Keep in mind that in Italy, there are regulations
but they are slightly fragmented throughout 21 regions. I’m based in Friuli, for example,
which is one of the 7 regions with a special status, meaning we have
our own regulations. In fact, the 7/2012 law clearly specifies
the regulations for our region which address the tattoo artist’s
business especially in terms of safety with regards to safety
during our interactions with clients and of course, the various norms, too,
which ensure the safety of the tattoo artist, which is to say the professional. Clearly, the goal we’re working towards
is to standardize these regulations a bit, since even now, in Italy alone,
they vary from region to region. Imagine what it’s like on the EU level. So the goal is clearly to create standard regulations
that oversee in a uniform way everything that has to do with rules and guidelines for working safely. With this very goal in mind, which is to standardize
the regulations for complete safety, and making them uniform throughout Europe,
guidelines were issued in 2018 which actually, very specifically and rigorously
explain the actual risks for both the client and the tattoo artist in order for these very risks
to then be reduced as much as possible.

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