was gonna crash and it’s gonna fall
pretty hard because markets are ruled right now but
fear uh… investors and the big money the
smart money uh… i’m talking about uh… the big funds that hedge funds institutions they don’t buy this rescue plan uh…
day-to-day basically um… into the market is closed they know the stock market is finished
the year olds bars are they concerned only care their movement money away to
safer uh… assets uh… like treasury bonds uh… thirty-year bonds and the u_s_
dollar uh… so it’s not gonna work we keep hearing that whatever that the politicians are
suggesting that it’s a little bit rather wally safe are isn’t right can u pinned
down exactly what would keep investors happy make them feel more confident uh… that’s a tough one uh… pursuing uh… it doesn’t matter that that sits
on a traitor uh… i don’t really care about the good stuff i go with what the popeye if icing
opportune to make money i go with that uh… so for most traders is not about is that we don’t really care that much
had in the face the how to fix the economy how to fix the uh… the whole
situation our job is to make money from it hands personally i’ve been dreaming of his own
for three years uh… i at a confession which is uh… i go to bed every night aging
another recession adjournment of the moment like this why because uh… people don’t seem to omitted
remember about the thirties depression the depression in the thirties wasn’t just about the market crash there were some people who are prepared
to make money from that crash i think anybody can do that if it isn’t
just for some people in the elites anybody can actually make money it’s an
opportunity uh… when the market crashes now when
the euro and the big storms crash if you know what to do um… if if u have the right plan to set up
ah… you can you can make a lot of money from this uh… for example hedging strategies one uh… then investing in bonds treasury bonds if you can’t saith the people around me
jewels of collectively dropped at what you’ve just said i think that we have we appreciate your
candor however doesn’t help the rest of us does it all the rest of your essay
this list i was just everybody who’s watching this desk economic crisis looks like a cancer
if you just wait and weights thinking this is going to go away just like a cancer is gonna grow and
commit to a what i would say to everybody is get prepared uh… there’s not a time right now too uh… wishful thinking the governors in
a sort things out the government’s don’t rule the world goldman sachs rules the world goldman sachs does not care about this
rescue package neither does the declines actually what i what i want alyssa tell
people i want to help people up people can make money from the state is unjust
traders what they need to do is learned about having how to make money from it
at downward market uh… the first thing people should do
is protect their assets protect what they have because in less than twelve months my
prediction is the savings of mute millions of people
from the bench uh… and it’s just the beginning so i would say be prepared and acts now the biggest
risk people can take right now is not acting lessons starting thank you very much for
talking to him you dream about economy and on and try not to it mindset praise that’s fine have sex yet

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45 thoughts on “The People Occupy Wall Street While Wall Street Dreams of Another Recession”

  1. That trader is saying what all progressives already know, wallstreet does not care about countries economies, Only about making money for themselves. People are criminaly stupid if they think that without regulation/laws in place to prevent criminals on wallstreet that they wont steal everything they can and export it to a country where they can make even more money.

  2. @thejihadresistance
    Yep Glass stiegal was a bad move, but you don’t see any repubs arguing for its return
    Constitution is great, but it’s not a perfect document. It needs to evolve and modernise with the times. You simply can’t repeal the 21st centuary because of 1 mistake, You fix that mistake not roll back 100's of years of progress.

  3. @longdoggie Actually the traders for the big banks are like vultures that decide to poison a village killing everyone because they're too lazy to fly around looking for food

    The wall streeters created the recession so naturally they had plans to come out ahead

  4. Sam that trader is a crock of shit dude. He is a options guy who is vested in the market going down. He is pissed off because he didnt take advantage of the last crash and he is pissed.

    The market will not crash like that again, thats for DAMN sure. If it does it will crash like 60-100 years from now.

  5. @EmpathyWorks This trader is the perfect example of WS. Hes there for money. He speaks to other traders all day long, All his friends will be traders, Do you think hes a 1 off? hes simply stating what hes observing. Hes talking about a crash because hes seen that the problems have not been fixed. They know that the same people who ruinned the system are still there doing the same thing and trying to earn more money by scamming the system.

  6. A professional trader will make profit no matter what market they are in and in any direction if proper money managment and risk management is solid, that guy from the BBC sucks if he can only make money in one direction

  7. @metalgamer1186 hes not saying he cant make money going up, Its just easier and he can make even more if it crashes, he gets to keep his money while the rest of us loose, then get to buy stuff while its super cheep.
    All the traders have invested overseas, They have no real money in the USA, there not motivated for it to stay up. They want to get a crash so they can buy the future super cheap.

  8. @EmpathyWorks – Spoken like a true investor. You think this is a joke, and it will never happen, you are seriously deluded, and you will be boiling your shoe leather for food within a few years.

  9. @Overkillerr There’s 2 mentalities here, 1 where it’s all about the money, and the 2nd where your responsible for people’s lives, If your manipulating the market for profit like alot of big firms, and ruining people’s lives so you can get another billion dollars, there needs to be laws in place to stop you. But if you’re buying a company because you believe in the product or can see a market then bet away.
    At all times you have to remember that there are people at the other end of the market.

  10. @jesse1018 Don’t replace money with anything. It is only a hindrance, make everything free. We need money right now but we can make it obsolete providing our needs are taken care of, and there are enough resources to care of our fundamental needs and more. Resources would need to managed and distributed intelligently as needed and would have to be done so by a computer automated system. Such a concept is often rejected because it is so alien, after all how could we do without money?

  11. @GreyPeaJim the computer would still be programmed by someone(s) who decide what takes precedence. The programmer can still be corrupted as to who gets the larger shares, better access, etc. How then would failed ideas be allowed to fall aside if they get equal share of resources? Who decides when an idea/allocation of resources is no longer worth it? The Venus Project model has too many flaws since it, and other ideological systems, require utopian-like conditions to be successful. Money is….

  12. …continued: Money is an incentive, the accumulation of wealth and the comfort it brings will often drive new ideas, but if we all sit on our butts and have the Matrix take care of us, don't be surprised when human productivity drops to nil.

  13. How do we invest or protect what we have when in order to live we have to have MONEY!!??!?!? In order to protect what we have now, we need money to protect it?

  14. @jesse1018 Hold up a sec, you are jumping to conclusions ‘cause you are not thinking things through. Forget TVP,forget dreams of Utopia,focus on the possible. A question you might like to ask is, how do we limit the risk of corruption when designing such a program?One such way might be through online collaboration,keeping things transparent.Consider Wikipedia.A free online collaborative knowledge base.Sure sometimes some info becomes corrupt but the masses root out and correct such corruptions.

  15. @jesse1018 and yes Money is an incentive (as is the whip or someone holding your family hostage).Now if you were to do something you wanted to do and enjoyed doing,why would you need added incentive?And what if you realised that what you are doing actually contributes to your own well-being as well as everyone else’s and realised that most other people out there were doing the same?Now for a moment just forget about those who wouldn’t see this as incentive enough, and ask yourself if you would?

  16. @GreyPeaJim Making a gain vs threat of pain is vastly different in terms of incentive, don't compare the two. The motivation to do what you enjoy isn't in question, where is the incentive to compete for the more prestigious position. Whats going to dictate which projects get more access to resources? Group A might think one thing and group B another, a computer can't make the decision. We have to. Further, how would we allocate discretionary spending? Too many questions for 500 characters.

  17. @jesse1018 Sorry, you are correct, no need for the comparison. Necessity would be another incentive. Its not about competition, it is about collaboration. Regarding 'wants' these would always have to be secondary to 'needs'. But as for decision making about which projects and allocation of resources; that is where the scientific method comes in to play. Many important questions but I am very confident that they can all be investigated & answered (although not necessarily by me).

  18. @GreyPeaJim Well this has been an interesting conversation, but I think we just have a different philosophy on what would be successful. What I can agree on is that the biggest problem with capitalism is corruption. I just think there are better ways to fix it. The saddest part is that neither of our solutions will materialize in our lifetime.

  19. @jesse1018 "The saddest part is that neither of our solutions will materialize in our lifetime."
    that is where you are wrong. the time for action is now. mark my words: between now and the 2012 elections we will see shit go down like never before.

  20. Dumb ass protesters the MONSTER that created Wall street is in WASHINGTON! Take your dumb lilly white suburban loser dork ass's to the real source of evil…the CONGRESS who made laws that allow this FILTH to grow!!!!

  21. @nderground1 Things in Washington are so out-of-touch they literally don't understand our point of view. Also, the powers-that-be are so rooted in their place that we'd probably have to resort to violence to get the results we want. Before that could ever really happen the masses would get appeased/distracted into complacency again, for a time, till little liberties get taken away one by one again.

  22. That trader sounds like a vampire, he is just waiting to feed. These are the kind of people that the so called Republicans back. Ask yourself, do they represent your interest? If they can make money from blood and guts in the streets, they are perfectly happy with that.

  23. i hope this guy dies an awful death…fuck you and your assets and markets and trades and BULLSHIT fuck you i hope you die you have zero empathy and i know it contradicts my empathy for humans but i hope you suffer

  24. "The stock market is toast."

    "The stock market is FINISHED!"

    "People are done with the Euro."
    Wow, this guy says his job is making money but he sure doesn't look like too hot with these predictions!!! What a Schlub!

    "I am a trader," but I am pretty certain this douche meant "I AM A TRAITOR."

    Because this guy and his ilk gin up fears to cause the marked to further crash, thus enhancing their profits and riches. I understand what his job is, but he shouldn't be taking joy and be so happy that the rest of the world is suffering and still hurting from this disaster. His license should be taken away.

    Saying that "millions will have their savings vanish." What a scumbag but at least he is being honest even tho it's designed to bring him more money through fear mongering and scare tactics.

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