this legislation and I commend it to the house I understand this is a split call five minutes dr. Duncan weed thank you madam Speaker this piece is broken out indeed mr. goldsmith was right we don’t need to regulate something of course we shouldn’t it is an interesting a very useful piece of legislation though because what we have is a huge largely crown funded investment in infrastructure in what we see here is technology moving very very fast indeed not only from copper to fiber but we see very near on the horizon 5g which may indeed make some of the infrastructure we have largely redundant so one of the real challenges in this legislation was how to deal with the fact that these businesses chorus in other local providers have put huge amounts of fiber under the ground at hundreds of millions of dollars of cost and yet now they’re being asked to provide those services to cellphone towers which may in fact be undercutting their own market now there was a real challenge and I must say the Minister took that on and has done a very good job in essentially saying that she’s the the there won’t be price regulation in respect of those ultra-fast broadband in those non chorus settings these contractual arrangements for chorus but in the other settings the decision has been made to say look there is the shadow of regulation but no price regulation at all so that there can be some flexibility some versatility in terms of facing these new challenges about how you price something which was designed to go to business premises and household premises but now may well be going to cellphone towers which itself serves two or three hundred homes there’s some really difficult technical challenges in there you know I must say I commend both the Select Committee and also the Minister for engaging with industry and every level to address those very very difficult issues so in sum this is a piece of of legislation which addresses competition issues which where monopolies tend to emerge in a rapidly changing technological environment it’s a technical piece of legislation but an absolutely essential one and madam Speaker on that basis I commend this bill to the house I call Lawrence your madam speaker it’s my pleasure to take a short

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