You know when Jade what’s her name was on…(Jade
Goody?) the Big Brother… And she had that throw down with Shilpa Shetty? Yeah! Now that was not about race, at all!
It was all about class. Yeah. It wasn’t racial; but it came across
racial. Exactly. Jade was from a certain place, and…Shilpa
was from money; Shilpa was from somewhere else, and that caused a clash. Obviously,
Jade didn’t like how Shilpa made her feel; but I must admit, Jade didn’t really handle
it very well. Shilpa came out looking rosy from that because she rose above it all the
time. I don’t think it was racial but yeah it was
class… And I think a lot of the times, people get
that a bit wrong. In this country we have a big class divide; we do… Ever increasing. That’s it, and that’s one of the problems
isn’t it? And all these people who, strive to be a better class…No, you need to strive
to be a better person. You can be a good person regardless of your
class; (of course you can) but that’s not necessarily the same way the other way around… I was in a relationship once where my partner
saw themselves as a lesser class than me. Now I did not understand this at all, because
there was never any talk about this. But when it came out, it was so hateful! And I kind
of thought “Well what have I done?”. But where does that come from? What do you
mean class? When we say class, we’re talking about money. Were you richer than she was,
what are we talking about here? I think my family was better off than her
family. A lot? I don’t know! It’s not something…(that you
talked about) yeah. Both parent’s working, both families… That’s working class… It came out and I thought “This is so weird.”.
Now is it because I’m quite middle class… But why do you class yourself as middle class? My family is middle class….The kind of jobs
that my family have…although myself, I’ve had working class….jobs. Cleaner, groundsman,
things like that. I’ve done those jobs…I really don’t understand the snobbery that
well off people have… They can afford to have the snobbery because
they’ve got money… I just don’t get it! I really don’t get it. You say you don’t understand it, because regardless
of what you say about your family, and being middle class…you’re still struggling. Oh yeah! But that’s why you don’t understand it. When
you’ve got something in abundance that you know other people don’t have; you can easily
say what you like because you’ve got it. You can easily look down on other people because
you have what they don’t. That is what this system is about. We live
in a system of what is it? Exclusivity. So…I have “this”, it affords me “that”. You don’t?
Tough! Aren’t I better than you?! That is exactly what the money/class system is all
about! That is why someone like Cameron doesn’t have the first clue of what its like to relate
to a working class person. “Oh, you’re going to be cold this Christmas;
put a jumper on.” “No, no no, hang on. Well how am I supposed
to cook my food?”. Yeah, so basically you make a choice whether
or not you freeze to death, (or you starve), or you go hungry for the majority of the winter…. And I think…people with that attitude think
that they work harder…than people with less money… Possibly. I would love to get into a room
with someone who feels that way, and question them, and break that down-and find out the
truth of that…Because you look at the way the system works and you think “There are
people who have to work for their little bit of pittance every month, and then you’ve got
people who have an abundance of money; and all the money has to do is sit there in a
bank, gather interest and you’re making money off of money sitting there!”. How can you tell me that that, in that respect,
you are working harder for your money than working class people are? Your money is working
for you. We’d all like that, the problem is, the system doesn’t allow for that. The system
is based on class divide, its based on exclusivity. You have money, you can get the perks; if
not, you’ll have to make do. Sorry, that’s what it is…

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