We’re now back at levels of over 26,000 points with inside the stock market and as we’ve always talked about it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when and now we’re starting to getting warnings from some of the top economists across the country one of those gentlemen is David Stockman David Stockman on the 27th on Fox Business News who is the former budget director under the Reagan administration is talking about how to get out of stocks and to get out of the stock market he’s also recommending to do it now when you have gentlemen like David Stockman or Sebastian Page who is the one of the finance managers for T rowe Price managing over 300 billion dollars talking about getting out of the market it’s probably time to start taking notice and this is something we’ve talked about for a long period of time mr. Brunson last week also talked about raising interest rates in the meeting that was held in Jackson Hole Wyoming and Jerome Powell coming out and talking about the continuation of rising interest rates rising interest rates will continue until they see some form of break or sealing the crack in the dam come apart they’re gonna continue raising interest rates like mr. Brunson talked about until something gives the US economy continues to show good surges from an economic standpoint the GDP in the second quarter was about four point two we’re also seeing unemployment drop which are all good signs but we’re also seeing things that have continued at a level that we’ve never seen before as we’ve mentioned before in the past the Shiller index is also sitting in a level showing that the stock market is overvalued we’re now over 33 points in that sector most consumers that we talk about on a daily basis they’re looking for a sign and they’re looking for a signal they’re waiting for the barometer in the stock market to give them that sign to tell them to get out it’s better to be prepared and make those pre-emptive moves prior to that happening because when it happens this time it will be much larger every recession we’ve continued an encounter since 1933 as an extenuation and every time it’s longer and every time it’s harsher and most retirees understand how harsh and how brutal the recession of 2008 really was we know that the one that’s coming next is going to be that much harder than the one that we saw in 2008 and most retirees were 10 years younger then than they are now we’ve regained all those gains and made up all the losses from that time frame and now you’re making money that money has to be protected continue to watch us money reserve market insights to continue to get more information about what we’re talking about today but the key element is it’s not if it’s when as always thank you for watching us money reserve market insights if you call the number on the screen now a us mr representative will provide you access to a physical copy of why this bear market would be different and seven reasons not to write it out for instant access to a copy this this month’s literature you can use the link in the description and get your eBook now as always thank you for watching us money reserve market insights you

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