What are superclusters? Superclusters are areas of high business activity — hotbeds of innovation. Where people come together, ideas are born
and the best companies grow. Creating good middle-class jobs. Superclusters attract global investment, grow
the economy and put their countries on the map as leaders of industry. That’s why our government is creating five
Canadian superclusters from coast to coast to coast. To do this, we invited Canadians to propose
their vision for Canada’s superclusters. The response? Bold and innovative ideas that will transform
communities and supercharge regional economies. So that Canadian companies can compete in
the economy of the future. Canada’s superclusters will create over 50,000
well-paying middle-class jobs… grow Canada’s GDP… and make Canada a global innovation leader. Text on screen: LEADERSHIP
Text on screen: #SUPERCLUSTERS Canada wordmark

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