Hello everyone, my name is Alex, and welcome
to another trip report. Today, I’m at Montreal-Trudeau International
Airport in Quebec, where I’ll be flying home to Calgary, Alberta, on Air Canada Rouge. Rouge is Air Canada’s leisure carrier and
low-cost subsidiary. They mostly fly to sun destinations and on
lower-yielding domestic and transatlantic routes. Montreal to Calgary though, isn’t exactly
a normal flight for Rouge. However, since this took place in April, just
a few weeks after the 737 MAX was grounded, there wasn’t much choice. As you’ll also see, I’m currently in a
middle seat. This was a super last-minute trip, and unfortunately,
I just had to take whatever seat there was. I picked 19E, since it showed up as an exit
row, and I figured I *might* be able to trade for a window. After a reasonably painless check-in and bag
drop, it was off to security and gate 55. After a few minutes of walking through quite
the duty-free area, here’s gate 55, and my aircraft for today’s flight: Charlie Foxtrot Yankee India Yankee, a 22-year-old Airbus A319. Air Canada Rouge is somewhat notorious for
having less legroom than on their mainline aircraft. Just for reference for any new viewers, I’m
6 foot 8, so… This’ll be interesting. Yeah, so after a few seconds of contemplating
my situation, I tried to negotiate with my shorter neighbor for that window without a
seat in front. There… may or may not have been cash involved. But here I am now in 19F! Virtually infinite legroom, and… Okay, look, I wasn’t going to spend 4 hours like THAT! And once again, this was a rare, last minute
trip, I’m normally the kind of person to have my seats picked weeks or months in advance,
so I’m just glad it worked out, and I could feel my legs afterwards. But, now that I’m settled very comfortably,
(even the headrests are adjustable), here’s our departure from Montreal, starting up,
de-icing, and taking off from runway 24L. Today’s flight is one of the longer domestic
flights I’ve taken. With a flying time of around four hours and
25 minutes, our routing took us over northern Ontario, Lake Winnipeg, and the Prairies,
before arriving into Calgary. On Air Canada Rouge, there are no complimentary
snacks, so any kind of food is buy-on-board. In each literature pocket is a detailed menu. One thing that I forgot to mention is that
the seatback pocket for this seat is actually the one that’s an entire row ahead of you! There’s also the usual safety card, …and Air Canada’s inflight magazine. The drinks were free, at least, and I had
my usual can of Coke. Since 19A and 19F have an absurd amount of
legroom, the tray tables are in the armrest. Because of that, the seat isn’t as wide,
but it didn’t make too much of a difference. Rouge offers free in-flight entertainment
through the Air Canada app, and has a pretty good selection of movies and TV shows. It’s not too different from most streaming
forms of in-flight entertainment, but it worked well enough. You also have access to a moving map. When it comes to wifi, Rouge has two different
wifi passes for purchase, the “Browse” pass, which is $8.49 for an hour, or $13.49
for the flight, and the “Stream” pass, which was $12.29 for an hour, or $21.59 for
the whole flight. I ended up buying the Browse pass for the
rest of the flight, and it was just fine for talking to friends and mindless scrolling
through social media. The cabin crew also came around with water
a couple times, and I’ll be honest, they were surprisingly friendly. The lavatory in the back of the aircraft is
pretty average, maybe a bit on the small side, but it wasn’t bad. Air Canada Rouge has 136 seats on this Airbus
A319, with 12 “Premium Rouge” seats at the front, and 124 Economy seats, most of
which have a very tight 29 inches of pitch. It was getting close to lunchtime, so while
I was at the back, I went ahead and bought myself the roast beef sandwich. For a $9 impulse purchase it was pretty tasty. Just under an hour before landing, the cabin
crew came around with a second drink service. A quick nap and a few TV shows later,
we started our descent into Calgary, landing on runway 35R. Overall, I had a reasonably good flight with
Air Canada Rouge. 19A and 19F are easily, the best seats on
the Rouge A319, and if I were to fly with Rouge again, I would definitely choose those
seats, well in advance. They normally cost anywhere between 20 to
100 dollars, depending on the fare, and how long the flight is. However, it’s very important to note that
the middle seats and aisle seats in row 19, don’t actually offer much extra space. The cabin crew were all remarkably friendly. I may not have been flying to a vacation destination,
but it was interesting to see the different atmosphere on Rouge. Air Canada has put a lot of emphasis on branding
Rouge as a different kind of vacation airline, and for my flight today, that still held up. So, Rouge may not have been my first choice,
but with that exit row seat, it wasn’t a bad flight at all. That concludes today’s trip report! Thank you very much for watching. As always, leave a like if you enjoyed the
video, subscribe if you’re new to the channel, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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40 thoughts on “The BEST SEAT on Air Canada Rouge’s A319? Economy Class Montreal to Calgary”

  1. Hey! Another trip report involving my local airport. Thumbs up! Keep the good work up, it’s always good news when you upload 😄✈️

  2. I am 6' 4 and appreciate your pain. However, the person that swapped with you for that window seat deserves a higher place in the after world. They are an absolute saint trading with you. But then, Canadians usually are very considerate of one another.

  3. I flew YUL-LAS on this same plane earlier in the year. To say that the A319 has below average legroom still doesn't do it justice. I'm 6,4' so I'd call what I had "negative" legroom. I spent the entire flight with my knees pushing the seat in front of me forward by a solid half inch. Easily the worst airline experience I've ever had.

  4. I'm 6' and I have issues with it too. The best one that you do not have to pay extra for is row 18. It had about an inch and a half more than the normal seats do and it is free. Nice report.

  5. That garbage on the seat is just RUDE RUDE RUDE. After boarding is complete and if there is a free seat, it's ok move your garbage to be more comfortable, but don't just put it on the seat beside you. Come on.

  6. I took Air Canada from YUL to LAS and was stuck in a middle seat. I am only 5' 9" and my knees were still pressed into the seat in front of me. The person in front of me decided to recline their seat, leaving me with no room to open my laptop. There are no outlets for charging one's phone , laptops or tablets. I stared at the headrest 3" from my nose for 3.5 hours. It was the worst flying experience of my life. I wrote Air Canada about my experience. I didn't even get the courtesy of a canned response or achnowlegment. Needless to say I now fly Westjet when I can and avoid Rouge at all cost.

  7. I flew in a Rouge 319 from YYC to YHZ in short… It sucks, I'm only 6 féet tall and my back was killing my cause I was so cramped….. I'd rather be stuck inside a CRJ900

  8. I had that exact seat in a mainline Airbus A319 from YYZ-YQR back in July even though it was 19D as Rouge A319s have 19 more seats. Best economy seat on the plane, and both the trey table and IFE were in the armrest

  9. You say Rouge is Air Canada's Leisure Carrier and Low Cost Subsidiary. Unfortunately the airfare costs are comparable to mainline Air Canada. When Rouge was first launched there were some lower cost airfares available on Rouge. Now if Rouge and Mainline are flying the same route you rarely see any price benefit for Rouge. Even worse Air Canada continues to use Rouge aircraft on many routes that used to be serviced by mainline planes. I won't fly Rouge unless I have no choice.

  10. J'ai volé avec Air Canada rouge et j'ai adoré mon voyage. Rien de négatif à dire même si le service auparavant était A++++++…Mais " Autres temps, autres moeurs " ,dit-on ! 😉

  11. I've been in the seat on the opposite side. I'm 6'2" and while the legroom was great, it's actually an uncomfortable seat for a big guy like me as the tray table in the armrest reduces the seat width to the point of being way too narrow.

  12. I flew rouge first time to YVR in august. Overall, I didn't mind it. I found the media a little slow and unresponsive at times on the phone.

  13. Great video and review Alex. Have you been on a Rouge A321? I think there is an extra inch or a bit in seat pitch. I flew recently with AC Rouge on one of their A321's they purchased from Wow. Outside was painted in Rouge Livery but inside was as purple as ever! I don't recall the exact pitch but it was pretty good. I mean at 6'8" it would be tight for you.

  14. Thank you for being respectful and blurring out the faces of passengers and crew. Brings a legitimacy to your review and I appreciate it.

  15. I flew with air Canada rouge was seated 32 b last seat at the end of the plane was horrible felt like bars in the seat .very sore butt to say the least.

  16. I remember going from Victoria (Home) to Montreal, on a A320 I think? It wasn’t very comfortable but good for a rogue flight. Air Canada and rogue is medium tier for me, hope to see you one day in a flight!

  17. Wait, how did they grant you access to the duty free zone? Don't you need to be on an international flight to do so ever since they installed the exit gates?

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