
make sure to disable all mods. Gigs are based upon skill level – you can’t
take one way over your head, so you’ll need to work your way up. Thankfully skill xp comes while you’re working
for clients. Once on a gig, your careers tab should switch
to listing the tasks you’ll need to complete in order to be paid. You have about 3 days to finish, and you can
start at any time. It’s even possible to do multiple gigs in
a day, though if you complete a couple you may find what’s left for that day not worth
your time. The list will refresh the next day. I believe that all three careers require a
computer in order to fully function, given the need to chat with clients. The artist doesn’t use the easel but rather
the digital sketchpad. Here we are painting a client’s deceased relative,
which you can see is a stirring representation of how most mamaws look. When done we can send it in and get approval
or else edit it if the client turns you down. You can click in the inventory or even hang
the painting on the wall and pick edit. Finishing a gig will move the meter for the
career ever so slightly. It moves much slower than normal, assuming
you can complete more than one gig in a day. Fill this meter and you’ll get a permanent
boost to gig rates along with a reward based on the branch you chose. Thankfully, this time the rewards are found
in the family inventory where they are meant to be. You can then level up again, and each level
will increase gig pay further. It looks like each overlevel applies a hidden
+10% to gig pay. Mine appear the same on the list but I get
more money. Sometimes you do so well the client gives
a bonus on top of that, which helps to cover the costs. Ambitious Sims do benefit from the trait,
getting a boost to performance increases and it looks like Lazy Sims take longer to level. Emotions also give you a boost, so it functions
like most other careers. There are about 10 types of gig for each of
the 3 branches, with variants among those types – for example making a computer game
is a type for a programmer and may have like 5 different gigs with different text. There are maybe 25 total unique gigs for each
of the 3 professions with unique text for the various outcomes. It’s a LOT of writing on Sims team’s part. This will extend the replayability somewhat
if you’re into Sims-style humor, which is present in nearly all the descriptions I read. Overall it’s pretty well fleshed out, just
don’t expect big rewards beyond money. It’s a nice way to earn a living and certainly
competes with the regular methods of using the skills involved like by painting. I’m not sure if writing is as good as actually
publishing novels but it’s definitely a more varied routine. I do want to add that when I first started
up nothing was working. It thought I was an actor and referenced the
wrong kind of gig. The careers tab didn’t show tasks and the
freelancer menu wasn’t coming up. I saved, disabled all mods, closed the game,
and cleared the thumbs cache then restarted. I have 0 idea which of those fixed it, but
saving as a freelancer and reloading did ultimately help my problem. I’ve been told that some people should move
their mods out of the mods folder entirely if they run into this just in case. It was released with a pretty nasty bug, and
I know it’s affecting a number of people right now. Hopefully you can enjoy the new career without
too much of a hassle. I’ll link the guide to cache clearing in the
comments along with the text version of the freelancer guide, which is now finished. Well, this is a rundown of what it’s like
to play the new freelancer career with hopefully a few tips to help you get going. Free content is always nice and I’ve got a
bit more playing to do myself. I’ll probably update the page to some degree. Thank you for watching, let me know what you
thought in the comments and hit the like button if this helped you in some way. That is the goal, after all and you doing
so does help my channel.

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