tomar when you’re ready and doctor ari
box on the line with us um… for our last uh… few minutes here before uh…
property news comes in with our news at check in for the day aren’t doctor
but wrote i thought earlier i shared with you a quote from uh… eight a greek very separate uh… somebody
from cyprus who was saying that but the actual quote was today during
his indiagen nazism again now with weapons a force but with money and uh… you might exceeding randy i guess it now admit mike is probably got off on it
we had a caller few minutes ago who is saying uh… juries a democracy this is this is
not nazism if it’s not nazism in it and i think i
would agree with that statement i think you’ve bollywood too what is it the germany is doing in drivin the e_u_ so hard and making such
draconian demands that units of money is been sucked out of
people’s savings account generally light came the car uh… little highlighted deficits is
normally to fix the economy plus the disorganization locked me up has a lot of money nachman us into the booth medicines like this so and germany and we are so many other
countries and keep a little bit higher turnout the question is what you’re doing
according to the diamante young and monopolies though they don’t have a lot
of capitalism may have i misunderstand i’d really rather than it is sitting on
a car enormous so quietly i think dunking germany you doing here unfair alright unfairly leading man on the part of the country’s
turkey and having by the deficit and he’s been
conduct one of the budget deficits one and two and i’m going to be economic system so of over the short run in president
obama’s proposal we raise the minimum wage to tender tonight knowledge uh… there the dresses in congress are
suggesting ten dollars uh… yet some senators even suggesting
ten dollars is that enough to get to generate enough demand to keep of our bubble from bursting here is that
just uh… two small stuff uh… dare is read that uh… we should have resided for ten
dollars and then later uh… inflation and the national guard
activities like according to your local news or maybe it was great and and uh… to what extent by another argument i thought i heard
made is that uh… wages they actually had a archived
conservative account to the permissive auto wages have not decoupled from
productivity our way of measuring productivity has gone crazy because accompany now has their product
made in china and so there’s no american labor in its
or very little american labor at and yet the company still is selling
this product in making a big profit and so it looks like productivity has gone
up uh… from an average american workers
when in fact this is fewer american workers i make any sense to you or uh… pa uses to remember he’s also a
things we did canada is all things news the productivity in the u_s_ economy man
who had had had the same time uh… betty whatsoever including but i think he has
a column of technology now i i forced out of then you have with
computers rights that all happy and eulogize the
productivity at heathrow not just of graham physician design doctor are you i thank
you so much for being with us today from he’s always pleasure and honor to have
your factory about the transmitter profits are currently at the eighty s

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4 thoughts on “The Coming Economic Crash – part 5”

  1. Germany is being blackmailed by the Rothschilds and their banker buddies because they are a successful and egalitarian society. Germany does not own its gold and it is stored in America…who will not give it back to them. Now Merkel and the gang have to play the game of the bankers because the ROTHSCHILDS and their American stooges attacked the fringe countries and propagandized the fall of the EU. Basically, Germany got out flanked and they must serve their banker masters or else…..

  2. Never ! The rich who control the government and the politicians will never allow any meaningful economic reforms.

  3. it's about damned time! my take away from Thom & Dr. Batra is that it took a bit longer than expected but Marx was right.

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