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100 thoughts on “The Move That BROKE Pokemon! | The SCIENCE… of Pokemon Pay Day”

  1. Perhaps that's how one of the biggest of the criminal daddy, Giovanni, is filthy rich and that method is most likely an illegal thing to do in canon pokemon world.

  2. Oh dear Austin, did you forget ultra moon has the rotor lotto one of the rotor powers is roto prize money which can further this little increase and on top of that with roto bargain you can make it so the cost to buy those 500 full restores and revival herbs is cut in half. Also as for the united murder the pay day money spammer, as you stated your pokemon would have to be close to level 100 to be able to maximize the results and with things like the exp share you can have the rest of your party level up pretty fast meaning if you make half your party consist of pokemon like thenliterally indestructibleTyranitar, the reality ripping Gardevoir or the lazy slaking (because if say something supresses it’s or changes its ability you have a pokemon that deserves pseudo legendary status more than every pseudo legendary seeing as how it doesn’t have a mega evolution and has base stats exactly 30-40 stats below the mega evolutions of the strongest pseudo legendaries AFTER they have mega evolved. Also join and help recruit people to the cause to have slaking at least gain a hidden ability to drop that truant.

  3. Using payday, I wonder how long it would be able to continue? The amount of Pokemon in the world wouldn't be unlimited and this will kill them into extinction. I wonder how long it takes for this method to be no longer usable because all of the Pokemon are gone? Plus, now you will have to add the amount of likes on this video to the sum since you have taught everyone exactly how to do it.

  4. So Meowth could be both the tool for redistribution of wealth too? Maybe Meowth its the perfect Robin Hood and the Emblem for a communist pokeworld

  5. One problem- you relied on Verlisify for part of your theory, even if everything still works just fine.
    Austin picked up a Shameful Coin!
    Austin put the Shameful Coin in the Items pocket in the Bag.

  6. Meowth says it himself that his coin on his head is pure gold and regrows after being pulled. So, here's how it would work:

    -Catch 100 – 2,000 Meowths
    -Keep them in cages
    -Rip the coins off of their heads whenever they grow back
    -Sell the gold

    You don't destroy the economy and you get filthy rich at the same time

  7. So many people are gonna be mad that you used verlisify for research

    But about the video this wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t tell ANYONE and make sure no one sees it either

  8. Love how you completely ignored all the damage to the ego system that killing so meany Pokemon would cause. We would have bigger problems then money.

  9. I know that this is just theory but (I don't know) did you consider that 0.21 % of population after they get 1/2 of all money would have 50% chance to steal from other that steal money , so after that point their stealing would slow down

  10. The only thing is…. I think you didn't let thr Pokemon trainers payday panzi scheme steal from each other. That could break the scales here.

  11. The anamie covered this once i think it was in gen 1 or orange islands. Basically the coin on months head is solid gold and pay day it ripps it of and throws it then he grows it back seeing how it's a cat that's as tall as a 10 year olds knee caps and it has a pretty big head that coins is the size of a small plate and is as thick as a wrist 1 coin i think it was every year is preticuly good investment wise.

  12. Won't the people doing this method steal themself or at least other people doing the same thing thus diminishing the return ?

  13. I will make a simple ai to repeat the process all time. Then if you are emulating on a pc you can increase framerate to multiple times hence it i use multiple machines with it. I may outclass bill gates in a month…..XD

  14. You keep saying Poke*dollars*, but they're clearly coins based off of the text that literally calls it coins. That being said, it seems more likely that it follows a biological method similar to Delibird's Presents. Assuming that we don't have any evidence that Pay Day is a man-made move, it would seem that Pokemon have had it since before currency was printed by people. I think it's more just a solid gold coin, no actual currency, and the amount it tells you is actually the amount that the gold dubloon-esque coins would be worth. In which case it wouldn't be nearly as bad for anybody except the gold industry, really, but since it's not quite "the gold industry" and more "the precious metals industry", it's more likely we'd see a rise in the price of other precious metals and life would go on living.

  15. Being a gym leader or elite four probably means you are famous and also get to work with rich fundations and etc. Also there are people who causally earn over millions per year. Also most people don't have high level mewoth.

  16. Ending 3, the ghosts of the Pokemon you've been commiting genocide towards come back to kill you, & your Meowth or Smeargle would be completely incapable of defending you.

  17. There is 150 and more to see to be the Pokemon ma-
    Me: In Pokemon you go on adventures and attack Pokemon till they are weak and throws a magical ball at them or attack them till they fall off the screen or fall down!

  18. Or they raise the cost of living according to region and if the sample size of the "haves vs have nots" weighs too far to the haves then there would be a reasonable tax to the rich, and a reasonable tax refund to those not being taxed. With the government taking a percentage so our countries can actually afford proper road work free health care ect ect ect.

  19. this makes one particular assumption that was extrapolated from, that the sos mechanic will summon indefinitely. realistically eventually the entire population of wild pokemon where ever this is being done will be wiped out the question is wil that happen before or after economic collapse

  20. You control 3 quarters of the worlds wealth, I'm sure you could afford to pay some dudes like 100 bucks to put down the uprising so they could eat for the week

  21. Me hearing the verlisify distrack while watching Austin : Welp we got a problems now (Verlisify proceeds to ruin the world economy)

  22. AHA because poeple wold be starving they would gladly protect my enourmous palace If i promised them a nice salary.

  23. What if Payday Grinding, has existed for 25 Years while 30,000 People are Still doing it? That would make the richest person, Jeff Bezos Worth over $1.8 Trillion! or 419.4 Trillion Pokédollars! It can EVEN Lift the Money per Year to a Whopping, Mind Blowing,

  24. I played Pokemon Silver, and in it Payday used your own money when fighting against a wild Pokemon and used the money you would win when fighting against trainers. i.e no money was ever generated out of nowhere.

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