News anchor and former prosecutor Kimberly
Guilfoyle joined Fox News in 2006, working her way up to a co-hosting gig on The Five
in 2011. Serving as the show’s legal analyst, Guilfoyle
helped to turn the nightly panel discussion into one of the top-rated programs in all
of cable news, all while raising her own profile as a popular conservative voice. It’s an arrangement that was good while it
lasted. “The network made it official with a one-sentence
statement. Fox News has parted ways with Kimberly Guilfoyle.” Despite a dozen years with the company, Guilfoyle
and the network parted ways in July 2018. The murky circumstances of her departure have
left viewers wondering what happened to prompt the sudden exit. Is it a new job? True love? Or the result of an internal power struggle? Let’s break down the real reasons Kimberly
Guilfoyle left Fox News. Her, too In April 2017, the network ousted prime-time
anchor Bill O’Reilly following sexual harassment allegations. Following that news, you’d think that others
at the network would be extra-vigilant about acting sexist in the workplace, much less
on the air. But that wasn’t the case. The same day that news broke about O’Reilly’s
ouster, Guilfoyle got into in a verbal sparring match on The Five with co-host Bob Beckel. During an on-air spat in which she called
Beckel a crybaby, Beckel and co-host Greg Gutfeld made some eye-rollingly sexist remarks
about Guilfoyle’s appearance. “Call your dress maker!” “And give ’em a raise. That’s what I’m saying!” “You are giving America a raise.” There’s nothing complimentary about being
reduced to an object on live TV, especially when it happens all the time. “I just want to call Bob out, on the break
he goes, ‘Kimberly, I wanna replace you as a robot, it would have nice long legs and
no mouth, it wouldn’t talk!'” This is just the kind of stuff that made it
on TV, which certainly raises questions about what the workplace culture is like when the
cameras are off. Accusations of toxic behavior at Fox News
have been well-documented. Why put up with that when you can get a better
gig elsewhere? Forced out by Fox? According to anonymous sources who spoke with
The Huffington Post, Guilfoyle’s choice to leave Fox News may not have been a choice
at all. Though Guilfoyle’s rep told the outlet that
her departure was “mutual and amicable,” reporter Yashar Ali reported that she was forced out,
and that her “team is in separation negotiations.” Coupled with the one-sentence statement from
Fox News and the radio silence so far on Guilfoyle’s part, it’s hard not to wonder what went on
behind the scenes, and what it might have to do with Guilfoyle’s new boyfriend, Donald
Trump Jr. Burning bridges and political ambitions Vanessa Trump filed for divorce from Donald
Trump Jr, her husband of 12 years, in March 2018. Afterwards, Guilfoyle and the oldest Trump
son made their relationship official. If the Instagram photo she posted of the two
of them holding hands at the White House doesn’t clue you in to what her ambitions for the
relationship might be, let’s just say she may be playing the long game. Guilfoyle has called her new boyfriend the
“number one up-and-coming political figure” on the right, lauding him for his, quote,
“compelling political voice”. During their relationship, she’s pivoted from
being a media pundit to a media critic. Some of her recent comments include identifying
her former profession as being “[…Full of] imposter[s] […] teetering
on the brink of [being] completely mentally ill.” Suffice to say, it doesn’t sound like she’s
too keen on taking another media job. After years of covering politics, it looks
like she wants in on the game. Executive branch out Guilfoyle has had ambitions of landing a job
in the White House for some time. She was a contender for the role of Press
Secretary in the Trump White House in 2016, a job that went to the oft-parodied Sean Spicer. After Spicer resigned, Guilfoyle’s name resurfaced
as someone who could potentially fill the role. Speaking to The Mercury News in 2017, Guilfoyle
said it would be an honor to serve her country as Press Secretary, calling the gig “fascinating”
and “challenging.” While the job ultimately went to Sarah Huckabee
Sanders, it’s clear that Guilfoyle is gunning for an influential position, pivoting from
being a newsreader to a political figure. Super (PAC) woman Following her departure from Fox News, Guilfoyle
has reportedly already lined up her next gig. According to Politico, she’s expected to join
the America First super PAC in support of President Trump. She plans to hit the campaign trail during
the 2018 midterm cycle with boyfriend Donald Trump, Jr. Prior to her career change, Guilfoyle wrote
a book titled Making the Case: How to Be Your Own Best Advocate, a book that’s designed
to, quote, “help you win arguments, [and] get what you want.” Now that she’s out of the media and moving
full speed ahead with her political ambitions, it looks like she’s taking her own advice.

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100 thoughts on “The Real Reason Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Leaving Fox News”

  1. She is definitely a great teammate. Can you explain to us what the hell donna brazile is doing as a contributor on Fox?

  2. Creepy how physically similar she is to Daddy Trumps wife. Don Jr. trying to be just like Daddy.Although daddy is on wifey 3 so guessing she won’t be a “forever “ she should have held out till he divorced whoever 2nd wifey will be, another blonde perhaps, then a brunette lol

  3. Always admired her. Watched her daily. She is one sharp woman
    Hope she lands somewhere that uses her intellectual talents and she enjoys.

  4. Kim is not an object ..She is a top lawyer and former Prosecuter.The majority of the Lady,Fox personalities have Razor sharp intellect,that happen to have runway model looks..

  5. Kimberly Ok I will dress sexy so I will get noticed men and some women like that sort of stuff but when I become the bimbo of the show I will make a big seen and say this how I dress I don't see it as sexy. whatever Kim your gone see ya!

  6. Well if all you do is portray yourself as a sex object, should you be surprised that others see you as nothing else? May she drag her Versace ass out the door, along with her predecessor in trash and megalomania, Megan Kelly (better known as smelly)

  7. I understand why she is no longer with Fox she left her they dismissed her take it out of the way that you choose to it doesn't matter it is because she is in the end of Circle of the Trump family and maybe Trump's daughter-in-law in the future who knows we'll have to see but I think that's what it's all about lights camera action.

  8. She's good people,…Intelligent and Beautiful inside and out.
    Nothing but love and respect for Kimberly.
    TRUMP2020 Four More Years.

  9. She'll marry Donald Jr. When she does Im gonna sit back and laugh at the haters…lol. People so jealous bcz she looks great in what she wears#

  10. Guess the botox doesn't work anymore. Good to get the F– out before she needs another boob job. She can go kill animals with her yukky ukky boyfriend. She got treated like a sex object because SHE is a sex object. She's said so herself. A very materialistic sex object.

  11. This woman is nothing but a phony opportunist! Maybe she's changed her tune but she doesn't condemn that ridiculous ex-husband left wing nut that is running California as the so called Governor! If she had any political gumption in her she would call that nut out! Crickets! So what the hell would she be wanting to get into politics if you don't call the opposition out? I don't care if you were married to the idiot at one time, that's past history!!!

  12. She has got so much hair dye and makeup that one cannot be certain of her natural appearance. Women, in the news media, have their natural appearances so heavily modified by makeup artists, that we have no idea what they really look like. Still, I frown upon sexual comments uttered to her by her male comments. Those men at Fox News should be fired because she is their co-host for the purpose of earning a paycheck. She is not their co-host because of a romantic attraction.

  13. The way Juan was always admiring her surprised Fox didn’t scold him! Did the color of his skin stop them these days one has to ask?..

  14. Kimberly is a brave and bold speaking person. Much of the media hates fact finders and reporting it without any apology. Love Kim and 3 cheers for Donald Jr.

  15. Way to go Don Jr. Thumbs up for you both, if she turns out to be the Frist lady after dad is done I'm going to have to say it again, "best looking First lady ever in the history of this country. "

  16. Who cares men have to connected and or skilled to get a position women can flatback their way into a position ,nothing new here , answers on a postcard please !

  17. I have seen The Five just a few times but can`t believe the incredibly shallow level of discussion. Sitting in front of the screen is a loss of time

  18. I don't see her doing anything constructive. She is hanging out with that adulterer lying Trump jr. How is that working for her? Not good I see.

  19. This is the type of stuff Nicki Swift is known for. She should be writing for a gossip magazine. Nobody cares what comes out of her garbage mouth except the uneducated, liberal haters.

  20. Women objectify themselves for financial advantage, get off your high horse. Guilfoyle is an adult who knows exactly what she's doing.

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