(gentle music) – [Narrator] The world is changing. By 2050, global energy
consumption will increase by more than 50%, placing unprecedented demands on the energy industry to innovate. In order to keep pace, the industry is driving to
become more sustainable, more intelligent and more
efficient than ever before. AWS provides the broadest
and deepest cloud platform, helping companies transform the core of their operations today and innovate for a more
sustainable energy future. With our customers, AWS is continuously developing
new technology and solutions that empower energy companies
to think big and start small. Our products and services
can reduce the complexity, time and cost of securely
gathering information, transforming hundreds of
thousands of data points into actionable insights
so you can address what’s working and what isn’t. AWS connects the distributed
parts of your business to create an agile, efficient
and intelligent system of operation to make decisions smarter and adapt to what’s coming faster. All while making the
workplace safer for employees and reducing impact on the environment. The world is changing
but the future is here. AWS is how.

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