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100 thoughts on “The Money Illusion – Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 7 – Mike Maloney”

  1. The ppl of the Fed are not stupid. They know the exact damage that they cause in the name of their cause. There is no need to try to teach them. The ppl of the world is who needs to be educated instead.

  2. While the collapse has not happened yet you have been given slivers of time to PREPARE. But your metals, land, seed, NOW, next year, next month may be too late. Winter is coming.

  3. He was right! Just 2 years early. He could see the spike being too rediculous, but no one can predict the stock market perfectly. The crash is now.

  4. Sort of starting to go off the rails here Mike. Why?

    Why the hyperbole about helicopter rebates of 100% tax rebates?

    The Harry Dent forecasted deflation has been taken away by printing.

    As a side note, I think you are missing some of the rejuvenation and senolytic based innovation occurring.

  5. The value of a commodity, a stock, or a house does not change in any predictable relationship to the number of times it changes hands. Nor does the value of a dollar. When 100 shares of a stock are sold, their value is not thereby necessarily depressed, because the shares are also bought. Every sale implies a purchase, and every purchase a sale. In trade, you buy and sell commodities and currency.

  6. In a hyperinflation is it not the quantity of money, but the quality of money. The velocity theory according to Henry Hazlitt is misused many times.

  7. A major defect in the cash holdings approach is that, no matter how much or often individuals decide to spend, the average cash holdings of all individuals in the country cannot be reduced! What Peter spends, Paul receives.

  8. “What’s the Fed gonna do? Raise interest rates at 10% with unemployment at 7%? People will get out and burn down the Fed.” – Jim Rickards

    Love them fightin' words!!! XD

  9. Its scary, but they said the next collapse will be worse than 2008….I actually thrived and got raises throughout that period…Didnt feel it…mid 20s in medical field….Obamacare hurt our industry however

  10. I haven't heard you mention the Petro dollar. It is in the process of collapse. It was a genius move by the banks to establish that to prevent our currency from tanking in the 70's, However, with what's going on the middle East, some countries are finding ways to get around needing the dollar for oil purchases. Those dollars will be making their way back here soon, which I believe will trigger high inflation and cause a stock market crash to be even bigger than expected and much tougher to recover from as the bank attempts to print our way back into solvency. God bless America!

  11. But Mike, a lot of that created currency that you're showing on that chart around 13:10 is QE money and that money never ever (nor will it ever) enter the actual economy. Isn't it sitting in stagnant accounts of the banks and companies that the government bailed out? It was placed with these companies and banks to make their balance sheets look better so they didn't go under and further ruin the economy. And then, isn't that money going to be returned to the government once those bonds (which were toxic at the time) are retired? QE money didn't enter the economy. Isn't this correct? Maybe I'm missing something.

  12. I thought a country's prosperity and future depended on mass migration of economic migrants from the Third World. Are you telling us that Barbara Lerner Spectre might be wrong? https://youtu.be/-7ldT3YL2Kw

  13. Fake money = fake politicians, fake news, fake economy, fake house prices, fake wars, fake history…. End the Federal Reserve and ALL Central Banks

    Even gold or silver has no intrinsic value–you can't eat it, wear it or use it for shelter

    Usury is theft. The lesson we haven't learnt is that psychopaths need to be removed from society. The bankers belong in jail.

  14. It would be nice to buy some real estate with land when the bubble finally bursts, but I am afraid the bank bail-ins will steal my savings before I can take advantage of lower real estate bubbles.

  15. Savings from overseas have already been spent buying overpriced real estate in Australia, Canada, Europe and America.

  16. (((Janet Yellen)))(((Ben Bernanke)))(((Alan Greenspan)))
    I wonder why so many Germans were anti-semitic?  
    A whole group of people will likely be blamed because we don't hold individuals responsible for criminal behaviour.
    Individuals need to be held accountable.

  17. Most people just watch Nikki Minaj on YouTube then wonder why they not doing too well… instead of searching for "prepare for financial crisis"….

  18. Walking through a high-end shopping mall it seems to me that female dresses are growing much longer. This may indicate a slowing of the economy?

  19. This guy has opened my eyes in levels I can’t evening begging to explain…
    I’m an instant fan of this channel and I will start investing in precious metals up to 20% of what I make

  20. Velocity will pick up when a suppressing uncertainty factors being lifted, such as war. But it is unclear what is the suppressing uncertainty factor as of this era. I believe it is related to retirement, and I am not sure how can worries about retirement be lifted like how wars would eventually end…

  21. I have put 20% of my savings into tangible silver coins ! Economic crash……..i’m ready ! Regards…..Abe ( uk-whats left of it )

  22. One issue, the general public isn't holding onto the extra currency the Fed has been pumping out. Wages have barely moved in decades. So who's holding all the extra currency the Fed has been pumping in.

  23. Trillion dallor xxx tax free foundations are the cause of it all you cannot keep up at their rate unless you make trillions a year-

  24. All I know is I cannot f*cking believe that Americans let the Feds rob them of their gold in !933…..it was the biggest robbery in the history of the world and it was right out in the open! WTF was wrong with people?……."Oh here, give me your Gold and take these fancy pieces of paper……don't worry, your paper will be as good as gold (wink wink)…."

  25. This is exactly what the elite want though. Another crash. This is going to help usher in a new one world government also aided by some false flag events to ''unite'' everyone. Order out of chaos. Oldest trick in the book. They create the chaos, and the order that follows

  26. It's March 2019 and the steps Mike talks about for the Fed are beginning!
    It would be fun to ask some of the 2020 presidential candidates questions about the Federal Reserve Bank and the BS system during debates, to see which ones even know how it works.

  27. oh nooooo…… this seems to have been the last chapter!!?? 🙁 🙁 …. i want more… Thanks for creating and sharing these series.

  28. Thankfully there is now an alternative Monetary system available to the masses – https://affiliate.kcbank.io/?s=one2one

  29. What happens to your regular savings account in a period of deflation? Will you still retain the same number of dollars which you deposited?

  30. @20:50 The one cornerstone for Mike Maloney's deflation/rapid inflation theory caused by investments for retirement such as homes and IRA accounts dramatically dropping in value, is IMHO poorly explained.

    Nothing happens without a reason in life, so what would be the CATALYST (i.e. reason) for a dramatic drop in retirement investments? Neither Maloney, Rickards nor Rule explain this in this video, they just conveniently assume this 'fact' and then build an entire deflationary/inflationary theory around it in order to promote gold/silver.

    So far the Central Banks and Central Planners actually seem to be doing a good job in steering the psychology of the masses to keep the Everything Bubble inflated, by causing the Babyboomers to hold on to their investments instead of selling them, and convincing Millennials to buy into the Everything Bubble by going deeper and deeper into debt.

    The key in triggering (!) a dramatic sell off in assets would be if the Millennials stop buying assets (less/no confidence in the future, i.e. psychology), but unfortunately those very same Millennials are so brainwashed (psychology again) that they also fully believe in the powers of Central Planning. Furthermore, there are always happy banks that are prepared to lend money to the heavily indebted Millennials.

    I'm NOT saying that Maloney's scenario is wrong, but I doubt that we're anywhere near the end of the road yet… 

    IMHO there is still a LOT that can be done to maintain the Millennials' confidence (psychology) in the economy/future, such as tax rebates, a cashless society in combination with negative interest rates, more helicopter money, further Keynesian brainwashing by the mainstream media, and the ultimate socialist dream: a Universal Basic Income.

  31. Gold would loose it's monetary value when gold will be found in other planet; land will loose it's economic value when we would travel to other planets.

  32. Miss-ind one thing. Bank need to have money in hot water. What is the next bubble in the economy. Student Loan debt

  33. when you add money it will add more goods and services though. They aren't just adding money for no reason and not adding anything to the economy

  34. To Mike Maloney, I have been talking to a few Very wealthy people. Each of them have their own way of making money. Most of them do not consider making money in the traditional sense. They basically just look at their phones and or computer screens from time to time.
    One of these gentlemen told me to purchase "Index Funds" for retirement. IE., the long term. He told me to look at them. And then he SHOWED me how they NEVER go down for long. He said that they will dump down for a while (Like during the Great Depression), But they ALWAYS go back up. He stated that the Truly Wealthy would NEVER allow it to nose dive forever. He said it is just not possible.
    I have a hard time arguing with him! I looked and looked and he was TOTALLY Correct.
    Can you PLEASE address this??
    Thank you.

  35. These videos have really opened up my eyes and made me understand things about the economy and currency I had never known about I'm definitely going to keep trading my currency for gold and silver great videos

  36. Oops

  37. Mike what's your take on XRP? Is it the solution for creating new wealth and stopping the printing press?

  38. Something is a bit off here. It is like a huge marketing campaign for these guys to advertise the current system as something demonic. They spread a huge huge fear among everyone that sees these videos making them fomo on silver and gold. Now what website are they always promoting? Exactly, goldsilver dot com. The same guys spreading all this information are accepting USD and Euros for THEIR silver and gold. Let that sink in on you for a little bit.

  39. How you haven’t got interviewed by TVs and podcasts for this series about hidden secrets of money ???

    You have done a really great job by making this informative videos about economics and money

    I’m very thankful

  40. Perfect videos and I support you! I just think that cashless society is the answer of the elites to control the crash of the economy and the debt. Once all currency is cashless, the State can program rules on the currency app (bank account) so they can control what you can do or not. The dictatorship will be digital.

  41. find a way to serve many. Mike, you definitely found it. It is my privilege to thank you for such a laborious life project you have. I look forward to meeting you and get some gold, silver as insurance against hyperinflation. When tides are down you will see who swim naked… Unfortunately, people are ignorant and blind to the trick bankers pull in front of them. For 2 reasons; it cannot be so big and it cannot be so old.

  42. The New Economic Evolution of the world is coming via a portfolio fund assets backed STO token. From Oct 2019, hold on to your hats.

  43. The part about the plummeting unemployment and increased consumer confidence before hyper-inflation gave me chills. Watching these videos with today's news is extremely eye opening. Thank you for putting these together… you are saving many from an economic crisis.

  44. Cual es el escenario para los demás países, sera un efecto domino? Existe la posibilidad de que el dolar deje de utilizarse y pasemos a otro sistema financiero? O el endeudamiento es tanto que ya no hay vuelta atrás y la economía de los países caerá con EU?

  45. I got low low low orders sitting. f there's a massive flash crash, then recovers to near current levels, I'll make $30M. Probably better off buyng a lottery ticket tho lol

  46. I am an Engineer by profession Mike and I have watched all your videos. I feel more informed than the Investment bankers at Goldman sachs or JP morgan whose only skills are bullshitting people out of their saving and economically raping the middle class while making the rich richer.

  47. HEY MIKE THANKS FOR THE INFO.  I have a question so what happened to people's mortgage in Germany in the hyper inflation period. Would it have been easy to pay off if it had been purchased before WW1.

  48. Mike Maloney ! You are good man , Sir . I love you and Almighty God loves you more . You are in the God ' s Right Side .

  49. It has been 3 years since this video was uploaded. Yet nothing resembling what these guys are predicting. The economy is better than it has ever been.

  50. Same sort of problems in Australia
    But it's not war's that is the problem in Australia. .
    It's the massive money printing
    To pay for fake public servant's jobs . And the massive
    Welfare system that just keeps getting bigger and bigger every
    Year this year my tax return
    Sead 47% of my TAXATION
    Went to the welfare system
    in Australia we have idiots
    Running the country
    And yes taxes went up this year
    ,, Again,, put the politicians
    Sead that thay lowered taxation
    ,,Thay lied,, again

  51. A good history lesson but feel conclusion is not right. I mean why Japan is able to survive 250% inflation of its GDP even when it is not a Reserve currency. Again, good compilation but still I think it will take decades to come to this point.

  52. I think the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency will play a huge role at the next crysis. They are limited, fast, secure, cheap to send.

  53. Okay, lets say we live in economy without inflation and money printing and etc, what happens when new people are born. I mean if you have mini society with 10 people and each of them hold $1, when 2 new children are born, then ideally you should divide $10/12 and now each person will have 83 cents. This means the price of everything will decline overtime and it will be stupid to spend my money instead of waiting 5/10/15 years when the prices decline some more.

  54. So.. We are now in 2019 and gouvernent are applying negative interest.. Time is coming I guess. What do you think about Bitcoin as it has been created specifically for this situation and only 17 18mio will still be available of the initial 21mio.

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